How to Get Back File Which Has Been Moved from IDM

While trying to access a file from IDM (Internet Download Manager), you have encountered “the file has been moved” error. Don’t know, what caused this? Well! no worries, it happens sometimes. Hence, here I have listed out techniques which will help you to get back your file which has been moved from IDM. Whatever might be the reason, using these methods it is easy to restore a file that is moved from Internet Download Manager. Technique #1:  Restoring Moved IDM File Manually Go to Internet Download Manager Navigate to Options->save to->temporary directory Copy the directory address, and paste to windows

Reasons Why SSD gets Corrupt Easily than HDDs

Even though both Solid State Drives, as well as Hard Disk Drives, can get damaged easily in terms of power failures, but in comparison, the SSDs are much more vulnerable for corruption when compared to traditional HDDs. This article explains why this happens! SSD has earned a lot of fame from both individuals and businesses due to their better performance. Yet, like the traditional hard disk drive (HDD), it’s still prone to corruption for various factors, such as power failures. It’s always suggested to take care of your drives, protecting it against suffering sudden power failures since it can cause

Files Missing from Windows 10 Quick Access- Solved

After upgrading to Windows 10, you might be aware of new feature i.e. Quick Access where you can see frequently visited folders or recently opened files. But, what will you do if suddenly files exist on your Quick Access folder go missing? Sometimes, files are just missing or disappeared from your Quick Access bar wherein other cases they will be permanently deleted from your computer. In case, files are just missing from Quick Access bar, then no need to worry, just follow the effective methods mentioned below to get them back in Quick Access bar: Method 1: Pin Folders Back

How to Fix Disk is Unreadable Error on Mac Computer

That moment when you connect your external hard drive to Mac system to copy some files but end up getting an error message which states – ‘The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer’. Annoying right? Files present in the external drive cannot be accessed. And you are left wondering how to fix the error message and get access to data. Well, there are various reasons why this error message occurs, some of which include – faulty connections, drive corruption, or even malfunctioning Mac. Whatever the reason could be, the only priority now is to fix the error

Easy Ways to Fix Frozen Mac

You know your Mac is quite reliable. However, there are times when Mac troubles you. Very rarely does a Mac get frozen. But you are facing just that now and don’t know how to fix it. Well, although Macs are pretty reliable, occasionally they can freeze or get stuck. Since Mac runs in cycles, sometimes, they get stuck in a loop. So when this happens, an application or entire Mac OS becomes unresponsive. You need to fix the issue to get back to working normally. So let’s see few ways by which you can fix a frozen Mac: See if

Approaches to Fix the Error 0xc0000005 in Windows

If you are dealing with the error code 0xc0000005 on Windows, you can check out the methods mentioned in this article in order to fix that error code. Well basically, you can get the error 0xc0000005 under three kinds of circumstances. One is ‘Access Violation Error’, then the next would be ‘The application unable to start’ and the last would be ‘Windows Installation Error’. Let’s discuss the above three types of situations one by one… #1. Access Violation Error This type of situation occurs when the program you try to run is attempting to reach a location that is not

Fix Mac Error No Mountable File Systems

Fix No Mountable File Systems

Has anyone seen this? When trying to mount a dmg (disk image) file on Mac OS, getting the very odd error – “no mountable file systems”? Well, here’s what to do: Mac systems are one of the best working systems in the world. But there are all chances that you can get a problem with Mac machines and you have to face mac error no mountable file systems issue anytime. The error “no mountable file systems” can cause Mac machine to work slow or give some unexpected problems. Many times due to these problems a Mac machine may crash. When

How to Fix VLC Player Lag & Stutter playing HD Videos

VLC is a well-known media player that supports almost all audio and video formats. Even though, VLC media player compatible to play many videos and audio formats, sometimes you may see choppy video playback issues (HD video lag or stutter) while playing HD videos on it. If you are frustrated due to VLC playback issues playing HD videos, then read this article to know easy methods that help you to play your video in VLC without any hitches. Bonus Tip: If you have a trouble playing MP4 videos on VLC player, click here to fix VLC not playing MP4 video.

Steps to Locate Downloaded Files on Windows Phone

Accessing downloaded files in Windows Phone is a difficult task, in case memory card is not inserted in it. In Android phone, there is a separate folder named as Download which holds all the downloaded files, but in Windows Phone, there is no such folder. In order to access downloaded files, you need an app called Files. You will get this in Windows Phone Store. Once you successfully install Files from Windows Phone store, follow the steps mentioned below to access downloaded files. Swipe your Windows Phone start screen towards left to view list of all the apps Here, locate

How to Fix Unable to Repair Mac SSD from Recovery Mode Disk Utility First Aid Issue?

“When I tried to run First Aid on the SSD drive, it prompted an error stating that “First Aid found corruption that needs to be repaired. To repair the startup volume, run First Aid from Recovery.” So I restarted my computer by holding Cmd-R options to enter Recovery mode. When I got into Recovery Mode, I opened Disk Utility and then selected the SSD drive to run First Aid. But, I got the same error message as above. Can you please help me to fix this issue?” Well! This has been a quite common issue now, Mac users trying to