How to Import PSD Files into Adobe Illustrator and Indesign

Being a graphic designer or web designer, there are times when you need to import an image created in Adobe Photoshop into Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe InDesign in order to create more effects. So here we provide the steps to import or open PSD file into Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Steps to Import Photoshop file into Adobe Illustrator: Open PSD file in Illustrator: Launch the Adobe Illustrator application Open a new document by going to File – New in the menu bar To open your PSD file, go to File – Open and select the document you have to

Fix Error Your Server has Unexpectedly Terminated the Connection

Error messages can be annoying and they grind work to a halt. While using Microsoft Outlook Express to send or receive emails to IMAP or POP3 server running Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 server, you might receive this error message: Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. What could be the reason behind this error message? This error message occurs when the Exchange Server administrator has enabled bandwidth throttling in Exchange Server 2003 or 2000. Few other causes are also responsible for this server error message. If there is no internet connection, when the Firewall on the Wi-Fi connection is

Solved – The Connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable on Outlook

There is no doubt Outlook is a great application to send/receive emails, perform simple tasks, keep reminders, Skype integration allowing users to make video calls within Outlook, “Sweep” option to organize emails into specific folders. You also have the option to delete messages that are older than a specified number of days. A Microsoft Exchange account is usually a work or school email account. Your email service is provided by a Microsoft Exchange Server and all your emails are delivered to and saved in your mailbox on the business’s Exchange server. At times, you may encounter the following error while

Know Why SmartPhones are Better than CamCorders

When it comes to video cameras of Smartphones, there is a lot to talk about. They are getting better each and every day, with a property of sharing a video in a single click! So now the question is – buying standalone camcorder is worth? You take any gadgets starting from calculators, alarm clocks, gaming consoles, MP3 players to voice recorders and pocket radios, all of them could trace their downfall to one fact, i.e., the rise of Smartphone. Today’s Smartphones can replace all these gadgets undoubtedly. And now we can see that there is a downfall in the sales

How to Sync Spotify Music to iPod Nano

So far the best music players to play songs offline are iPods, and these models have been used by more than 390 million people. However, many Spotify users have reported that synching their Spotify music tracks to iPod Nano is not happening before. Here’s one such problem posted on Spotify official site: “I have an iPod Nano but I can’t sync it with Spotify to play my music tracks. I am able to put my Spotify music there, but I don’t understand the process at all! On connecting my iPod to the desktop version, the app fails to recognize the

How to Automatically Clean Recycle Bin after a Certain Time in Windows 10

This article helps you in guiding how to schedule your computer to automatically remove system’s junk files from Recycle Bin after a certain amount of time on Windows 10. Just a simple delete action will not actually remove your file from the computer. It only gets moved into Recycle Bin folder, which further continues to stay for quite a bit time by using your computer’s valuable space on the hard drive. Even after knowing how to empty the Recycle Bin, chances are that you often forget to do such a simple job. Until and unless you notice that your computer

Why do Photos get Stored in DCIM Folder?

Have you noticed that all photos you have taken are stored in a DCIM folder? Whether it’s a digital camera or the camera app for Android or iPhone, the photos taken are kept in the DCIM folder. And did you know that just about every digital camera uses the same folder? When you use apps to edit and share photos clicked on your smartphone, even those pictures are stored in the DCIM folder on your phone’s storage. You must now be wondering why this DCIM folder is so important that every company agrees to use for all the photos. Read

Solved – Computer Keeps Rebooting Continuously

You are almost done working on an important PowerPoint presentation. You add two more images to complete the project and before you could hit that save button, computer restarts. You are shocked. How can the system restart on its own when you were in the middle of something? You save the file, transfer it to a pen drive and before the copy process is complete, the system restarts again. It is frustrating, to say the least. Let us examine what causes these random restarts. (i) Hardware issues: When a hardware device stops responding, the system finds it difficult to recuperate

How to Fix Unreadable SD Card on PC / Phone

When SD card cannot be read by PC or phone, then what are you supposed to do? What about data present on the card? You are not alone; many users have been facing this issue. So here we tell you how to fix the 2 issues. That is, when SD card cannot be read by PC, and when SD card cannot be read by phone. Fix SD Card cannot be read on PC: Whenever SD card cannot be read on PC, then you have to first recover data from the card, and then try to fix the issue. With the

How to Fix Memory Card not Formatted Error

You have so many photos, videos, and songs stored on your memory card. So any problem with the card, and you risk losing all the files. One such issue is when you get an error message saying memory card not formatted when you try to access the card. This is a worrisome situation. But don’t fret; you are not alone. Many users face such issues with memory cards. You just need to know the right solution to the problem. Well, we are here for just that. When you get the error message that memory card is not formatted, you need