SOLVED: Pictures Taken with Camera Doesn’t Save in Gallery

error in sd card

You click pictures on your phone’s camera like you always do normally only to realize that they are not getting saved in the gallery. Ever faced such situations? If yes, don’t be alarmed, these things can and do occur at times due to various reasons. Let us explore more about the error and also look at solutions to get rid of the problem in this space. Why are your images not getting saved in gallery? Here are some possible reasons for the images not getting saved in the gallery. This may not be a comprehensive list but these are the

How to Fix Error Device is not Eligible for Requested Build – Iphone

When users update or restore iTunes on their iPhone’s or iPad’s, they are faced with certain errors. One such common error is ‘The iPhone could not be restored. The device is not eligible for the requested build’. There are some variations of this error such as ‘Error 17’, ‘Error 1639’, ‘Errors 3000 – 3020’, ‘Error3194’, ‘Errors 3100 – 3999’. So it’s not surprising if you receive any of these error messages other than ‘The device is not eligible for the requested build’. But whatever the error message is, the steps to resolve them are common and are covered in this

Fastest way to convert MKV to MP4 video

convert mkv to mp4

Image Source: Dreamytricks MKV files are also called as Matroksa Video files. This file type is as similar as .AVI, .ASF and .MOV multimedia container file formats. MKV files are not supported by all type of media players. So a need arises to convert the MKV files to any other commonly used video file format. This file does not act as an audio or video compression format. Components with different type of encoding can be merged into a MKV video container. This type of functioning is not possible in any other type of file container. MKV file extensions are MKV

How to split a RAW + JPEG file | Use Lightroom to split a RAW + JPEG file

JPEG Image

Whenever you click a photo using a DSLR, the camera takes in the data that has been captured and then processes it. This file is called a JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). This format poses major uses for both beginners and professional photographers. There is another option called RAW in every camera. Each camera has its own way of treating the data that it receives from the image sensor after clicking a picture and creates its own file to store it. These files are called RAW images. These RAW formats are different for each camera e.g. CRW/CR2 for Canon, NEF

How to fix 0xC00D3E8E read only error?

error 0xc00d3e8e the property is read-only

When trying to delete old videos or while trying to edit your recent pictures uploaded from memory card of your camcorder, you might be obstructed by unexpected error 0xC00D3E8E: The property is read only. The problem is quite tricky as it restrains any kind of property changes that you would want to apply to the video or multimedia files. To free the mp4 files or the mov files from the error, let’s first understand the error and the causes of the error. What is 0xC00D3E8E read-only error? 0xC00D3E8E error is associated with multimedia files like mp3, mp4, mov video files.

Jpeg XS the new Image Compression Standard

JPEG-XS Compression

Introducing the future of image file format – Jpeg XS Image Source: engadget The world is changing every day with technology getting stronger and advancing ahead leaving us with a question what next? Technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality once claimed as the technology of tomorrow is now being used everywhere in day to day life from computers to medical research. Jpeg XS is one new addition to the existing image compression technology that will enhance the virtual reality experience of users. What is Jpeg XS? Jpeg-Joint Photographic Experts Group is a compression technique used by a number of

What is GRUB? How to recover lost operating system data after GRUB rescue error?

Location of GRUB in MBR & GPT (source: Wikipedia)

GRUB by definition is Grand Unified Boot Loader. It is a part of program either stored in GPT or MBR depending on the boot set-up of the computer. List of contents: What is GRUB? Where is GRUB located? Grub functionality Various commands in GRUB Operating systems that can be booted using GRUB GRUB tips Grub Rescue windows 10 (no such partition error) To understand GRUB better let’s first understand what is a boot sector? A boot sector is generally the first sector of the hard drive that is accessed when the computer is turned on. When the computer boots up

What is TRIM in SSD | How to enable TRIM | Various TRIM commands

check TRIM Enabled for SSD

The universal fact that an SSD is faster than a normal hard disk drive is undisputed. Although HDDs are cheaper it is definitely wise to spend a few extra bucks on a SSD when looking for speed. But do you know that there can be degradation in the performance of an SSD if a proper Background garbage collection method is not enabled in your SSD? This is where TRIM comes into play. What is TRIM? TRIM as mentioned above is a command that enables your operating system to tell the solid state drive that certain blocks on your solid state

Using Color Categories In Outlook To Personalize Your Email Inbox

Selecting Color Category from drop down

From 2007 version onwards Color Categorization has been included in Outlook. When used the right way this kind of categorization can be very helpful in making your Outlook routine effortless. Let’s take a step forward to understand Outlook color categories and how to use it to our advantage. ADVANTAGES OF COLOR CATEGORIZING YOUR OUTLOOK ITEMS You can personalize your Outlook inbox by specifying a color to specific genre of mails/notes/events. The beauty lies in associating different Outlook items to a user-defined color category. Depending on the usage and association more than one color can be assigned to an item. For

How to create and setup Outlook archive?

Archive Option

We receive a number of mails stuffing our inbox every day. Before you realize it they may sum up to thousands of messages. Regulate your Outlook inbox and folders by archiving them to separate folder using either manual archive or auto archive Outlook 2016 option This automatically reduces the PST file size and accessibility of the data becomes more efficient. Why should a PST file be compact? Bigger the sizes of PST file, greater the chances of corruption. Although Outlook 2016 supports a PST file size of 50 GB, larger files cause Outlook performance issues including Microsoft Inbox repair tool