New Features in Photoshop CC 2017 Release

The new update of Photoshop has arrived with some very interesting features. Since its release last month, it has been a matter of discussion among many photographers and designers. The new things in Photoshop 2017 have added some more to the creativity of the artists. Many of the new features of Photoshop have emphasized in the accessibility of users.

Let’s have a look at these interesting features on a new release in Photoshop CC 2017 update.  Listed below, are some of the very interesting additions in Photoshop. From the very beginning of the application, you will realize the upgraded functions. Now without further delay, we will jump into learning new things in Photoshop 2017.

The Adobe Stock

This function allows you to be more creative with all the new templates. There are lots of presets and pages that are available at the starting of application. This gives an added flavor to your Photoshop experience. You don’t have to start creating a blank document.

When you start to create a document in Photoshop, you can start creating a document with a template from adobe Stock. These stocks have so many attributes to create some very good illustrations to make your document.

Apart from the templates, you can use many presets for document creation. You can also use your own preset and work on it. These preset can also be saved. So you can save your own preset and use it later for other documents.

Photoshop Search

Photoshop is equipped with the new search bar which allows you to search across the application. The search function can be used anytime from the launch of the application. You can search a term from Photoshop, Learn or Stock tabs.

It allows a user to search through the help documents, the Photoshop documents and also stock assets. It all can be done with just one dialogue box, the search bar. You can also use the search function with one or more documents open.

To go to search;

Go to Edit > Search

Or use CTRL + F

Or click the search icon – Right end of the options bar.

The Face-Aware Liquefy

Face aware liquefy function has been enhanced to be used more creatively over the face photos. This function can now be used on the eyes. You can use the liquefy function separately on one eye or collectively with sync to the other eye in the image.

To use this function, go to the link icon appearing in the toolbar. This will help in locking the two eyes together. By doing this you will be able to apply the symmetrical effects in your eyes.

Improved Masking of Workspace

You can mask your workspace with Select and Mask option. This is equipped with the new enhancements like Lasso tool and others;

The lasso tool you used earlier has been added to the workspace. This will enhance the speed of your operation. There are other enhancements to the work experience.

You can see high quality refined preview with the mouse down. However, there is a low-resolution preview available as an option for faster execution.

New SVG Fonts

Photoshop supports the SVG fonts and ships with the color concept. This helps in giving various creative designs to the glyph.

In order to use the SVG fonts, follow the instructions;

Create either a paragraph or a point to text let.

Set the font to SVG font.

Type using a keyboard. If you intend to use specific glyph, go to glyph panel

Select Windows > Glyphs

Compatibility with Adobe Experience Design CC

It is easy now to bring the Photoshop CC assets to you new Adobe experience design CC (preview). It is an integrated tool to bring all the elements that create design and prototype user experience for web and mobile apps.

Apart from some of the elements, all the elements will work in the Adobe XD design environment.

These are some of the most interesting updates by Adobe Photoshop for its new version Photoshop CC2017.

With its compatibility and enhanced user experience, the new Photoshop is all you should want for creating an interactive interface. While using it in an old system, you might have seen error messages in the computer. Read, if you are looking for repairing the error scratch disk full in Photoshop.

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