4 Ways to ‘Undo’ Deletion

You, me …us, all of us have wished at one point or the other that ‘Life’ should come with an ‘undo’ button but we all know that’s not really possible. However, there are certain things which are under our control. One of them is retrieving and securing our data. We often lose our data due to accidental deletion. Sometimes, we purposefully delete the data only to realize later that it was important. This entire post is dedicated to how one can undo the action of deletion. So How Do You Undo Deletion? #1. Ctrl+Z: Your keyboard is equipped with buttons of

How to Recover Deleted Files from iCloud?

recover deleted files from icloud

Whenever you delete a file or directory from your Mac, it’ll go to Trash by default You can either restore it or permanently remove from your machine. If the deleted items aren’t there in Trash and still you want to recover it, you can use a professional Mac file recovery tool without thinking about the size of deleted files. But, what if you’re using iCloud as the default storage location on your Mac? Yes, you can restore deleted iCloud files. And, there is a specific time limit for restoration as well – 30 days. Within the span of these days,

Things to Know Before Moving your Outlook Data into another PC

moving outlook data into another pc

Most of you would be aware of the location of Outlook data files on your PC irrespective of whether you’re using PST or OST files. And, it’s not a big deal to find this location too. But, I’ve seen some people are struggling while moving their Outlook data into a new PC. Well, I don’t know its reason. Most of the Outlook users I have seen prefer to copy their Outlook data file to their new PCs. And, a number of compatibility issues were reported when they try to fetch data from this data file.  So, it’s a better look for

5 Video Editing Tools That Will Make You Insanely Creative

Edit video with these Video editing tools

Are you the unsung photographer of your family? Are you the unofficial director of all the family videos and films? Wanna get acknowledged for your work? Wanna be showered be praises? You have come to the right place!! Like every high-end video game has some cheat codes, technology has laid out some incredible video editing tools which if used rightly, will make you feel like a Tarantino from the inside. Let’s get started….. #1. Sony Vegas Movie Studio: It is one of the best editing tools for a Windows platform. Generally, professionals who are working on a shoe-string budget opt

7 Simple Edits That Will Make Your Movie Even More Awesome

movie editing tips

Editing video is a part of post-production process that makes your video and everyone’s efforts presentable. Editing a video involves a significant effort from the editor to keep all the pieces of a story intact. It also carries many aspects of cinematography and direction for a good editing. So how can we create a good movie out of the lengthy video files available? We will go through some useful movie editing tips to help you perform amazing editing. Editing is one of the most crucial parts of creating a good video. Every movie that is shot has to go through

Are you Spoiling your Video file with these 5 editing mistakes?

Avoid video editing mistakes

Your video editing faux pas spoiling your videos? If yes, then here are some basic video editing mistakes that you can avoid. Videography and Photography go through its own share of evolution. With this evolution, every person involved in the field of photography and videography has to adapt to the new technology whether it’s the camera, the lighting, photoshop or editing. We struggle with the editing process when we are not satisfied with the finished product. This makes us realize that somewhere either, we have made a mistake or something has gone wrong without our knowledge. Since every day there

Learn the ABC of Hard Disk in 10 minutes

learn-abc-of -harddisk

You have stumbled upon this post; it might be because you were researching on ‘data storage’ or it could also be that you simply came across this post. If it is the latter, you might be wondering what is there to actually talk about a sleeper  topic like ‘Data storage’. I suggest you, read on… Your data is the most valuable asset in today’s world and you go to any lengths to safeguard it. Here, the importance of data storage comes into the picture. Hence, devices such as memory card, pen drives, external hard disks etc. are widely used across the

How to Disable Windows 10 Tips and Pop-Ups

disable windows 10 tips and tricks

Microsoft really wants to stick all its desktop users into Windows 10, its latest model. This is obvious from the constant consumer education on Windows 10 through display notifications and pop-ups. While some users have no problems with these notifications, but some are considering it as a disturbance and they even thinking to roll back to a previous Windows version without neglecting other Windows 10 features. In this article, let’s see how to turn off this feature (probably unwanted for most users) within a couple of steps. Before trying these steps, make sure that you’re running the latest Windows 10

The Best Image Formats for Printing and Web

best image formats for printing and web

Whether you’re a photographer or a graphical editor, you’ll be aware of the top image formats in the industry, say for example – JPEG, TIFF, PSD, GIF, PNG, etc. But, which among these will come under your personal preference while saving/editing an image? Let’s skip raw images this time and go with the formats specified above – since hardly anyone uses raw images over the web or in print media. Let’s check each format one by one: JPEG JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) format is the most commonly used image format on web and print media. The main advantage of choosing

Fix The Error Message “The parameter is incorrect”


“The Parameter is incorrect” Sooner or later every Windows user must have come across this message while trying to access or open a drive. It is one of the frequently occurred error messages and various reasons contribute to it. Before we dig in to contemplate on the various solutions that could help to get rid of this situation, let us first shed some light on the reasons that cause this error. File system corruption: Now what does a file system do? It organizes and manages the data on every partition of the OS. Every partition adopts a certain type of file