Get your Photos Organized with Apple Photos

Taking photos with iPhone is a great experience for everyone. There are a number of new tools to take amazing images with iPhone. With a large memory space and great tools, you can have a huge collection of photos on your phone. At times, it becomes difficult to access images from such a large collection. So, how can we organize images with Apple photos?

The iPhone provides all its photos to be collected on your Apple computer. This huge collection can be viewed on your Mac or any Apple PC. Let us have a look at some of the ways where you can access your desired images easily.

Organize Automatically

The photos on your Mac OS lists your photos in terms of location or time. The sorted photos are called moments. These are your photos organized in a timeline where you can view all the images in a particular time line.

There is a navigation pane on the left-hand side. You can access this navigation pane for different options. You can also navigate through the various collections of photos across the timeline.


The sidebar is given to provide you with options to access your images on the computer.  In order to access the sidebar, click View and click ‘Show Sidebar’. You can also access this option using the keys Command + Options + S.

You have plenty of options to access your folders with images. You have a drag drop option or add the option to include more into your library.

Smart Album

This is one of the most user-friendly functions in your Photo application. With the smart album, you can drag and drop images into the folders. To include a smart album, click on the + symbol and choose the smart album.

The smart album organizes your images in an order that you can define. With this facility, you can set your rules. The album organizes all the elements according to the rules that you have defined.

Face and Location tagging

If your photos have GPS location tagged in them, the album organizes all your photos according to it. If there is no location tagging, you can add a tag to the photos. In order to do this, open the info window of the photos and go to the bottom. Enter a location in Assign location box to tag the photo. If you want to tag it manually, Command + click the pin pointer and place it in the desired location.

There are many users who have an iPhoto experience. This would be a familiar experience for them. For many users, there is an odd moment, but its very friendly to use.

Note: If you want to share your iCloud photos with non-apple devices, then here is what you need to know to easily Share iCloud photos with Windows/Android.

Many times a transition or sync error results in the deletion or missing of library photos. The same can happen with many other albums that you have. It is recommended to use an adequate tool to restore deleted or lost iPhoto library and get them all back. To make your transfer lossless, try to avoid disconnecting device improperly and using the sync or copy function properly.

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