Things to Know Before Moving your Outlook Data into another PC

Most of you would be aware of the location of Outlook data files on your PC irrespective of whether you’re using PST or OST files. And, it’s not a big deal to find this location too. But, I’ve seen some people are struggling while moving their Outlook data into a new PC.

Well, I don’t know its reason. Most of the Outlook users I have seen prefer to copy their Outlook data file to their new PCs. And, a number of compatibility issues were reported when they try to fetch data from this data file.  So, it’s a better look for another way to transfer files.

Luckily in all Outlook versions, there’s an option to do this – hope at least some of you’ve noticed this. And, I assume most of you are using a newer Outlook version – say for example, Outlook 2013. I’m using Outlook 2016 and these are the steps to move your Outlook 2016 data to a new PC.

1. Click on File Tab


2. Choose Open & Export --> Import/Export option


3. Import/Export wizard will display now. Select the second option “Export to a file


4. In the next screen, it’ll ask the file type of exporting the file. You can choose either .csv (comma separated values) or .pst(outlook personal data file). Choosing .pst should be your choice since you want to export this file to another PC.


5.It’ll now ask where to save the exported file. Choose the location and click Finish

How to Import the exported Outlook Backup file into another PC?

  • After configuring Outlook in your new PC, open Import and Export wizard by repeating first three steps of Outlook file export process. But, this time choose the option “Import from another program or file


  • Choose Outlook Data File(.pst).


  • Choose the .pst file you want to import and click Next.


  • File Import process will start now.

If you are having trouble in importing the exported Outlook Backup file in another PC then, you can take the assistance of migrate MS Outlook from one computer to another. Here, you will find a clearer guide on the entire process.


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