MOV or MP4: Which Is Best for You?

Before we begin with the discussion or rather the debate, let me state some cool facts about video file formats in general.

Cool Fact #1: A video can be a compilation of several snapshots or frames. And, the frame rate can be defined as the number of still pictures per unit of time of a video.

Cool Fact #2: There are about 166 types of video file formats.

Cool Fact #3: The aspect ratio represents the dimensions of the video screen.

Now, let’s head to the main topic. MOV and MP4 are the most popular and widely used video file formats. The choice of the file format is dependent on the requirement of the user. Generally, both MP4 and MOV are used to hold lossy videos. Cannot recall what are lossy videos?! Well, lossy video compression style happens to remove the portions which are of least importance.

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MOV arrived before MP4. Apple introduced MOV as a file format to support its QuickTime movie player.

Although it was developed by Apple, the file format was not only compatible with Mac systems but was also supported by the Windows Operating System. The MP4 was developed later as an industry standard keeping the MOV file format in mind.

MOV uses the concept of tracks. A track is used to store a particular type of data. It is basically a multimedia container file. Different tracks are supposed to store different types of data such as audio, video, text etc. Both MOV and MP4 uses lossy compression methods. Hence, both are comfortable on any Apple platform. But since, MP4 is an industry standard, the number of Operating systems supporting MP4 is more compared to MOV.  MP4 is also supported by video players and gaming devices.

Summing up, if you have to make a choice between MOV and MP4 then make it solely on the basis of the platform you wish to play it. If you wish to play the videos in any of the Mac systems or Apple products, it is a good idea to opt for the MOV file format. But, if you wish to play the video on any other platform other than Apple’s, or gaming devices such as PSP, it is advisable to opt for MP4.

Another bonus cool fact!! Saving the file in either MOV or MP4 will result in the same video if the codec used is the same.

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