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How to Remove Plugins from Safari

how to remove plugins from safari

Safari is one of the most widely used browsers for both Mac and Windows computers; however, it is extensively preferred by most of the Mac users as compared to Windows users. The features or capability of Safari browser can be enhanced by utilizing or adding plug-ins. These plug-ins are small modules or programs that are included within the software to add advanced functionality to the browsers. However when the plug-in is poorly designed then it directly impacts on the performance of Safari browser. Also, when there are a number of plug-ins installed on your Safari browser then this could even

How to Use Android NFC

What is NFC in Android? NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology which is used for establishing communications between NFC capable devices via radio frequencies. As the name suggests the communication is near field i.e. the communication is short-ranged. NFC technology is alike Bluetooth technology, but the communication range of NFC devices are comparatively very short which is nearly 4cm. and on the other hand Bluetooth devices can be paired under proximity of 50 meters. How do you check whether your Android device is NFC enabled? NFC enabled devices make use of a NFC chip through which the communication will

Install Yosemite from USB

One of the most awaited Operating System of 2014 i.e. Mac Yosemite is now available for use. Apple has recently released the beta version of the latest Yosemite OS with new and advanced features. Who wouldn’t like to try this latest version? Every Mac user would love it! You can easily work with and get familiar with all features of this new Yosemite that too without disturbing the already running Mac installation in simple steps. Yes! you can achieve this by just creating a bootable USB flash drive with Yosemite and then connecting it to the Mac desktop or laptop

How to fix Mac startup disk full issue

It’s an annoying situation for any Mac user to encounter startup disk full issue on Mac computers. These kinds of issues are quiet normal and you don’t have to get worried as the issue can be solved in very easy and simple method. The major cause behind the issue is accumulation of more junk files and file system errors associated with startup disks. After working on your Mac for long time it’s obvious that you might have loaded the computer with loads of media files such as photos, movies and other files such as applications, documents etc. In addition, there

How to Fix RunDLL Error Windows 8.1

Do you encounter RunDLL or RunDLL32 error message on your Windows 8.1 machine? Worried how to fix and get rid of it? If so, then don’t worry; here you have an easy solution to fix it, just read on… Rundll error is one of the most annoying error messages on your Windows 8.1 computers. Actually, Rundll (also termed as Rundll32.exe) is a type of Windows process, which plays a vital role in maintaining operating system to run properly. It is an executable component with .exe file extension that launches as the system boots and even assists other applications to make

Tips to Cleanup Mac Memory

As time passes your brand new high performing Mac loses its charm! You keep storing new files and install new apps but never bother to delete them when not needed. Due to this your Mac keeps accumulating unwanted data in its memory which clogs your Mac memory in turn reducing Mac speed. Hence it is necessary to regularly clean up your Mac. Cleaning up your Mac computer \ laptop memory helps you to even prevent freezing, hanging up time to time or clogged up junk memory and increase free disk space. If you are looking for the best and simple

How to Connect a Mac to VPN

Are you searching for a solution to know how to connect your Mac computer to VPN? Then refer this article which will let you know simple and easy steps… VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a type of network that extends your private network across public network, usually the Internet. Most of organizations use this VPN technology to enable remote users to securely connect to a private network. However, in order to connect your Mac computer to VPN you need to provide necessary configuration settings in Network preferences. Some of the essential configuration settings include VPN server details like address, account

What’s New in Yosemite

Yosemite is an unleashed new version that has been added to the Mac OS X line of computers developed by Apple and was officially released on October 16, 2014. It is the 11th release of Mac OS X and includes revamped flatter look and numerous fresh features such as iCloud drive, streamlined toolbars, and notification center with widgets, emphasizes translucency, and continuity etc. Some of the best features that attracted many Mac users are as listed below: Let’s have a look on what’s new in Yosemite: Search Smarter: Everyone knows about Spotlight as it is not new but in Yosemite

How to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

Most of the users after using Windows 8 operating system that is preinstalled on new laptop want to downgrade it to Windows 7 due to numerous reasons. Some of the most common reasons are – the Metro “Modern UI” start screen of desktop use, lack of traditional start menu or software incompatibility issues. However downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7 looks simple task but requires prior technical knowledge due to its high resource tricky steps: Well, if you really want to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7, then just follow these simple guidelines mentioned below: Step 1: First shutdown your

How to Erase and Reinstall Mavericks

Mavericks OS X is new operating system for Mac computers with 10.9 version but still much looks like Mountain Lion. Nowadays most of the people across world are utilizing Mavericks OS X in their personal and office laptops \ computers due to its outstanding features such as enhanced support for multiple displays, storage and security features, built in password generation, inactive memory compression, iCloud Keychain, etc. Well, at times, you may find some uncertainties and decide to reinstall your Mavericks. Normally you don’t need to erase your disk to reinstall Mavericks OS X. This is because it has been designed