How to Migrate HDD to SSD without Reinstalling Windows

Migrating to SSD drive is one of the best thing you can make to your computer. However cloning your HDD to a small drive can be bit complicated, as your data cannot get fit on the smaller drive. Hence make sure you are selecting the size properly. This page will provide step by step procedure to understand how to clone HDD to smaller drive without reinstalling Windows OS. Here we go with the procedure… What you will need? An SSD, of course: SSD should be with right form factor and interface, along with enough free memory space. An external adapter:

Outlook 2016 Or Outlook 365 Which One Is Better

  You have plenty of options if you are planning to buy Outlook (Microsoft Office). But to understand the difference can be little confusing – notably between Outlook 2016 and Office 365 Outlook. Below is the comparison between the two, weigh your options and go for the one suits you best. Office 365 Outlook Office 365 is a subscription service, that will make sure you have the latest tools from Microsoft. It is available for home & personal and also for small, mid-size and large business, with applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, plus additional online storage, continuous technical support

Multiple Macs Back Up On a Single Time Machine

Want to have a single Time Machine backup for your multiple Mac devices? Here it is. A guide on how to set up multiple Macs to a hard drive for Time Machine backup. First connect the hard drive that you want to act a Time Machine focal point. This should preferably be a desktop connected to your home network through Ethernet. Wi-Fi is also good, but the number of backup files moving across even the fastest and latest Wi-Fi will slow down other network connectivity. Secondly, your external hard drives should be formatted accordingly for Time Machine. Here ‘formatted accordingly

How to Show or Hide Hidden Files on MacOS Sierra

It seems like some of your files are hidden by default on Mac OS X Sierra. You can make your Mac show those hidden files or hide some more files by changing some of the settings manually. It just requires few steps. For those who have recently upgraded to Sierra and willing to know the process to show/hide hidden files, here are the two easy and simplified approaches. #Method 1: Sometimes it is better to take a long way home! So here we go with the long way to show or hide Mac OS Sierra hidden files… Select ‘Finder’icon on the

10 Easy Tips to Protect External Hard Drives from Failure

“External hard drive suddenly stopped working” the line itself is so scary which reminds me about lots of data stored on my external hard drive. Really scary right? If so, then take a little care of your external hard drive and keep it away from failure.  Here, I have listed out some simple techniques which could help you in extending external hard drive life span. Caution-When hard drive stops working, don’t come to conclusion that it is failed. First, check whether USB cable is properly connected or not. If not, connect it properly. Tip 1: Avoid Physical Damage There are

5 Best MOV Video Editors for Windows

Watching MOV video without any effect is boring, right? Then make it beautiful and more attractive using video editors. There are number of video editing tools available for Windows in that some are too expensive whereas others are absolutely free. If you need a tool to edit MOV video, but don’t want to spend your dollars, then you are in a right place. Here, I have explained 5 best MOV file editors, which can be used to edit MOV file on Windows without paying a single penny. Tool 1: Jahshaka – Real Time Editing and Effects It is an open

How to Make Mouse Pointer Bigger On Your Mac?


The size of the cursor is becoming smaller and smaller on Mac systems since high resolution and larger display became a norm. If you have noticed, many Mac laptops with retina display and iMac with high resolution retina display, the cursor is now almost invisible. But, there are few ways to make the mouse pointer bigger. Let’s see what they are. System Preference Pane System preference pane was introduced in Mac a long ago that lets hearing and visual difficulties Mac users to configure many GUI elements on Mac to meet their needs. And this includes; the facility to zoom

3 Easy Ways to Repair a Corrupt MOV File for Free

vlc video repair1

Why My Video is Not Playing? When I tried to open one of videos that I took few months back, to my shock, some looked terrible and some simply refused to play. Why can’t my videos just play? Can I even repair them?   Yes, you can repair your videos and make them play again and that too without spending a dime.  There are several ways to repair a corrupt .mov file. They can do pretty much well job depending on how damaged the video file is. Before we go to solution, let’s look at why videos do not play.

Create Spare User Account on Mac to Troubleshoot Problems

mac_user account

When setting your new Mac system or after re-installing the latest version of macOS, creating an admin account or a spare account apart from your normal user account is highly recommended. This admin account can be used to troubleshoot some common issues with the applications or macOS. Let us see how a spare account can be used to troubleshoot issues. How to Troubleshoot Problems with Spare User Account? When you encounter issues with your Mac and presumably aren’t hardware related, like freezing of an application, stalling of macOS and display of rainbow cursor, show possibilities of preference file corruption. But

5 Computer Mouse Handy Tips for Windows Users

computer mouse tips

Computer mouse, one of the most effective and skillful devices and without which we find it difficult to perform certain tasks. In this article, we talk about 5 simple and useful tricks that save your time and to do much more than cut, copy, paste or to open the context menu. Computer Mouse Tips for Windows Trick 1: Use Shift Key to Select Text Most of them will be already using this as it is a very common and widely used trick. If you want to select the text, hold the shift key and press right button on the mouse