Easy Procedure to Install Windows 10 on Mac

Day by day Mac users are increasing due to its amazing features. However there are some users who love both Mac and Windows and want to use both OS simultaneously. If you are one of them who want to use Windows OS on Macintosh computer then here we are with complete details to help you in this. To install Windows 10 on your Mac machine, you will need to have the following: Mac machine on which you are planning to install Windows 10 OS A thumb drive with minimum 5 GB storage space One more computer which already runs Windows

Methods to Fix Photoshop Layer Mask Problems

While working in Photoshop, layer masks allow removing pixels from the image safely. It is a very useful option because the pixels are not removed permanently, as is the case with the Eraser tool. Layer masks are used for seamlessly combining one or more image in Photoshop. Sometimes, you might encounter problems with these layer masks. If you happen to run into any problems, then check out these simple fixes – When layer masks don’t seem to work: Check if the mask is selected Make sure the layer mask is selected. There are times when you choose to use a

Easy Tips to Avoid Outlook PST File Corruption

Outlook PST files are undoubtedly the important files of Microsoft Outlook. This is because it holds entire data from Outlook, i.e. emails, tasks, contacts, attachments, notes and other Outlook attributes. However, this PST file is prone to corruption due to several reasons, which may result in Outlook data loss. So it is required to keep your Outlook data safe by preventing PST file corruption. So today we will discuss some of the simple  tips to avoid Outlook PST file corruption and methods to fix. Quick Tricks to Avoid PST corruption PST File Size: As Microsoft has defined the maximum size

Copy Outlook Folder Structure to New PST File

Sometimes, you have to create a new Outlook PST file which has the same folder structure as the current PST file. The reasons could be that the personal folder is too big, you want to start working with a new PST file, and the same PST file has to be used in a different system, and so on. The situations could be many, but the question here is – How to copy the Outlook folder structure to a new PST file? Well, copying Outlook folder structure from one PST file to another is not a difficult task. You just need

Best Tools for Video Analysis

Video Analysis technique is gaining more popularity these days. These tools are not the same as the tools used by normal video editors. For each industry varied set of tools are available. Be it a Sports industry, teaching or scientific analysis, the requirements for analysing videos differ drastically. Thus, here we have listed best analysis tools for each industries. Top 7 Tools for Video Analysis V1 Pro V1 Pro 2010 performs much better in all areas of performance. There are number of useful features in this tool, but the most useful one is the 90 Degree Rotation feature. If you

How to Know the CODEC of Videos Clips

We receive several sorts of video files from various locations in different ways. For instance, we Download video files, which are available online. Get video clips that are recorded using our friend’s gadgets. Obtain video clips from distant locations via email. Transfer videos from other systems, devices to ours etc. But, typically when any user tries to play external (received) video clips on their computer, they may face one or the other playback issues. Sometimes, these video files fail to play properly, at other times they never play at all. And, at this minute definitely, you will try to get

How to Enable Recycle Bin on Mapped Network Drives

Mapping a drive is nothing but connecting a local drive with specially allocated shared directory or folder on another computer. Once the drive is mapped, you can get access to shared resources and you can treat it like it is situated locally on your system. It is possible to map more than one computer drives to the shared resource and take benefit of this networked space. When any file is deleted which was stored on network or mapped network, that file will be deleted permanently. It won’t go to the local computer recycle bin and also it won’t go to

How to Fix Corrupted Recycle Bin

“The Recycle Bin is corrupted do you want to empty?” These sort of errors on Recycle Bin indicated Bin corruption. Such errors doesn’t allow you to delete any file or folder on your computer, Recycle Bin may not show your deleted files or you may fail to empty Bin.  You need to deal with it in a proper way to make the Bin function normally. Here we will give details on reasons for Recycle Bin corruption and easy troubleshooting methods to fix it. How Did Recycle Bin Get Corrupted? There are various reasons due to which your Recycle Bin gets corrupted. Out

Must Have Accessories for Photographers

If you are a beginner and just started your stint with the professional camera, welcome to the world of photography! A decent DSLR is good to begin with but only a camera is not good enough to click pictures. If you want your photos to look professional and protected, there are few basic yet must have accessories for photographers that you should invest in immediately. And what they are? Let’s have a look. 1 – Camera Bag This is one of the must-have accessories that you should invest in. A good camera bag helps you to protect and transport your

Simple Tricks to Improve Your Photography Skills

Photography is now everyone’s favourite hobby and even though you are not a skilled photographer, you would like to capture every moment of your life. Hence, here I have listed out some basic tricks to improve your photography skills. If you concentrate on these factors, then you can get more perfection with your skills and capture a picture-perfect image. Trick #1: Have Control your Camera The foremost thing which you have to concentrate is how your camera works. First read the user manual and get to know about every aspect of your camera. Learn about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO