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How to Turn an Old Hard Drive into an External Enclosure

Wondering what to do with the old hard drive you just removed from your laptop or desktop? Well, you could just keep it as a spare, but be installing it into an external enclosure and making it effectively used as a portable device would be a wise idea! These are great for backing up your files, having a second operating system to boot to, or just for more storage. What you’ll need? An external hard drive enclosure A screwdriver A step by step guide explaining how to turn a spare internal hard drive into a portable USB drive whether it

How to Fix Stuck “Scanning and Repairing Drive” in Windows 10

Some Windows 10 users recently have reported that Windows was scanning and repairing a drive on booting, and the process stuck for minutes or even hours sometimes. Meanwhile, there are also reports that every time users power on PC, they get this message: scanning and repairing drive (C:): 40% complete Unfortunately, Windows 10 sometimes gets stuck at scanning and repairing drive C: or D: screen and will not complete after going to 0%, 10%, 11%, 28%…100%. This guide offers few methods to get rid of this annoying process. Fix #1: Use Windows Error Checking Tool You can use the Windows

Fix ‘Computer freeze when copy files to USB’ without Data Loss

When you are copying important files to USB flash drive, and the computer freezes frequently, it is very annoying. But you don’t have to worry about it. There are ways to fix this issue. So let’s see how to fix a computer freeze when copying files to USB without data loss. Quick Fix: Sometimes, when the USB port fails to work, or goes wrong when you are copying files from computer, then the copying process will fail. Also, the computer freezes during the process. You have to unplug the USB drive, restart the system, reconnect the USB drive to another

Warning Signs of a Hard Drive Crash

Every user has loads of photos, documents, video files, Office files, and other data stored on hard drive. And since most of the people today own laptops, and external hard drives, which get dragged around a bit, a hard drive’s lifespan ranges probably between 3 to 5 years, depending on usage, and other factors. In most cases, the hard drive fails slowly over time, which gives you a hint and you need to copy your data and replace the storage drive before it could eventually crash. If you don’t know how long your hard drive will keep going, then here

Fix Windows 10 not Detecting Second Hard Drive

Some people use two hard drives for additional space or backup purposes. It is a common complaint that the second drive isn’t shown on My Computer after Windows 10 upgrade. This could be because the drive letter is missing or the drivers are outdated. In severe cases, your hard drive may not be detected if partitions on your drive are lost. This article describes the troubleshooting steps for the second hard drive not detected. Change drive letter Sometimes your hard drive may be properly connected and functioning well. But if it doesn’t have a letter assigned, then it will not

Fix SSD not Showing Up in Windows 10 without Data Loss

Sometimes you may encounter situations where your SSD does not show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer. It is a common situation often caused due to simple issues such as when the SSD is not initialized or when the drive letters are missing. In severe cases, partition loss due to file system corruption or virus attacks can at times result in SSD not showing up. Initialize SSD If your SSD is new and not initialized, it won’t show on My Computer. To initialize SSD, you need to access Disk Management. But if your disk has been initialized before and

What You Should Do When a System Cannot Boot from a Hard Drive

A boot device is a hardware that contains files required for a computer to start. A hard drive, USB, CD or DVD are all considered boot devices. This article explains the troubleshooting process if you cannot boot from a hard drive. Check boot sequence You may need to check if the boot sequence is in place. To do this, you will need to access BIOS. To enter BIOS, restart your computer. As soon as you see the manufacturer’s logo, note the key specified to enter Setup. The most common ones are F1, F2. Press the key and enter BIOS. In

Solution to QuickTime MP4 Playback Problems on macOS High Sierra

Problems while playing video files is common. But the situation turns annoying when you don’t know how to fix the issue and get back to playing the video. On one such occasion, you had upgraded to the latest macOS High Sierra version. After that, there have been issues with MP4 video. The MP4 file has playback problems on QuickTime. Well, you don’t have to worry as there is a solution to every problem. Listed here are a few solutions to playback problems with QuickTime MP4 file on macOS High Sierra. Install QuickTime 7 Pro: Try installing QuickTime 7 Pro. This

How to Import OST Emails to Office 365

Have you ever thought of the advantages of having Exchange mailbox data on a cloud platform like Office 365? If you have internet connectivity, then emails in Office 365 can be universally accessible. So for this purpose, many users are moving their offline Outlook Data file (OST) to Office 365. There are various methods by which you can do this. So how to import OST emails to Office 365 account? You cannot directly move Outlook to Office 365 environment. You can convert OST file to PST and then upload to Office 365 account. Additionally, you can also make use of

Solved – After Effects Won’t Import MP4 Files

We all know that MP4 is supported by After Effects. However, many users have been facing issues when they try to import an MP4 file into After Effects. Why is this happening? And how to fix this issue? Well, you could be facing importing issues due to the MP4 file codec. After Effects prefers H.264 and MPEG4 codecs, while MP4 is a container format which can hold various audio and video codecs. So if you receive an error message, or the video display is not proper, then you may have to install the codec used by the file. But then