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Everything you need to know about Data Archiving

Data Archiving Techniques

In Digital storage world, “Data Archiving” is not an unheard word, but people often mistook Data Backup and Data Archiving as same. Many of the users are still using these words for the same reference, even if there’s an obvious difference. SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) defines both terms as follows: Backup: A collection of data stored on (usually removable) non-volatile storage media for purposes of recovery in case the original copy of data is lost or becomes inaccessible; also called a backup copy. Archive: A collection of data objects, perhaps with associated metadata, in a storage system whose primary purpose is the long-term preservation and retention of that

If you don’t care about Parental Controls, here’s why you should

importance of parental control

The internet is a wonderful resource for kids. There are many sites that can help children in their class projects, assignments and more. It’s filled with useful information. But with all the advantages the internet have, there are disadvantages too. Some websites cater inappropriate content and encourage bad habits- drug use, porn addiction etc. This is extremely harmful to kids. In order to ensure, the child stay healthy and safe  free from any disorder or psychological illness, parents must constantly watch and monitor his/her online & device activities. They must be able to limit their kids’ such activities. Here, comes

Here’s How to Get Most Out of Your Windows 10 PC

Master Windows 10 Tips

This time, I’d like to share some tips and tweaks – that may help you to become a “master” Windows 10 user. Hope, you’d have prior experience in Windows 7 or 8, that’ll be an added advantage. Well, if I ask you to choose some of the best features that Windows 10 have, many of you would have a different opinion. Anyway, some of these features will be unavoidable from any list – like powerful Cortana integration, Return of Start menu, the new Edge browser, etc. #Tip 1: Customizing the Start Menu You can use either traditional way or Cortana

How to Use Outlook Inbox Repair Tool to fix corrupted Data File

If you don’t know what Outlook is, (then where have you been!?) It’s an application that lets’ you manage multiple email accounts. But that’s not all its good for… It also works with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Sharepoint Server for multiple users in an organization to share mailbox and calendars, Exchange public Folders etc…  Once you start using the application you’ll find turning to the app more and more for tasks other than just viewing your mailbox. Finding your Outlook app or folders not functioning properly is never a pleasant experience, that’s why Outlook comes with an Inbox Repair

How you can Transform your Life with Internet of Things?

Transform your Life with Internet of Things

It’s a chilling Monday evening. You came home from the office and as you enter through the door your house’s thermostat turns ON. Your kettle is ready as you walk through the door, your fridge orders milk as you turn low, and your pill bottle messages at the right time when you need to take. Next day when you headed to your work, even before you reach the parking space you find an empty space to park. Welcome to the world of “Internet of Things” – a dream world wherein every device is connected with your day-to-day life via the internet. According

IoT can Revolutionize Education, But Challenges must be Addressed

IoT revolutionizes Education

In recent times, “IoT” has become more than just a buzzword. A Few years back, industry experts had predicted this – that a new system of interconnected devices will transform the way we are communicating. It happened, and it got a name “Internet of Things” or IoT. It’s become a fully established discipline now. By Gartner’s latest report, there can have a 30% increase in the total number of IoT-connected devices in this year. In various sectors, the implications of IoT are explicit, just like automobile and healthcare industry. But what about education? Extreme Networks conducted a survey on this

How to Make Use of Wasted Space using Windows 10 Disk Management

Due to improper partitioning or some other reasons, valuable hard disk space can become unallocated on your Windows 10 PC. You can’t use such a disk space unless or until  it is allocated into a simple volume. This unallocated space will lie on partitions hidden by default. Let’s try to find out such partitions and allocate space occupied by them. How to Find Hidden Partitions on Windows 10? You can see the overall allocation of your hard disk partitions from Windows Disk Management utility. To access this utility on Windows 10, right click on Windows Start button and choose “Disk Management”.

Teens’ Social Media Addiction and What Parents Should do to Protect Them

To say Digital Universe has “changed a lot” would be the understatement of the decade. We’ll often see new social sites popping out every year, including the Facebook ruling the world. Not to mention how Snapchat and Instagram has shook up our connected life. Parents worldwide suddenly started worrying about their kids’ safety and felt concern how kids glued to smartphones. Every time connected doesn’t mean becoming so obsessed with devices and virtual world that everything else doesn’t have any value. And more shocking is: around half of the kids between ages 6 to 12 have their own smartphone. For

How to Perform CHKDSK on Windows 10?

Last week, I wrote an article on how CHKDSK (Check Disk) reduces your hard disk space. Hope, you got it right that CHKDSK shows reduced space in hard disk for good. It indicates that your hard drive is failing. Today, I am going to drill down a bit more and will tell  – how to perform this CHKDSK on Windows 10. You can run CHKDSK command in two ways: Through Command Prompt Through Error Checking option in Drive Tools Through Command Prompt You’ll need administrator privilege to perform CHKDSK on Windows 10 through Command Prompt. For that, type CMD on

How to Recover Older Versions of an Existing File in Windows 10?

Have you ever been in this situation? – you made some changes to an important Word file on your Windows 10 PC and saved that. But after some time, you wanted an earlier version of that file existed two days before. You tried to undo the changes using Ctrl + Z. Nothing happened. What can you do for getting an older version of that file? Here’s the answer. From Windows Vista, Microsoft has included a feature in file management called “Previous Versions”. You can find out this feature by right-clicking on a file.     Can you see any previous versions