How To Fix ‘MOV File Plays Only Audio But Not Video’?

Hello, I transferred some of my old videos from my Mac computer and the video just plays for one second and later, just the audio plays. These are some of my most important videos of mine and I had preserved it for a long time. My MOV file has no video, please tell me how I can fix this. Any help would be really appreciated” - A User on Quora

MOV is a video file format that was developed by Apple Inc. and is compatible with both Windows and macOS. With technology, video file formats have been evolving too. Here, in this Quora user’s situation, it is mentioned as an “old video”. if the MOV video is very old and if the user is using a recently updated QuickTime media player, the probability of the MOV file has no video error or MOV file stuttering while playing is always high. However, this issue can be fixed efficiently with the help of a few methods without working on it. Read this informative write-up till the end to know how you can permanently fix the MOV file that has no video issue.

Why Does My MOV File Only Play Audio?

  • The incompatible codec of the MOV video file
  • Incompatible media player used to play the MOV video
  • Corruption in the video data limits the system only to read the audio file

These are the 3 major reasons which cause your MOV video file to only play audio. Let’s get to know how you can fix these issues so that you can make your MOV video file playable and corruption-free.

How To Fix MOV File Not Showing Video?

Following are the various methods to fix MOV files that are not showing video but only playing audio.

1. Fix Incompatible Codec of MOV Video?

Regardless of what media player you used to play your MOV video file, a codec pack is something that will remain the same. The codec pack which is used to play the MOV Video file smoothly is known as MPEG-4. Make sure to verify that your media player supports MPEG-4 codec videos. After verifying, just go to Google and search for MPEG-4 codec pack download. Make sure to download only from the reputed websites. Most of the suspicious or spammy websites have codec packs filled with bloatware so verify before proceeding with the installation process.

2. Media Player Not Compatible to Play MOV Videos

Incompatible media players don’t mean you are using the wrong media player, it can also mean that your media player might be outdated. Even if you are using the QuickTime player, which is the parent media player for MOV, you might still encounter MOV no video issue. Updating the media players can fix such issues most of the time.  Follow the steps given below to know how you can update your QuickTime media player.

Step 1: Open QuickTime Media Player and then go to Edit > Preferences > QuickTime Preferences.

Step 2: Click on the Update button and wait till the player has been successfully updated.

Step 3: Restart the QuickTime media player and then check if your MOV video is still playing only audio.

Updating the player should have fixed the MOV no video issue. However, if the video is still unplayable. Read the last and most effective method and know how you can fix MOV no video.

3. Fix Corruption in MOV Video to Solve MOV No Video Issue

If your MOV video file has been corrupted, then trying to fix it with the help of free methods or workarounds will not be effective. Making use of a professional MOV video repair tool is the most advisable solution. Here is one such tool named Remo Repair MOV. This repair tool is well-known amongst users and professionals as a robust yet simple utility. Remo Repair MOV separates the audio and video data of the corrupt video file and fixes it.

review of a customer who is happy with the Remo video repair tool.

One of the major advantages of Remo Repair MOV is that this tool takes the reference of a healthy MOV video file (You must provide a healthy video file). Even the most novice computer user can make use of this MOV repair tool and fix their corrupted MOV videos. The self-explanatory interface and 3-clicks-to-repair module keep the process very simple and quick. Once the MOV video is fixed, you can also preview the video for free to verify the quality of the video and the repair process.

click here to download MOV repair tool and fix MOV no video issues on Windows computer click here to download MOV repair tool and fix MOV no video issues on a Mac computer

Download the Remo Repair MOV tool now and follow the steps that are given below to quickly fix your MOV no video.

Step 1: Click on Healthy File and Browse for a healthy MOV video as a reference file.

repair not showing video usingremo repair mov

Step 2: Now click on Corrupted File and browse for the MOV no video file and then click on Repair.

Note: Wait till the video is repaired and then click on Preview once the video is repaired.

previewe repaired mov file

After verifying the quality, click on Save to proceed with the file saving process. Hence, your MOV no video issue must be fixed by now.


By now you must have understood the reasons which lead to MOV no video and prevent such situations in the future by keeping your media player and codecs up-to-date. If you have any queries related to the Remo Repair MOV tool, feel free to contact the technical support team of Remo Software.

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