Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Data Recovery Software

questions to ask before buying data recovery software

When was the last time you faced a data loss situation? For me, it happened a couple of weeks ago. I had just returned from a family function and was checking out some of the pictures that we clicked there. It was a huge file – around thousands of photos from different cameras. But as they say “we do stupid things when it is least expected”. So here I was crying on my stupidity and losing 500 out of those thousand photos. How I got there is a different story. The important thing is I got it back. How? I made a

How IoT affects Helicopter Parenting?

IoT affects helicopter parenting

Helicopter Parenting would be a subject that’ll definitely make you sneered. Yes, at this 21st century, some parents still want to micromanage their kids. Whether it’s 18-year-old or 2 years old toddler, parents couldn’t stop worrying. I’m not interested in kicking off one side attack against this parenting style (really, I love to call it as a parenting style) as it’s been going through a phase of reappraisal. More researchers have started considering positive aspects of helicopter parenting. Let it be. I don’t want to denounce any particular parenting style. But on the contrary, I believe such protective instincts of

Managing Oversized Outlook Data Files, No Longer Rocket Science!

Oversized Outlook data files

The words ‘Data’ and ‘Communication’ are an indispensable part of our lives by all literal means. Both of them exclusively define Outlook and are also dependent on each other. Outlook is a widely adapted “Personal Manager”. Apart from being an email application, it also manages our contacts, keeps track of our appointments and plays various other roles that Outlook users are aware of. The various roles of Outlook give rise to various types of Data.  Outlook Data on your system is stored in personal folders i.e. PST files. As time goes by, your Outlook data keeps on increasing. The more

Rollback to Previous Version of Windows Without Losing Data

Uninstall Windows 10 Version 1607 Without Losing Data!! There was a lot of hype and expectations from Windows 10 Anniversary Update before its release. And user’s particularly hoping that this time they do not to face any issues as what they did when November Update was released. Obviously, Microsoft too didn’t want any backlashes and was confident that the Anniversary Update will bring cheer on user’s face as they worked along with the feedback from Insider’s Program. And then arrives the big release – The Anniversary Update, which was available for its 350 million devices on 2 August not for

Oversized PST File can be your Worst Nightmare! Here’s Why?

So, let me guess. When you start using Outlook, you probably thought this would be the easiest thing to do, and you kept sending & receiving emails for years, until… One day when you looked into your Outlook data files, to your surprise, it had grown into a huge 125 GB file and problems had started to pop up out of the blue. It was supposed to be simple. It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be problem free. But, is it? For most of us, it had happened or still, you may be on the verge of committing

All you need to know about Disk Utility in El Capitan

First, let me say congrats to Tim Cook for the completion of half a decade at the helm of Apple. Mac OS X Panther (version 10.3) was the first OS X version that featured a full-fledged Disk Utility program. Before this OS, the functionality of this program was spread across two programs – Disk Copy and Disk Utility. In OS X El Capitan, Apple presents Disk Utility with a completely new look – you’ll definitely feel it if you have used the application before. The interface is cleaner and less clumsy. Let’s start with interface Search Disk Utility in your

Reviewed: System Freeze After Windows 10 Anniversary Update

PC -freezes -after -windows-10 -anniversary-update

Freeze!! What are all the possible connotations that cross your mind when you hear this word? Stuck up? Glued? Fixed? Unmovable? Ir-responsive? Well, this is exactly what happened to most people after updating their systems; courtesy: Windows 10 Anniversary update. Now, Microsoft has received a considerable number of complaints about Windows 10 freezing after its loyal users went ahead with the Anniversary Update.  It is reported that the Operating system is being loaded in the SSD i.e. Solid State Drive while the other applications and important Data is being stored in any other Drive. Another drawback that comes with this

From iPhoto to Photos App: A Guide to Import iPhoto Library

import iPhoto to Photos for os x

Apple pulled down the curtains on the fight over the limitations with iPhoto in OS X, with the launch of Photos app as an update. This Photos app allows you to handle your photos in all new way! With improvements in features and functionality, editing and sharing photos have never been so fun. Though it is similar to iOS 8 in terms of functionality, but Apple made sure that iPhone users feel comfortable with the new app and make a transition from iPhoto & Aperture to Photos app smooth and easy. It’s certain that a lot of questions lingering in

Wake up Parents: Protect your Kids from Identity Theft

Protect your Kids from Identity Theft

Here’s the truth: Identity Theft is real As parents, of course, you don’t want to hear any unfortunate events occur to your kids. You want them to stay safe. When it comes to the things that make you worry about – Cyberbullying, social media addiction, etc. tops the chart but seldom do we talk about “Identity Theft”. Identity Theft sometimes is far more dangerous than the ones which we often talk about. Let’s uncover this threat shell by shell, assess every ugly side of it and let’s protect our kids from being harmed. Why is Identity Theft a serious Threat

5 Incredible Ideas to Celebrate 177 Years of Photography

world photography day

Today, August 19 is celebrated as World Photography Day to uplift the dignity of photography both as a profession and as a means for leisure. A photograph does not merely catch a moment that’s gone forever but enables a person to live that moment again and again. When it comes to personal life, things aren’t different. Most of us cherish moments that make us smile, excite or make us say WoW. And we just love to keep those memories alive for long – that’s why we take photos, lots & lots of photos. They adore our hard drives and albums. They