How To Merge Several PST Files In MS Outlook

If you are using Microsoft Outlook because it helps make things easier then you are absolutely right. It definitely is a good and easy way to handle your personal emails, work emails, multiple calendars. But when you do use Outlook all your emails, calendars, whether they are personal or work-related each of these, are stored in PST files. PST, the abbreviation is Personal Storage Table. With you having numerous PST files stored on your computer, managing all of it can at times get a little confusing and make things a little clumsy and difficult.  So, what is the solution when something like this happens? Wondering, if there is even a solution for all these PST files? Well, the answer is ‘Yes’. There’s not only a solution but an easy one as well. Curious to know then continue to read on…

The answer is simple and it is to merge several or multiple PST files into a single file or merging all of your contacts into a single file in Microsoft Outlook. One thing that would surely agree to is that having all the information or contacts or certain set of files all in one folder would undoubtedly make things easier and simpler for you. Now the real question that arises is how do you go about merging several PST files in Microsoft Outlook?

Well, there are several ways to merge PST files - By using Microsoft Outlook or by using any third party merging tools. We would recommend you to use MS Outlook as it is more reliable and easy way to use.

Merging PST files in Microsoft Outlook

The below-mentioned steps will guide you to merge several or multiple PST files in Microsoft Outlook.

1. Select which PST file you want to contain all of your emails in or create a new empty PST file

2. If you are considering to have all your PST files in a new file then here is what you need to do:

a) In your Outlook, click on New Items – in the drop down menu select More Items. In that click on Outlook Data File.

b) Then select the location of your new PST Outlook file and click on OK to save it.

3. Now, go to Outlook or if you are already in Outlook then click on File. And click on Open & Export.

4. In that click on Import / Export. In the small window that opens select Import from another Program or file option and then click Next.

5. Then select the Outlook Data file (PST) option and click on Next.

6. Once, you have done that then, start browsing through the PST file you want to import. While browsing you get three options:

  1. Replace duplicates with items imported
  2. Allow duplicates to be created
  3. Do not import duplicates

You can select the one you prefer but it is recommended that you select the Option 3, i.e., Do not import duplicates. Then click on Next.

7. Finally, select the file you want to import in and click on Finish.

You can repeat the same steps for all the PST files that you want to merge into one file in MS Outlook. While trying out new things in Outlook sometimes there is a good chance that your server unexpectedly terminates the connection and Outlook error number 0x800ccc0f appears on your screen while sending/receiving emails. In such a case remember, that it is easy to fix Outlook error code 0x800ccc0f and here you will find the help you need to fix it.

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