Methods to Recover Data from Inaccessible Hard Disk Making Clicking Noises

As time passes, we may face many issues with our hard drive. Hard drive inaccessibility is one among them. It occurs due to various reasons, like file system corruption, MBR corruption, etc. When the hard drive becomes inaccessible, you can’t access any data stored on it.

You may even hear clicking noise, when your hard drive is about to fail, eventually which causes hard drive inaccessibility. Some of the other reasons for clicking sounds are listed below-

  • Using hard drive in higher frequency may result in clicking noise
  • When your hard drive gets old, even then it makes clicking sounds
  • Insufficient power supply to hard disk results in clicking noise

Before taking any step to fixing your inaccessible hard drive and its clicking sound, do the following test-

  • First, ensure that your hard drive is getting enough power
  • Change the cable of your hard drive and then use the drive

If it is still making noise and in inaccessible-state, then check whether your hard drive is recognizable on computer or not. If not, replace the hard drive. If it is recognizable, but you can’t access it, then use the methods mentioned below to recover data from it.

Method #1: Run Check Disk Tool on Hard Drive

When your hard drive is inaccessible and making a clicking noise, then there must be some logical errors. To fix it you need to run Check Disk tool to and correct errors. For that, first, you need to remove your hard drive from the computer and then plug it to a working computer as a slave.

  1. Then, right click on this drive and select Properties from pop-up menu
  2. Select Tools tab from the Properties window
  3. Click on Check button located under Error checking
  4. It now scans the drive for error and try to fix it
  5. After completion of fixing process, check whether you can access the drive or not.

Method #2: Use Data Recovery Tools

If you failed to access your inaccessible drive even after fixing errors, then use data recovery software for recovering data.

  • Remove hard drive from your computer
  • Attach it to a healthy computer as a secondary drive
  • Download and Install data recovery software
  • Follow on-screen instructions
  • Perform data recovery from inaccessible drive
  • Save recovered files

This is one of the easiest methods for recovering data from the inaccessible hard drive that is making a clicking noise.

Note- I strongly recommend you to use a reliable data recovery software. Remo Hard Drive recovery is an advanced too, you can opt to restore data from an inaccessible hard drive. You can make use of this software for recovering data from dead laptop hard drive as well as any external drives.

When a hard drive starts making a clicking sound, move all your data to another drive for a safety purpose. As clicking noise eventually results in hard drive inaccessibility. Hence, to avoid data loss crisis, it is good to backup all data onto any other external drive.

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