How to Fix Outlook Search Not Working Problem.

Outlook is one application that not only helps access your emails but also takes care of your meeting schedules, reminders, contacts, to-do list, and other important information. The search is one feature that you can count on to access any of this information quickly. Without even realizing, we become so reliant on Outlook search that it can get very annoying when Outlook search stops working. Search can also stop working when Outlook even stops indexing. This could be due to the faulty application or the Outlook data file corrupted. Here is complete information on how to resolve Outlook Not working

Smart Way to Recover Data from MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

If you ever encounter data loss on your MacBook, this article will provide you with complete information about how to recover data from any MacBook. Data loss is scary but it is also very common, millions of users encounter data loss every single day. Fortunately, recovering data from a MacBook is not risky at all. However, there are a few complicated data loss scenarios that might give you a hard time. For example, recovering data from a dead MacBook. This is why we have created this comprehensive article, that will guide you to recover data from a MacBook in every

How to Recover Deleted My Documents Folder? In Just 4 clicks

My Documents or Documents folder is a Microsoft Windows default folder that stores all your important documents and files associated with Word, Excel, or any other Microsoft program on your Windows 10, 7, etc. Any missing files or accidental deletion of files from My Documents folder will cause severe data loss scenarios since the Documents folder saves all your important files. It is always disheartening to lose or delete your important files in My Documents folder or accidentally deleting the Document folder itself. Here is a complete guide to recovering deleted My Documents folder or files using the backup method,

How to Recover iWork Files?

Due to iWork suite’s simplicity and security, many Mac users are shifting from MS office to Apple’s own office suite. iWork can be accessed from all the Mac and IOS devices which makes it easy and quick to access files. Some of the other reasons of choosing iWork over MS office is given below as an infographic. Where Are My iWork Files Stored? If the iWork program (Pages or Number) and data option have been checked in the iCloud pane of system preference, every file will be automatically saved to iCloud. If you want to access or store iWork files

How to Recover A Word Document on Mac? Deleted/ Unsaved

Summary: Word documents that have been lost, deleted, or unsaved on your Mac can be recovered using manual methods like Auto-recovery folder or the temp folder. In cases when they don’t work, know how to recover a Word document on Mac with the help of Remo Recover. This provides a way to recover permanently deleted or lost Word documents easily. Recovers both .doc & .docx files on any version of Word including Word 2019! There are many instances that result in loss of Word documents from Mac. For example, a Word application crash, improperly terminating Word are all classic examples.

Learn to Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive and Mac External Drives

The truth about Mac Hard Drive Recovery Macs are one of the most advanced computers that are available in the market, yet even the Mac hard drives are vulnerable to data loss like other drives. From gruesome and painstaking research, we have found out that there are three most probable scenarios for losing data on Mac: Accidentally deleted data on Mac hard drive Damaged or Corrupt Mac Hard drive / Mac External Hard Drive Unbootable Mac There are various methods to recover data from a Mac hard drive. For example, you can recover data from Mac hard drive using disk

Which Mac Data Recovery Software Is the Best?

Although the prerequisite of any Mac Data Recovery Software is to recover data on Mac, there can be various factors involved in choosing the best one from the lot. Data loss on Mac computers can occur due to a variety of reasons like emptied Trash, deleted/ lost partition, formatted volumes/ partitions, corrupt/ damaged storage drives, Grey screen of death, etc. It only makes sense to choose a Mac data recovery software that is effective under any data loss scenario. Hence the effectiveness of the tool far outweighs the economical factors while looking for the best Mac data recovery tool. Here,

Smart Way to Delete Duplicate Files on MAC

Do you ever feel that your Mac is running out of storage space and you are unable to figure out why is it happening? It might be due to duplicate files. Duplicate files have been a major concern for Apple users across various platforms from MacBooks to iMac’s. There also have been a lot of reports where a user opens the file finder and they end up finding 3 to 4 copies of the same file. So, why is your Mac duplicating files? The instant way to Find Duplicate Files on Mac Why is my Mac Duplicating Files? In the

How to Repair PST file? | Complete Guide

PST file stands for Personal Storage Table, which is used to save as a local copy of the Outlook data file on a client’s hard drive. Multiple reasons like logical hard drive failure, bad sectors on the hard disk, virus or malware issues, power failure, or sudden interruptions while working on the PST file, remote access of the PST file, faulty network device, etc. can cause corruption to your PST file.  Any kind of PST file corruption or damage makes your PST file inaccessible to open and import Outlook data including emails, contacts, notes, etc.  Are you not able to

Fix Not a Valid Win32 Application Error [Solved]

If you are a regular user of Windows computer you might have come across the error “Not a valid win32 application” error. Accessing or using an application becomes impossible if you encounter this error. However, there are workarounds to overcome this error. After reading the information in this article you will be able to know. What are the reasons for win32 application error? How to Fix win32 application error? What is win32 Application? The win32 is an API (Application Programming Interface) that is required for your program to interact with the other software for the 32-bit version of the Windows