Microsoft Word’s New Editor Makes You A Better Writer

In today’s fast paced world everyone is used to working on Microsoft Word whether it is school children for a project that they need to get an A+ on or college students preparing for tests or even you and me who need to make sure our presentation is par excellence. Each of know the scrutiny that we go through in each of these cases and thereby to have a little help that will make it easier for us can set things up as an undoubted added advantage. It definitely helps to get an ease when there is a well-needed help with grammar check, spelling check etc. basically a need for an excellent proofreader.  That is exactly what we get with Microsoft Word.

Each of us who have worked on MS Word is aware of the red and green lines that we see while writing and we are also aware that the red lines are for spelling mistakes and green for being grammatically incorrect. No doubt it is very helpful to get this correction as most of the time we don’t get to patiently review our own work and find these mistakes on our own. And yet sometimes, we are unable to get that sentence right grammatically. For this reason, only Microsoft has launched out new Editor.

New Editor

The new Editor’s quick editing feature is its machine learning powered proofreader. The Editor is almost like an immediately called on excellent proof-reader. And this feature is powered by the machine learning and natural language processing technology. Some of the main features of your writing that it helps improve are mentioned below:

1. This feature gives you complete guidance on the inappropriate or unsuitable use of words, grammar, and improper framing of the sentence.

2. This feature also offers you a good and full explanation with proper references to similar sentences.

3. With the new features that have been added the auto correct function will give a reasonable explanation to words that should be avoided so that you are not grammatically incorrect.

How does it work?

While you are writing all you need to do is click on the review tab where you will see the spellings and grammar along with a set of suggestions which will be a help to quite an extent especially when you are racing against the deadline. In spite of that, you can also click on the underlined word for the spelling error and grammar errors. When you click on those underlined words you will find the explanation for the mistakes and suggestions for appropriate words to fit into that particular sentence or phrase. The new Editor with its smart proofreader and quick editing features leaves your documents error free. As the subscribers to the new Editor will assuredly get one of the finest platforms to showcase their best works without any typo error.

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