Comparing Free Cloud Storage | OneDrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox


Data is the new oil they say, Cloud storage today has become you own personal oil tanker meaning an incredible means to store your personal data. With cloud storage gaining popularity, having your own cloud space is not a big deal anymore. However choosing the right cloud storage is a big deal as you put in a lot of money and considering security of your data. With many popular cloud storage providers like Google, Dropbox and OneDrive out there in the market, choosing the right cloud storage is not an easy task. This article will give you a brief insight

Effective tips to manage storage space in Onedrive:


Microsoft OneDrive is a great cloud storage solution for both personal and business use. OneDrive offers some unique features such as Annotate PDFs from your smartphone, Selective sync, Delve and more. But whenever OneDrive storage ticks the 5 GB mark, you start to worry about clearing the storage space to back up and save the new files from your personal computer or mobile. To overcome this, planning a basic routine to clean the cloud storage helps you to work with ease using Microsoft OneDrive. Don’t worry, you need not buy a storage optimizer as we have come up with a

Outlook PST File is not a Personal Folder File [SOLVED]

Generally, Outlook PST will throw such PST file is not a personal folder error while importing a backed up PST file or a split file. Whatever is the reason you will actually lose access to all your data on Outlook account. Here are some easy methods that would help you fix the personal folder error and access your Outlook emails and contacts easily. Easy methods to fix PST File is not a Personal Folder File Error on Outlook Method 1: Check Permissions Your Outlook can access / import PST files those only have read / write permissions. Files having read-only

A Complete Guide To Use Google Drive


With 15 GB of free cloud storage space, G-drive has been redefining personal cloud storage to a whole new level. Whether it is saving emails, photos, media or documents; Google Drive puts an end to all the storage management nightmares. Using G-drive to its fullest potential can land you in a different domain of ease and convenience. Aimed at making it a most comprehensive guide to use Google Drive, this article will further help you understand the lesser known features of Google Drive that guarantee your mastery of G-Drive management. The following are a few reasons why you should choose

Can I recover lost data from SSD DRIVES?

Yes! It is possible to get back your lost / deleted data from SSD Drives. Read through this article to know the complexities involved and the entire procedure to recover lost data from SSD drives. SSD drives are soon replacing hard drives due to their reliability and speed. One of the biggest difference between HDDs & SSDs is that SSD uses NAND flash and magnetic recording for storing g data. This makes it very much different from hard drives increasing reliability. Hence, people usually will be worried on ‘how to recover lost data from SSD’. However, data loss is common

[SOLVED]: Unable to Open Trash on Mac

Trash folder on Mac plays an important role in restoring back your important files deleted accidentally. There are certain situations wherein your Trash folder refuses to open or you may not be able to empty the Trash folder. This situation even blocks you from accessing files that were deleted accidentally and hence you cannot restore back those files. There are various reasons wherein you will be unable to open trash on Mac or you cannot empty it. Get Remo Recover Mac software to restore back files lost after emptying Trash on Mac Here are some of the reasons and solutions

Easy Ways to Repair a Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation File

Corruption in a PowerPoint file is the most difficult thing to tackle with; it may even ruin your important presentation. But, need not worry as you can easily fix corrupt PowerPoint presentations in various ways. And, this page describes how to repair corrupt or damaged PowerPoint presentation files manually as well as using the effective PowerPoint file repair tool. So, read the article and choose your best option to fix broken PowerPoint presentation. How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation File? Solution 1: Move the Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation to Another location If you are trying to open the PPT file which

Fixing Lens Errors on Digital Cameras

Like all electronic devices, your cameras also experience issues from time to time. Error messages are often displayed on the large LCD screen if the camera is facing any problem. So if you are receiving any such error message, this guide will help you troubleshoot the issue. Some of the common error messages w.r.t. lenses you may encounter are explained as follows. An F message: This is often seen on Nikon cameras and usually indicates an error related to lens. If you see an F error, first check if the lens is correctly attached. Secondly make sure you are using

How to recover lost user data after Windows 10 October 2018 update

After a lot of buzz around the anniversary update, also referred to as the October 2018 update is now finally available for download. There are a lot of users who already installed the update and a few bugs are being reported on various social networks like Reddit, Twitter and numerous other forums. One such issue that is causing a lot of panic and apprehension among the users is the deletion of user directory information or personal files like music, documents, files and other media soon after the October update installation. Hence we shall discuss all the concerns raised over the

Fix Zip File Error 0x80004005

Zip is the one of most common types of file compression used today. This format is preferred due to its reliability and the fact that it uses a lossless compression. Although the Zip format is reliable and safe to use in most cases, you may encounter issues with it once in a while. In this blog post, we discuss about an error ‘0x80004005’ that occurs when you try to extract Zip files. Let us begin by understanding the reasons for this Zip file error. Reasons for the error ‘0x800004005’ If you are using application to extract your file and