Simple hacks to manage the Outlook AutoComplete list

enable or disable autocomplete

AutoComplete is one of the most underrated features of Outlook. Without even realizing, we extensively use AutoComplete list in Outlook to send mails every day. It saves the time by suggesting the most relevant email id to the partially entered address in To, Cc and Bcc sections of the send mail window; therefore you can avoid manually looking for a previously entered mail id or email address. At the same time AutoComplete can also be unfruitful and may land you into troubles by suggesting a different sender or a misspelled email address. This doesn’t mean that you have to disable

How to Transfer Microsoft Office to another Computer?


Transferring Microsoft Office from one computer to another computer is no more a tedious job. After receiving huge feedback from the users in 2013, requesting for the user rights to transfer Microsoft Office to another computer. Microsoft finally agreed to allow users to have their Microsoft Office transferred to new a computer. Hence transferring Microsoft Office can be done in minutes with the help of this article. Source: Before you start with the process of transferring Microsoft Office to a new computer, you should deactivate your Office account and uninstall Microsoft Office from your old computer. Deactivate Microsoft Office

Fix Outlook error 0x80040900

error 0x80040900

In order to send and receive mails in Outlook, it is really important to configure the Outlook account with proper server name and ports. The server name or the IP address ports are provided by your ISP provider. Any flaw or change in one of the following settings will completely halt a send and receive operation in Outlook. This directly means that you will no longer be able to communicate or share any information in Outlook.   Outlook error 0x80040900 is one such error that may have occurred due to any of the following reasons which have been listed below.

How to Upgrade to Outlook 2016

Microsoft will always be up to date with its new upgrades. It never wants to take a step down, hence ever ready with updates and new features making our work and life simpler and better. I know most of you have recently installed the Outlook 2013 or some even still thinking whether to upgrade to this Office 2013 or not.  But, Microsoft has already come up with the latest Outlook 2016 with all fixes and new features. If you are the one looking out to upgrade to Outlook 2016, then here is a complete guide. Phase 1: Backup your Previous

Best Practices to Address Outlook 2016 Temporary Mailbox Error

‘Outlook 2016 temporary mailbox error’ normally occurs when Outlook 2016 account is converted to Office 365 and you open Outlook as an Office 365 user. In other cases, it is also reported that users encountered the error when upgrading to Outlook 2016 from a previous version. Note: When the error message pops up, you will be given an option to ‘Use Temporary Mailbox’, do not use this option as you may lose data. To resolve the ‘Temporary mailbox error’ problem, we provide some simple and effective solutions in this article. Solution 1: Delete all Outlook profiles except the primary Close

Cannot Open Outlook When Offline - How to Fix It

Outlook can be used even when you’re not connected to the internet using ‘Offline mode’. In the ‘Offline mode’, you can perform tasks such as read and compose email messages, edit your calendar and contacts etc. This mode is particularly useful when you are traveling or when you have limited internet connectivity. Working ‘Offline’ in Outlook is possible with the help of files called ‘OST’. They store a copy of the information on the server on your local computer. This information is what allows Outlook to be used without Internet connection. Once internet connectivity is established, the OST file synchronizes

Using Color Categories In Outlook To Personalize Your Email Inbox

Selecting Color Category from drop down

From 2007 version onwards Color Categorization has been included in Outlook. When used the right way this kind of categorization can be very helpful in making your Outlook routine effortless. Let’s take a step forward to understand Outlook color categories and how to use it to our advantage. ADVANTAGES OF COLOR CATEGORIZING YOUR OUTLOOK ITEMS You can personalize your Outlook inbox by specifying a color to specific genre of mails/notes/events. The beauty lies in associating different Outlook items to a user-defined color category. Depending on the usage and association more than one color can be assigned to an item. For

How to create and setup Outlook archive?

Archive Option

We receive a number of mails stuffing our inbox every day. Before you realize it they may sum up to thousands of messages. Regulate your Outlook inbox and folders by archiving them to separate folder using either manual archive or auto archive Outlook 2016 option This automatically reduces the PST file size and accessibility of the data becomes more efficient. Why should a PST file be compact? Bigger the sizes of PST file, greater the chances of corruption. Although Outlook 2016 supports a PST file size of 50 GB, larger files cause Outlook performance issues including Microsoft Inbox repair tool

How to Create rules in Outlook to manage inbox efficiently?

Manage Rules and Alerts

We might have our email sorted according to our convenience, but grouping your important mails that you receive every day is tiresome. The primary objective of this article is to focus on creating rules in Outlook 2016 which automatically arrange your Outlook mails into assigned folders. This reduces your email sorting time and decreases the probability of missing out on important mails. Now we are going to discuss about different steps to create rules in Outlook 2016 and their uses to manage your Outlook inbox effectively. Steps to Create Rules in Outlook 2016, can also be applied for Outlook 2013:

Using sort email options to make your Outlook more efficient

Sort Options explained

We all have that moment when we feel that our Outlook inbox is over flooded and disorganized. This directly affects our productivity. This guide will help you to glide through the sorting process with ease and to develop a plan to make your Outlook routine most effortless. With the aid of sorting options in Outlook under View Tab as shown below and a little bit of planning we can clear out most of the litter. You can also find these sorting options above your mail box as shown below: Following are the available sorting options with respective functions: Although the