Messy Desktop? Organize Your Computer’s Desktop with These 5 Useful Tips!

Nobody likes a messy room, wardrobe, desk or desktop. Like cleaning your desk or room every once in a while, you feel the need to clean up your desktop. It’s a good habit to clean up your desktop in a way that you will be able to maintain it. Most of us, whenever we clean our wardrobes, we take extra care in organizing it in a way that will be easy to maintain it in an organized manner for a longer time. Looking at cleaning out the messy desktop and opting to do the same is a good decision.

Sometimes, cleaning out your desktop can be overwhelming because we often find ourselves contemplating on the importance of every single file. To help you through this dilemma, this article can be your guiding light to organizing your desktop.

So, here are 5 Useful tips to organizing your Computer’s Desktop.

Pin Daily Used Software to The Taskbar:

Before you start to pin software to the taskbar ask yourself - do you use this application on a daily basis. If the answer is ‘No’ then let it go but if the answer is ‘Yes’ then drag or pin it to your taskbar.

Remove Anything That You Use Less Than Once a Week:

As mentioned earlier cleaning or sometimes organizing can get overwhelming because you feel the importance of everything on your desktop. This step is important as you will know exactly that not all application have to be on your desktop.

Start by scanning through all the icons on your desktop and ask yourself, which one’s have you used this week or the past week. If the answer is ‘No’ then, remove them. There are 2 ways to go about this:

  1.  You can Delete the one’s that are completely useless or the one’s you have not use in close to a year.
  2.  The one’s you still occasionally use, you can start to pin them to the Start Menu.

Create A Folder System:

Now that there is a decent amount of space on your desktop, with a few applications pinned to the taskbar. Some icons deleted and remaining pinned to the Start Menu. Let’s take a bigger step in organizing the broken pieces of a puzzle that are left on your desktop.

How many files do you have on your desktop 10, 20, 50?  It’s alright because now all you need to do is create a folder for all these files.

To create a new folder in Windows all you need to do is Right Click on your desktop, select New > Folder from the menu. Click on it to rename the folder and then press Enter.

Now that you have opened a new folder, start by categorizing them into the folder. You can create a folder either on yearly basis or just two simple folders old and new.

There have been times when organizing files into folders maybe old and new or on a yearly basis that accidental deletion of files has occurred. Whenever something like this happens, remember it is easy to recover files from PC.  Here you will find step by step guide on how to recover lost or deleted files irrespective of the reason.

Choose a Clean Wall Paper:

It is always nice to have a clean wall paper. When I say clean it means a less distracting one with beautiful graphics. You can also choose a wall paper design that works in the combination of your folder system. There are some great wall papers that you can find on the internet.

wallpaper design for folder system

Auto Arrange Icons or Sectionize Them:

If you do not want to choose a wall paper design that works in the combination with your desktop icons and you choose to separate them. At the same time, you do have more than 2 columns of desktop icons. You can consider sectionizing these icons into groups by dragging them. You can also Auto arrange icons – right click on your desktop, in the menu go on View > Auto arrange icons.

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