How To Fix PSD File Not Opening In Photoshop ? | Solved 

Here is an article explaining why your PSD file cannot open in Photoshop. Also, explore a few successful methods to fix PSD file not opening in Photoshop error with ease. Common errors that mean PSD File in Photoshop is unable to open: Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document. Photoshop cannot open files in the format. Photoshop does not recognize this type of file. PSD not a valid Photoshop document. File could not be found Photoshop. Open with Photoshop not working. Photoshop won’t open files Before you move on to the different methods to

How to Recover Files Deleted by Disk Cleanup?

Disk Cleanup or “cleanmgr.exe” is the Windows utility that is dedicated to permanently delete the redundant data on a specific drive. The tool is really effective in clearing redundant data. However, many users tend to permanently delete important files while using Disk Cleanup. For example, “Disk Cleanup deleted my downloads”, is one of the highly discussed topics related to Disk Cleanup.Unfortunately, it is not possible to undo the Disk Cleanup process but there is a way to recover files deleted by Disk Cleanup. Compiled with all the information, this article will explain to you about everything you need to know

You can Extract Contacts from OST File

As we all know, Offline storage table files are the files used by the Microsoft exchange server. Outlook allows the user to work offline and automatically synchronize the data while connected to the internet. Outlook enables the storage of data like contacts in a local copy and later synchronizes to a copy of OST on the server.Are you wondering how to extract contacts from OST files? The below section will guide you on descriptive methods to retrieve contacts from your Outlook OST file effortlessly. Before heading to the solution, let us understand why you would want to recover contacts from

How to Recover Deleted PowerPoint Files | 4 High-Rated Techniques

Think of a situation, wherein you have put a lot of effort to make your PowerPoint file (PPTX) look excellent which is to be presented at your Work. But suddenly you see your PowerPoint file is deleted or unsaved. This is a horrible situation for anyone who had worked hours to make the PowerPoint file excellent.  No matter how you lose your PPTX, restoring deleted PowerPoint files is easy. Below are the 4 highly reliable methods to successfully recover deleted and unsaved PowerPoint files from your Windows computer.  Method 1: Recover Deleted PowerPoint Files From Recycle Bin The first thing

Photoshop Error 16 Fix | Successfully Solved on Windows and Mac

When you launch Adobe Photoshop application, you see a Photoshop configuration error 16, asking you to uninstall and reinstall your Adobe application. Using the following steps, this adobe configuration Error 16, Error 15, and Error 1 can be easily solved on both Windows and macOS including Windows 10 and macOS Catalina.  Reasons For Photoshop Error 16 The most probable cause for Photoshop error 16 is incorrect permission settings to the Adobe application folders (SLStore and Adobe PCD). When Adobe Photoshop installation is improperly performed then you may come across multiple errors on Photoshop. If the registry of Photoshop application is

Fix OST is in Use and Cannot be Accessed Error

As well all know Offline storage tables allows the user to make changes offline and synchronizes the changes when connected to the internet. Usually, all the changes which are made are stored in an OST file that resides on the local storage of the computer. Keeping aside the benefits, there are few problems that you may encounter with OST files such as errors detected on OST file, inaccessibility of the .ost file, and the restriction of transferring OST between systems which leads to errors like “the file is in use and cannot be accessed”. This writes up explains why the

How to Enable Cached Exchange Mode? | Complete Guide

Enabling Cached Exchange Mode creates a copy of the mailbox data items stored on the Exchange server in an OST file format on your local computer. It reduces the number of requests made to the server and thereby improves the speed to access Outlook items such as emails, contacts, etc.  Due to the Cached Exchange Mode, Outlook is nowhere dependent on the constant internet connectivity to access the user’s information. Thus, enabling the Cached Exchange mode helps users to work on Outlook without network connectivity.  Later, the local and server data is synchronized by Outlook and the Exchange Server after

[Solved] Recover Unsaved, Lost or Deleted Word Document

You might have spent a lot of time and effort in documenting your work on Microsoft Word. At times these files can go missing due to system crash, accidental deletion, closing Microsoft Word without saving the file or various other reasons. However, there are ways to recover lost, unsaved or deleted Word documents. Adhere to the end of the article to know more. After reading the complete information from this article you will be able to: Retrieve lost word documents from AutoRecover file location Recover Word Files from Unsaved Folder Recover Deleted word document from Recycle Bin Recover permanently deleted

Resolve Outlook Message "Errors Have Been Detected in the OST File”

OST is an offline file that stores synchronized copies of Outlook data on your local computer. If this OST file is corrupted, Outlook will return an error message stating “Errors have been detected in the file .ost”. This OST file could be corrupted because of abruptly shutting down the computer while the OST file is synchronizing with the server, virus infection, hard drive corruption, etc. In order to resolve this issue and access emails from Microsoft Outlook, there are a few troubleshooting methods. Stick till the end of the article to understand and fix the Outlook error. Repair OST file

Recover Deleted Excel Files on Windows | 5 Proven Methods

Microsoft Excel is one of the crucial tools used for saving, editing, and presenting data with ease. Excel files can contain a lot of data that can be really important for analysis or record keeping.  A deleted, lost or unsaved Excel file would mean loss of important data and efforts. Here is all the information that you need to know about recovering deleted Excel files and restoring unsaved Excel sheets securely on Windows. This information in this article can be broadly classified into 2 categories as shown below: 1. How to Recover Deleted Excel files on Windows? 2. How to