Nikon Celebrating 100th Anniversary This Year! Here’s a Brief ‘Flash’Back

The word Nikon rings a bell in every ear on the planet. Chiefly, due to cameras and lenses manufactured by them. Some of the world’s best camera and lenses are manufactured by Nikon. This year is the hundredth year of Nikon Corporation. So Nikon celebrating the centennial year of creating wondrous electronics and optical instruments.

Nikon camera is the most famous camera among a section of photographers. There is a major population of professional and amateur photographers who are enthusiastic about Nikon camera. There are thousands of lenses manufactured by Nikon to perform great imaging. Over the years Nikon has introduced a number of camera and lenses for all types of photography enthusiasts.

To celebrate the 100th year of its manufacturing one of the most interesting devices on earth, let’s have a look at a brief history of Nikon cameras.


Nikon got its roots in early 19th century in japan. The Nikon Corporation was established on July 25th, 1917 by three leading optical manufacturing companies. Although Nikon got its name in late 1980’s after quite a long time from its foundation. The head quarter of Nikon was established in Tokyo, Japan which still exists. For the next 60 years, the world saw an exceptional optical manufacturer emerging with outstanding technology.

They created optical instruments like lenses, camera, Binoculars, Microscope etc. During World War II, Nikon served the Japanese Military to create lenses, binoculars, and periscopes in huge quantity. It, later on, became one of the leading companies on earth. The initial lenses for Canon cameras were also manufactured by this organization.

The Nikkor

Nikon introduced an exceptional lens in 1933, a few years after its establishment. This lens is a 50 cm F 4.8 lens specially designed for Ariel photography. It appeared on the market just after Nikon got its brand name for the camera lenses in 1932.

Among the most peculiar products of Nikon were the equatorial telescope with the largest diameter at that time. It was in practice until 2005 from the time it was manufactured. Right now this telescope resides in the National Museum of Nature and Science.

Nikon celebrating centennial year

Nikon Model I

In mid 19thcentury, Nikon was a time of innovation and acceptance in the market. The Nikon Model I was released in 1948 by the Nikon Corporation. It was brought to the market with the same name as Nikon, later on, it was changed to Nikon Model I.  This was done to distinguish the camera from other models of Nikon.

In the same year, the first model of profile projector was released in the market. This was a revolutionary device for most of the photography enthusiasts back then. Later in 1952, the Nikon club was established to encourage Photography among people. This enhanced the number of photography enthusiasts and number of professional photographers in the world.

Later in 1957, the Nikon SP rangefinder camera was introduced to the people. This was a 35mm rangefinder camera for personal and professional use. But the best camera was still to come. In 1959, Nikon released an interchangeable lens camera, it was the Nikon F SLR camera. This was the first time the world saw a camera with interchangeable lens technology.

Over the following years, Nikon released a series of lenses and optical instruments that caught millions of eyes. Devices like Metaphor Microscope and F2 Titanium were among the most famous.

The SLR Cameras

The early 1980s saw a great leap in the imaging technology of Nikon. It was seen in the products released in the decade and a half.

Nikon celebrating centennial year 3

The Nikon F3 SLR camera was released in 1980 which carried serial record capability. This camera is equipped with electronically controlled aperture-priority. This was revolutionary and gave rise to a number of photographic experiments over the years. Later in 1983 Nikon released its L53AF autofocus camera. This was a compact camera and easy to use the autofocus function.

Digital SLR

The digital control systems in camera gave rise to DSLR imaging technology. The first camera with a digital serial record capability was released in 1999 by Nikon. This camera had a high-speed performance and a digital controller and sensors.

Nikon celebrating centennial year 4

Nikon changed its new symbol in early 2003 with the blue background and the name Nikon in black bold letters. Later in 2004, they released the Nikon F6 SLR camera. This camera had the elegance of the F series on Nikon cameras equipped with modern digital technology. This is among the best products preferred by many photo enthusiasts.

The D3 digital SLR camera was introduced in 2007. This camera had a number of digital features that made it advanced in terms of contemporary imaging devices. This camera had a 51 point autofocus and ISO sensitivity up to ISO6400.

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