Microsoft Announces Updates for Windows 10 Mail & Calendar Apps

How many of you have used Windows 10 inbuilt mail client -"Windows Mail"?

Certainly, the number will be less.

Windows Mail was there from the versions of Windows 8, but you may not have used it till now. With the arrival of Windows 10 OS, the built-in mail client has improved more.  Now new updates are coming to make it even more productive. The wide range of integration options like - Hotmail, Outlook, Google, Yahoo, AOL and more. Not merely these apps, you may find it hard to find a well-recognized Windows 8 app in past (either productivity or media).

Leave it. Those days are gone. People gradually learned to love app-centric interfaces – even on PCs. The credit goes to Windows brains who forecasted Windows 10 as the OS for future.

Ease of Personalization


Personally, I couldn’t find anything wrong with the current appearance of these apps. Anyhow, Microsoft of thinking to improve more- by customizing backgrounds, theme, color scheme of Mail app and even calendar colors.

Be Productive with Cortana

What about setting up an event on Calendar app through Cortana Voice Assistant? Tap for Cortana and just say “Creative meeting at 2 PM”. Cortana will set meeting event on 2 PM today on Calendar app. So ultimately, you don’t have to use Calendar app for setting up the meeting.


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You can also send emails through Cortana. Just say, I want to send an email to [person name], then message. Cortana will respond you definitely. But your contacts should be synchronized with your computer.

Integrating Multiple Accounts

Suppose you’ve added multiple inboxes in Mail app. What if you can see both accounts in one view? Linked inboxes was already there in Windows Mail. Now, you can specifically see mails from your connected accounts without switching between them. Also, you can group any number of accounts in different categories.


Application Specific Enhancements

In Windows Insider build on the last month, a number of new features specific to these apps was released. But this time, only Windows 10 Insiders can use these features. These are supposed to be available for non-insiders over next few weeks.

  • Moving junk emails with just a click
  • Turning of message preview
  • Saving messages in .eml format
  • More calendar views (including print view, multi-day & work week views)
  • Drag & drop attachments
  • Open emails in new window

There’s news about a new app feature called Spotlight, for giving information on major updates. Hope, Windows Team is moving on the right track, with the extensive user taste analysis through various methods- like app feedback buttons and Windows Feedback app.

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