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Microsoft Outlook Express is one of the most popular email clients that allows users to send and view e-mails without using a web browser. In short, it is a convenient program that helps you to organize your inbox and even send and track emails easily. Even though this program seems to be redundant, it is actually very much important as your usual web and computer tools. But if you are new to this Outlook Express, you might find it as quite difficult. However, using Outlook Express and the Microsoft 365 features can sincerely boost your experience. Below are such important tips and tricks for using Outlook Express. Read on...

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Following are some of the commonly used Outlook keyboard shortcuts, it might seem to be very difficult to remember but as you master them, you will find easy to work with the Outlook Express:

  • Ctrl + M: Receive incoming Mail and send any mail in the Outbox
  • Ctrl + N: Compose a New message
  • Ctrl + R: Reply to a message
  • Ctrl + F:  Forward a message
  • Alt + B: Browse to the folder of your choice
  • Esc to: Close a message
  • Ctrl + I: Return to the Inbox
  • Delete key: To delete a message
  • Alt + S: Send a message
  • Shift + Ctrl + F:  To open the Advanced Find menu, using which you can locate any message with ease
  • Ctrl + Y: Open another folder

Send Email to a Group

Sometimes, you might want to send a single mail to your friends, relatives, or co-workers, at a time then you can setup groups. This makes it easy to send email messages to a well-managed contact directory all at the same time easily:

  • Click the Address button on the toolbar and open your Address book
  • Press the New button on your Address Book toolbar, and then click New Group
  • Now, the New Group Properties dialog box will open, wherein you can give a name to the group
  • Select members for that group from existing contacts by hitting the Select Members button; this will add contacts to your group
  • After completion click OK, now in the Contacts folder of your Address Book your new group’s name will appear

To send an e-mail message to the group just simply type or select the group’s name in the “To” field of the message to be sent, and the message will be automatically sent to everyone in the group or use the Outlook autocomplete feature if you are sending emails individually.

Add a Signature to Your Messages

You can add digital signatures to include any information you wish while sending the message. It can be your website address, alternate email addresses, or any other personal information that you wish to include in your message. This will increase the mailing speed...

  • Go to Tools menu and then click Options button
  • Once the Options dialog box appears, click on the Signatures tab
  • Now, hit the New button option to add a signature, click the Rename option and type a name for your signature
  • Go to Edit Signature box, click on Text - > type your signature - > click OK

By this your new signature will be created. To use this new signature in your mail, create a new message and place the cursor in your message where you want your signature to appear. Now, click on the Insert menu, and then hit the Signature. This will place the signature into your message.

Block a Sender

At times, you might receive some annoying emails; in such instances, you can block such mail senders by following the below steps:

  • Click on the e-mail message of the anonymous sender, hit the Message menu, and then click Block Sender option
  • By doing this the sender’s e-mail address will be instantly added to your Blocked Senders List

Note: if you accidentally send an email, users can recall Outlook emails. you can also encrypt outgoing mail for more privacy.

Pro tip: View the full header to avoid spam emails in Outlook.

Remove an Email Account 

In order to delete an email account from your Outlook Express, just follow the below explained steps:

  • From the main menu select Tools -> Accounts
  • Go to Mail tab and highlight the account which you want to delete
  • Click Remove and when asked for confirmation just click Yes
  • Then click on Close button

This will successfully delete an Outlook Express account. The above mentioned are the most important and frequently used tips and tricks. Once you become familiar, you will know the difference. However, be careful while working with them, a small mistake would corrupt your Outlook Express emails. Under such circumstances you can make use of the Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX) tool and recover your entire Outlook Express data back within minutes. In addition, it is the best tool to repair oversized dbx file in couple of minutes.

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