Why New Hard Drives Show Less Memory?

Most of the times users have a complaint regarding the new hard drive they purchase. The complaint is regarding less storage space than the storage capacity of the hard drive. There are a number of people who have a problem with the little bit less space that their hard drive is showing. Some of the most discussed issues related to hard drive involve less memory space than the capacity of the drive. Let us see why doesn't hard drive show right amount of space?

There are times when the hard drive you have purchased, shows less space than given. This issue is a matter of concern for a lot of people. But it is not an issue to be concerned about. This is among the most common occurrences when you start using a brand new hard drive.

Here are a few reasons why your hard drive shows less space than given:

#1: The Software

Many hard drives or we can say almost all the hard drives come with a pre-installed software. The mere existence of anything in the hard drive can reduce the available memory of the drive. There are a number of applications given by the manufacturer such as data backup, or anything from the manufacturer. There are a number of manuals too that are present in the hard drive which you are purchasing. Many times, these materials have a fixed location and acquire a fixed memory space in your hard drive.

This can reduce the available space in your hard drive and your computer may display less memory space in the drive.

To get rid of the jaggery that your hard drive contains, you should first format your hard drive before using it.

Format your Drive

If you are using Windows operating system here is how you can format your hard drive:

Go to Windows Explorer

Right click on the drive and choose format

Choose from the options, Quick format, and Full format.

Choose the file format as NTFS or FAT according to your requirement.

If you are using a Mac computer and facing the same issue with your new hard drive, format your hard drive with these steps

Go to applications > Utilities

Click Disk Utility and select the drive on the left pane

Click Erase

Select the file system from the dropdown as Mac OS extended.

Once you have done formatting, you may remove and reuse your hard drive on the computer.

#2: Measurement Difference

There are other reasons for your less hard drive memory than said so. This is due to the fact that the measurement of a memory capacity of a hard drive is done in a particular way, but they are marketed in a different way.

The computers are based on the binary system of calculation of memory space. This refers to the counting with the base 2 and when we calculate it manually we use the base 10 for marketing the product. Thus for a 1 GB memory, there are 1024 KBs instead of 1000 KB. This creates a huge difference while you try getting back files from undetected drives as well as when you plug the hard drive in.

Some of the most important calculation mistakes are done when we mistake the base of our calculation. Thus for a hard drive with 1 TB of memory, the difference comes around 9 GB. This result is shown on your computer when you plug it in, the computer reads the hard drive memory as 991 GB instead of a complete 1 TB.

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