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5 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When installing Mac Sierra

Mistakes to Avoid When installing Mac Sierra

Finally, Mac Sierra is at your doorsteps. You only have to click upgrade button, if your device is compatible. You have a lot of new features to see and experience on this brand new Mac OS. If you’ve seen its public beta, I don’t think there’s a reason to explain it. Anyway, there’s no need to search for a public beta – the official version is live now! But, there should be more clarity on certain things, especially in a situation where more Mac users may try to upgrade to Sierra without knowing much about it. Proper awareness about the

A no nonsense guide on how to make partition in Windows

What do you understand by the term “Disk Partitioning”? Your Disk drive is a mass of free and unallocated space. This disk can be segregated into several independent partitions. This is nothing but Disk Partitioning. Any physical storage device cannot be used until and unless a partition or partitions are created on it. Why is it necessary to make partitions and how it is advantageous ? By default, the systems already have a single partition on their hard drive. It is basically the C drive which you can see inside the ‘Computer’ window. In order to set up a file system,

How to Open Repaired PST file with Remo PST Repair & Restore Deleted Emails

In case you haven’t used it before, Remo PST Repair is a tool to repair corrupted, inaccessible & large MS Outlook PST file. While it saves your Outlook data files, it also restores pretty much every deleted emails that you gave up. One of the frequent questions users asked about this tool is – how to open the repaired PST file in Outlook and how to restore emails back. I thought it might be useful to put together step-wise procedure for accessing PST file and restoring the deleted or lost mails. Here we go…  Step 1: Launch your Microsoft Outlook; it

The Best Way Convert Disk GPT to MBR (Or MBR to GPT) Without Data Loss

When you are setting up a new hard drive in Windows, you’ll be asked to choose between GPT (GUID Partition Table) and MBR (Master Boot Record). It’s understandable if you are puzzled by that question, as GPT and MBR are not common terms that we hear every day. In this article, you’ll know what they are, how to identify which partition table your hard drive is using and how to convert disk GPT to MBR and vice versa. What do Master Boot Record (MBR) and GUID Partition Table (GPT) Do? Before you start using the hard disk, you have to partition

GPT VS MBR: Which Drive Partition is for you?

gpt vs mbr

Puzzled between GPT and MBR partitioning styles? It is not really a tough call when it comes to choosing between these two partitions. Read on to know why. In order to load the OS, your system needs a record of all the available partitions. In earlier systems, the MBR partitioning scheme was used to track all the information related to partitions. Before partitioning the disk, you need to initialize the new hard drive for data storage and in the meantime, you will be asked to choose between MBR and GPT partitioning style. Now, coming back to the question; What exactly

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Data Recovery Software

questions to ask before buying data recovery software

When was the last time you faced a data loss situation? For me, it happened a couple of weeks ago. I had just returned from a family function and was checking out some of the pictures that we clicked there. It was a huge file – around thousands of photos from different cameras. But as they say “we do stupid things when it is least expected”. So here I was crying on my stupidity and losing 500 out of those thousand photos. How I got there is a different story. The important thing is I got it back. How? I made a

How IoT affects Helicopter Parenting?

IoT affects helicopter parenting

Helicopter Parenting would be a subject that’ll definitely make you sneered. Yes, at this 21st century, some parents still want to micromanage their kids. Whether it’s 18-year-old or 2 years old toddler, parents couldn’t stop worrying. I’m not interested in kicking off one side attack against this parenting style (really, I love to call it as a parenting style) as it’s been going through a phase of reappraisal. More researchers have started considering positive aspects of helicopter parenting. Let it be. I don’t want to denounce any particular parenting style. But on the contrary, I believe such protective instincts of

Managing Oversized Outlook Data Files, No Longer Rocket Science!

Oversized Outlook data files

The words ‘Data’ and ‘Communication’ are an indispensable part of our lives by all literal means. Both of them exclusively define Outlook and are also dependent on each other. Outlook is a widely adapted “Personal Manager”. Apart from being an email application, it also manages our contacts, keeps track of our appointments and plays various other roles that Outlook users are aware of. The various roles of Outlook give rise to various types of Data.  Outlook Data on your system is stored in personal folders i.e. PST files. As time goes by, your Outlook data keeps on increasing. The more

Rollback to Previous Version of Windows Without Losing Data

Uninstall Windows 10 Version 1607 Without Losing Data!! There was a lot of hype and expectations from Windows 10 Anniversary Update before its release. And user’s particularly hoping that this time they do not to face any issues as what they did when November Update was released. Obviously, Microsoft too didn’t want any backlashes and was confident that the Anniversary Update will bring cheer on user’s face as they worked along with the feedback from Insider’s Program. And then arrives the big release – The Anniversary Update, which was available for its 350 million devices on 2 August not for

Oversized PST File can be your Worst Nightmare! Here’s Why?

So, let me guess. When you start using Outlook, you probably thought this would be the easiest thing to do, and you kept sending & receiving emails for years, until… One day when you looked into your Outlook data files, to your surprise, it had grown into a huge 125 GB file and problems had started to pop up out of the blue. It was supposed to be simple. It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be problem free. But, is it? For most of us, it had happened or still, you may be on the verge of committing