Fighting Back against Data Theft

The recent massive data-harvesting scandal of Cambridge Analytica, mishandling Facebook user data with the help of a personality quiz application had shocked us all. The data of over 87 million Facebook users were mishandled by the organization and used for electoral purposes. These stolen records were then used to target particular voters with ads and social media posts in hope of influencing their decisions at the ballot box. This is not just the case of Online data, your data stored Offline is also not safe. In this growing era of cybercrimes, protecting your data is a difficult task. Data theft

How to Fix Invalid Volume Header Error on External Hard Drive

Consider a situation where you connect an external hard drive to your system. When you click on the drive, you are unable to access the contents. You try to check the status of the drive in Disk Utility. Here, you see an error message ‘Invalid volume header error’. You freak out because you have important files stored and no backup available! If you are in such a situation, do not worry. This article explains how you can deal with such errors without data loss. Let us first understand the reasons for this error to occur. Reasons for ‘Invalid volume header

Outlook 2016 Error Opening Word or Excel Attachment/file

Microsoft Outlook is a great application for sending/receiving emails, managing tasks, contacts, calendar and organizing your files in folders for better access. Since it comes as part of Office suite, it is but natural to expect other formats such as Word, Excel files to be easily accessible via Outlook. However, Outlook shows an error: “Word experienced an error trying to open the file” “Microsoft Outlook (Protected View) has stopped working” “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened” The prompt also asks you to try some suggestions: Check the file permissions for the document or drive. Make sure there are

How to Fix “Unknown hard error” on Windows 10

Unknown hard error popup message can occur while playing a game, opening or closing applications, executing any file, automatic Windows updates, or doing just about anything on your system. Here is what few people complained about this error – the screen turned black, taskbar froze, desktop icons disappeared. Before you try out any solution to this error, it is important to understand the exact cause – which application is responsible for this error? For example, the unknown hard error could be caused by explorer.exe, sihost.exe, ctfmon.exe or other .exe files. Once you find the culprit behind the issue, you can

Solved - Cannot start Microsoft Outlook the Command Line Argument is not Valid

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients used by several users across the world. Apart from handling emails, Outlook can also be used to manage tasks, calendar, contacts, note taking, journaling and so on. There are times during Outlook usage you might come across this error message: “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. The command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using.” This issue occurs when you are using Windows Client to open .msg document object. Let us check out possible solutions to this error: Disable Add-ins Try this method in Outlook safe mode. It

Current Pending Sector Count Repair and Data Recovery from HDD

Current Pending Sector Count S.M.A.R.T. parameter is a critical parameter which indicates the current count of unstable sectors on your hard drive. The raw value of this attribute tells us about the number of sectors waiting for remapping. If some of these sectors are read successfully, then the value decreases. If errors are still showing up when reading a sector, the hard drive will try to recover the data, transfer it to the reserved disk area and mark this area as remapped. Note that it is a critical parameter and an increase in this value can lead to driving failure.

Fixed - You Must Initialize the Disk before Logical Disk Manager can Access It

In some cases, when an external hard drive is connected, you may receive an error ‘You must initialize the disk before logical disk manager can access it’. This mainly occurs when the USB device drivers are not installed properly. To resolve the issue, troubleshooting steps are explained in this article. Reinstall USB device Reinstall the device helps resolve the issue in some cases. To reinstall device, follow the steps below. Plug in the USB device Press Windows + X and select Device Manager Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers Find your device and right click on it Select Uninstall Unplug the

Camera is not Recognized on GoPro App for Desktop – Windows

You had a great surfing session and the whole event was captured on your GoPro. Now you want to transfer these videos to your computer. So you connect the camera, but the device fails to show up on the GoPro app. What will you do in such a situation? This article provides troubleshooting steps that are easy to follow. Restart both your computer and GoPro The first troubleshooting step is to unplug the GoPro device and restart your computer. Next, turn off the Go Pro device. Then connect the camera and turn on your computer. Once the computer is turned

How to Create a Partition on your Mac to Run Multiple Operating Systems

Sometimes you may want to run multiple operating systems on your Mac. To do this, you will have to partition your hard drive. It is very simple with the help of Apple’s disk utility. Before you make any changes to your hard drive, please read the instructions below. Backup all your hard drive data. You can do this easily using Time Machine. Or you can use an external hard drive to backup data. Secondly, make sure you have enough free disk space to be able to run a second operating system. How to create a partition on your Mac? On

Fixed - Can't Upload Pictures from My Camera on Windows 10

The number of photographers, both amateur and professional have increased over the past few years. With cameras becoming affordable and tons of videos available online to learn the techniques, it is no surprise that photos are everywhere! Most users like to store their photos on their computers. One simple reason is to free up space on their camera memory card and better manage photos in separate folders. With Microsoft rolling out Windows 10 Operating system, users embraced it after mixed reviews on its predecessor Windows 8. However, a lot of users complained that they could not upload their pictures to