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A Start to Finish Guide on How to Organize and Manage Video Files

In these days, recording and storing videos is more or less an easy job for most of us, thanks to ever-growing digital technology. We know there are smartphones like iPhone 6S or Nexus 6P that can shoot 4K or Ultra HD videos. At the same time, file sizes of this 4K video really matter if we are running out of storage space. Typically, a 4K video recorded at 30 frames/seconds will have around 400MB of file size! Thinking from an iPhone 6 user’s point of view, various storage options are available from 16GB to 128GB. But, is it enough? It

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Mac

Speed up slow Mac

Tired of seeing beach ball spinning on your Mac? Has your Mac become annoyingly slow? Just like any computer, Mac too starts running slow with time. Whether it’s an iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook (all series) or Mac Pro you might want to check the performance of an aging Mac. With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to clean the clutter and speed up your slow Mac. #1: Reduce Login Items It’s obvious that if your Mac starts up faster, it doesn’t take much time for anything. You don’t have to wait for apps to load, they open immediately. When your

5 Best Ways To Back-Up Your Photos

Backup your photos

Losing hundreds of photos and losing one precious photo is equally painful for those who love to click and keep! Don’t let the vulnerability of your computer effect those captured moments. Back it up! Ensure the safety of your Images Finding a good camera is easy these days, clicking a good picture out of it is relatively difficult, but what bothers us the most is the safety of those photographs from getting corrupt, lost or deleted. A number of photographers have suffered this loss over past few years when digital photography has become most common around the world. A wise

How to convert videos to different formats?

Tech world is in its peak giving us wide variety of options. When it comes to video…. lots of formats available which actually makes us confused to decide which format for which player. Often we get prompts stating that “video format not supported!” For example: “Fault Code 0xc00d36e5“, how to fix this? For a while we may not understand what is happening, you might be confused whether it is the video file or the player giving you trouble!!! Why there is a need to change the video file format? Compatibility is the reason behind this. We may use a video player

Things to Look for Before Buying an SD Card

We all use SD cards every so often either in a smartphone, tablet, digital camera or other devices as additional storage. Not all SD cards are same. There are different types of cards available with different sizes, capacity, and speed too. So, how much do you really know about an SD card and numbers on it? Here we’ve explained what those numbers on the SD cards mean and what to look for before buying an SD card.   Physical Size The physical size of an SD card has shrunk significantly over the years. The cards are available in different sizes

9 Ultimate Rules to Follow to Avoid SD Card Issues

avoid SD card issues

SD cards are convenient, portable and extensively used in digital cameras to store photos and videos apart from storing various other data. With vast storage space for a nominal cost, SD cards are widely used by everyone these days. Just like any other device, SD cards also run into issues if not taken proper care. Before we dig how to avoid any SD Card issues, Make sure you have bought the best functioning SD Card. Here’s a post on things to look for before buying an SD Card. Below are 9 tips for you to follow to avoid issues with

The Best Backup Strategies for Photographers

Backup Strategies for Photographers

Your photo archives will grow with time, no matter what you have done for storing/preserving them. Some of you might be following robust backup strategies to protect your digital images. But, it won’t be the case of all. Some photographers don’t even aware of whether such backup strategies exist or not. If you belong to the latter category, it’s important for you to understand the need of image backup strategies. The importance of Image Backup Strategies Today, a large number of photographers depend personal computers to store their digital images. Most of them randomly select a drive on their PC

5 Simple Ideas to Take your Photography to the Next Level

Take your Photography to the Next Level

Don McCullin, a renowned British photojournalist once said – Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures. for some of us, photography starts with photos taken on latest iPhone or tablets and ends on a DSLR camera. However quality  has never been a great factor for us. And there are some budding photographers who want to do more than just taking photos for  family vacations. And if you’re one of those who has decided to take  your

Is 5 GB Storage in iCloud is Sufficient enough for an Average Mac User?

5 GB Storage in iCloud

It was on June 06, 2011 – Apple introduced iCloud, their renowned cloud service model.  For your knowledge, let me say this first – iCloud wasn’t Apple’s first cloud service. It was merely the continuation of their cloud models such as iTools, Mac, MobileMe, etc. But, there was something quite special about iCloud from its forerunners. It was Apple’s first online service that reached consumers for free – at least the first 5GB of storage space. It’s been 5 years since the arrival of iCloud. Can you spot any change in this free 5 GB offering from Apple? Nope, Certainly.

5 Rock-Solid Reasons to Upgrade to macOS Sierra

Reasons to upgrade to macOS Sierra

There’s no wonder when Apple launches a new OS, whether it is iOS or Mac, a typical user will ask for the features present in it. In such a perspective, macOS Sierra has a lot to offer. But, just like any other upgrade, you need to have solid reasons to prove you haven’t done anything wrong by upgrading to Sierra. Here are the best 5 reasons you can justify for performing macOS Sierra upgrade Siri on Mac for the First Time Now, you can do almost all the same things with Siri on your Mac as you did on your