New Feature of Panasonic Camera

Photos and videos captured using Panasonic cameras are sharp, vibrant and have rich color which preserves the memories of the moments. Panasonic camera offers highly creative effects and pro-style features which creams the performance of the device. These cameras are rated higher in terms of quality, autofocus points and flash control etc. They are reliable, easy to use and compact enough to take on every outing. The brand new feature of Panasonic Lumix cameras, known as Post Focus that enables you to shoot the videos and focus it later at any desired time. It enables us to capture 49 areas of focus per burst which will works in camera lens with an autofocus option.

This “Post Focus” firmware update is considered to be revolutionary thing in the photography field. This is made possible by the interchangeable-lens of Lumix GX7 which enables the refocusing tricks in the cameras. This firmware update can be downloaded for free and it is compatible with Panasonic’s Lumix GX7, G8, and FZ300 cameras. These three camera models can record a 4K video which has 4096 x 2160 pixels resolution with Post Focus feature. It allows you to review the captured photo sequences and make your own focus points and save it.

Post Focus can be called as another version of Focus Bracketing which is a quite common technique used by professional photographers. You can take number of photos by adjusting your lens to different focusing range. Let’s say, you are capturing a wonderful picture of Albatross in a sea, after taking the photo, you can focus only that bird or the sea behind and save the image. It also offers the ability to choose the focus points on the Lumix camera’s touchscreen.

Olympus cameras has an option “Focus Stacking” which is similar to Panasonic “Post Focus” feature. It is confused that both might be same. But the technical product manager for Olympus, Mr. Matthew Kandel has made it clear that Focus Stacking and Post Focus yield two completely different results. Focus Stacking composites the eight images into one image that is sharp from front to back.

However, enjoying new features and updates of cameras, software, etc. is always fun as users get new things to experience. But sometimes users face problems like loss or deletion of photos which are captured using Panasonic camera, corruption of video files like they stop responding or become unplayable. After such instances, you will be thinking how to fix this problem and make the Panasonic video playable again? Don’t think much because help is just around the corner, yes Remo Repair MOV software easily fix corrupt video file of Panasonic cameras within no time. It will not harm you original video file as the software work in read only mode.

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