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USB Drive Missing in Windows? Here’s How to Find It

At times, the powerful Windows might just not recognize your USB drive, SD cards or any sort of memory cards when connected. Though this issue is not new with Windows, thankfully there are few methods to detect your missing USB drive on Windows. Make Missing/Undetectable USB Drive Detectable Method #1: Use Disk Management When you connect the USB drive to your computer, it should automatically detect the device, if it doesn’t then check the Disk Management tool. If you are using Windows 8/10, right-click the start icon and choose Disk Management. If you are using Windows 7, hit Windows +

What Everyone Ought to Know About Image Resolution

Some common misconceptions in digital imaging may lead you to a shaky execution of your ideas in your photos; let’s dig into the conceptions and technicality of Image resolution. All of us are acquainted with the term, ‘image resolution’ at some point in time. The way it is projected creates a vague perception of its meaning. And most of us evaluate the capacity of a digital device to resolve image by the term megapixel or pixel capacity. Well, it’s not the ultimate parameter to judge the resolution of your image. A huge number of pixels in your image might or

How to repair your corrupted files using SFC & DISM commands?


You might have heard about certain commands such as SFC and DISM to repair corrupted Windows system files. But, have you ever tried these tools whenever your PC run into some problems? Well, here you’ll know how to use these tools to fix corrupted system files on your PC. When to use SFC and DISM? SFC command will be quite useful under following situations. Blue screen of death Applications are not responding Frequent rebooting of your PC Windows crash If you feel SFC command isn’t properly working for you, you can use DISM command to properly execute SFC command and

5 Outlook Hints Everyone Should Know

5 outlook hints

Apart from Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook is the most popular desktop email client today, by maintaining a market share of 7.0 % since last October. For PC users, thinking about an alternate email client other than Outlook is somewhat hard. But, even the regular Outlook users are unaware of the productivity features in the tool. Here’re five Outlook hints that you can use to improve your productivity while using Outlook. Also read: How to manage oversized Outlook data files? Hint 1: Desktop Alerts It’s a very simple option- whenever you receive a new email, you’ll get a desktop alert so

How to Get Rid of Slow Streaming MP4 Video Files

Streaming a video involves a continuous transfer of small files from the server to the user. It allows the user to smoothly watch the videos without waiting for the download. It also offers the end user to spend less bandwidth and time to play videos. This is the basic reason behind the popularity of video streaming. Slow Streaming MP4 Videos After the introduction of MP4 videos, it has become quite easy and convenient for all of us to stream and watch videos, play movies and enjoy a good deal of audio-visual media. MP4 videos are basically HTML5 encoded videos that

Tips for Great Thanksgiving Photography

thanksgiving photography

There have been different stories around the beginning of Thanksgiving day. But, most of these stories are somehow relate to the fall of 1621, wherein pilgrims celebrated a day to thank for their survival after a difficult winter. And, they celebrated this first Thanksgiving day with Indians who helped them during those difficult days. History is enough. Now, what comes to your mind when you hear about this day? Well, the day has changed as an unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. But still, there are families expecting a holiday gathering with a small feast of turkeys and pumpkins.

Backing Up Mac Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These 3 Simple Methods

We all have innumerable data stored on our Mac and you never know when you’ll be a victim of data loss. System crash, Malware, a theft or even an accidental deletion may result in permanent loss of data – which includes work presentations, your favorite music collection or precious photos etc. To prevent data loss from untoward incidents, the simple yet wise and important thing to do is to back up your Mac. Listed down are three methods to backup; Method #1: iTunes Using iTunes to organize your music library is an easy way to keep your data backup ready.

Is It Necessary to “Safely Eject USB drive”?

When disconnecting a USB device from our PC or Notebook, we always think about it once in a while. Let’s explore some aspects to answer this question. Disconnecting a USB Mac system provides a couple of ways to safely remove your USB device, but it doesn’t recommend suddenly ejecting of your hardware. Windows suggests a different approach towards this issue; it offers a setting that would save you from the extra efforts of using the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ option. But this feature does not give us the answer to our question except that Windows believe in saving your time and

How to Partition a Memory Card (SD/USB) In Windows and Mac

Creating partitions on your memory card (SD/USB) card is easy, whether you are using Windows or Mac. You just have to follow certain steps that would enable you to partition your SD card. Make a Partition! SD cards are small storage units, exclusively used to store a collection of data that you can access from your computer or other devices. While using SD/SDHC cards or USB drives, it becomes very important to organize your important information. The best measure to adopt would be memory card partition before using it to store your information. Partitioning memory card helps to maintain the integrity

How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates?

stop automatic windows 10 update

As you all know, the basic intention of Windows update is to power up the operating system against external threats and system-level vulnerabilities. Windows 10 updates are not an exception. But, there’s one thing that separates Windows 10 updates from those in Windows 7 or 8. Can you spot that? Unlike its predecessors, you won’t able to disable automatic windows update in Windows 10 through Control Panel Windows Update Settings. In the first look, many of you may not consider this as a serious issue. But sometimes, it can be much crucial than you think. Consider this situation – you