7 Ways to Cleanup your Windows 10 Hard Drive

With ever increasing internet speeds and hunger for data, it is no surprise if your hard drive is almost full. It must be a difficult choice to delete any of the files or folders since you want them all! You then start to cram your internal drives to a point that affects your system performance. It is always advised to have a lot of free space on C Drive that contains your system files. The overall speed of accessing data becomes slower since the system does not have much space to play with to process these applications. Let us look

How to Fix SD Card Reader Error on Windows 10

You just love taking photos! Your Camera SD card is filled with lots of pictures from recent events. You copy them onto your computer using a card reader, format your card so that you can start clicking more pictures on the card again! You were excited about the new Windows 10 Operating system and wanted to upgrade from Windows 7. You installed Windows 10 and are impressed by the interface. After another trip, you insert your card reader to copy photos on your system. You are surprised that the system is not detecting the card reader. You try other USB

Where is the Recycle Bin on My USB?

If you are working on a Windows system and accidentally deleted a file from your USB drive or an external hard drive, the file doesn’t go to the Recycle Bin. It is permanently deleted. Ever wondered why? Well, the Windows system does not treat the USB or External drive as a part of the system. It is still a “removable” drive. It all started with the floppy drive since they had very little data in them and there’s no point in allocating separate space on the system for these files. One thing you should keep in mind is that Recycle

Solved – My Camera not Reading the Memory Card

The number of DSLR camera users have increased tremendously over the last few years and is showing no signs of stopping. Top manufacturers of these cameras are competing with each other to pack in best features at an affordable rate. With such advancements in camera technology, memory cards or SD cards are not far behind. They can now store humongous amount of information. You might have come across a situation wherein your camera can read only certain memory cards and when other cards are inserted, it cannot access the data within. Why does it happen? Well, cameras come with pre-defined

Fix ‘No Boot Disk Detected or the Disk has Failed’ Error

The computer checks the Hard disk drive or SSD drive for boot information when it boots up. It acts on the information received to boot up the OS. But if the computer is not able to find an operating system or valid boot information on the hard drive / SSD, then you get an error message which says – No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed. How to fix this error message? We tell you. Read on to know the solutions to fix this issue: Fix 1: Check if the hard drive or SSD is properly

Fix Error – The System Cannot Find the File Specified

The error message – ‘The system cannot find the file specified’ is a common Windows error, mainly Windows 10. It points to the error code 0x80070002. But then, depending on the type of failure, OS specification, and few other indicators, the code may vary. Some of the reasons for this error are: Abnormal registry keys Missing files for a specific software Connection issues Missing driver file Here is a list of fixes you can try out to resolve error – ‘The system cannot find the file specified’. Fix 1: Run antivirus software The common sources of error are virus and

How to Turn an Old Hard Drive into an External Enclosure

Wondering what to do with the old hard drive you just removed from your laptop or desktop? Well, you could just keep it as a spare, but be installing it into an external enclosure and making it effectively used as a portable device would be a wise idea! These are great for backing up your files, having a second operating system to boot to, or just for more storage. What you’ll need? An external hard drive enclosure A screwdriver A step by step guide explaining how to turn a spare internal hard drive into a portable USB drive whether it

How to Fix Stuck “Scanning and Repairing Drive” in Windows 10

Some Windows 10 users recently have reported that Windows was scanning and repairing a drive on booting, and the process stuck for minutes or even hours sometimes. Meanwhile, there are also reports that every time users power on PC, they get this message: scanning and repairing drive (C:): 40% complete Unfortunately, Windows 10 sometimes gets stuck at scanning and repairing drive C: or D: screen and will not complete after going to 0%, 10%, 11%, 28%…100%. This guide offers few methods to get rid of this annoying process. Fix #1: Use Windows Error Checking Tool You can use the Windows

Fix ‘Computer freeze when copy files to USB’ without Data Loss

When you are copying important files to USB flash drive, and the computer freezes frequently, it is very annoying. But you don’t have to worry about it. There are ways to fix this issue. So let’s see how to fix a computer freeze when copying files to USB without data loss. Quick Fix: Sometimes, when the USB port fails to work, or goes wrong when you are copying files from computer, then the copying process will fail. Also, the computer freezes during the process. You have to unplug the USB drive, restart the system, reconnect the USB drive to another

Warning Signs of a Hard Drive Crash

Every user has loads of photos, documents, video files, Office files, and other data stored on hard drive. And since most of the people today own laptops, and external hard drives, which get dragged around a bit, a hard drive’s lifespan ranges probably between 3 to 5 years, depending on usage, and other factors. In most cases, the hard drive fails slowly over time, which gives you a hint and you need to copy your data and replace the storage drive before it could eventually crash. If you don’t know how long your hard drive will keep going, then here