New Features in Android Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, again the name goes with a food product is the latest version of Android operating system. It is especially developed to improve overall user experience of Lollipop version. So are you ready to switch to the latest Marshmallow or Android M? Oh no, you are ready but you need to wait for a while if you are not using Nexus Phones. You read it right, you can preview the latest version in Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and Nexus player by updating it. New phones by LG – Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P come with Android 6.0 version.
Most of you might be excited to know what’s new in Android Marshmallow as compared to other Android versions, right. There are numerous factors which are improved in Marshmallow and some of them are as follows:

App Permission:

Before, when you install any application, you get a pop up for app permission i.e. asking you for the access of contacts, camera and storage card, but now this has changed in Android 6.0. You need to give permission when app needs to access the data stored in your phone. This allows you to keep in check what the app is doing in the background.

You can also modify and view the permission granted to the app in your mobile settings. Thus, Marshmallow is giving you much control over your Android phone as compared to earlier version.

Web Experience:

Marshmallow gives Android user with new web experience. Chrome Custom Tab allows you to open app by customizing Chrome Window on the top of active application instead of opening it separately. It also securely allows you to use stored information in Chrome like autofill, logins, saved passwords, etc.

Fingerprint support:

Fingerprint in Marshmallow phones is not only used to unlock your mobiles but also to make payments while shopping online or within Play Store.

Mobile Payments:

To make mobile payments easier and secure, Google have introduced new system called Android Pay in Marshmallow devices. It allows you to make checkout process faster than in earlier versions and allows you to pay by using any existing credit cards.

App Links:

Before, when you click on any link from any page, you will be prompt to select one particular app to open that link. But, now in Marshmallow, links will be open automatically in appropriate application without prompting you. For e.g. if you click on twitter link from your email, then this link will automatically open in twitter app.

Power and Charging:

Marshmallow improves battery life by a new function called Doze. This function monitor how you phone is being used and accordingly it will adjust activity of apps. For e.g. If you are not using your phone all day then, Android 6.0 will simply pause all the applications running in background and will save your phone battery.

Other than above mentioned features, there are other interesting features which will double your joy in experiencing Android Marshmallow. Some of them are, it supports USB Type – C, which provides faster charging of phone, better cut – copy- paste option, auto app data backup and restore, RAM manger which provides accurate and logical details about the RAM usage of the apps and many more.

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