Understanding How Parents Monitor Kids' Online Activity

Whether to use a parental control or not! Is it ethical to spy on our kids? – today parents often find themselves standing at this dilemma.

If they choose to control, their kid will be frustrated because of over restriction and will blame of not giving privacy.  And if they choose to ignore, they’ll live with a constant fear that today’s digital world offer.

Despite Being Concerned, Parents Avoid Parental Control Software

According to a global research on parental behaviour, 82% Parents routinely feel guilty of not being around their kids or not having a clue why kids spend so much time with smart devices.

Research also revealed the device usage and what kind of device they have access to.

Breaking down based on the age, it was found that 52% kids between age group 6 to 12 regularly use a laptop or computer at home and 75% of under age 8 have access to at least one mobile device.

Well, this stat seems not surprising considering the need and reach of digital devices have. What’s surprising is 38% kids under age of 2 have access to mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet.

Whereas isolation from these devices is not an option, education or a little bit of controlling wouldn`t harm. So the best way is to use parental controls. But in our research we found that 61% kids who actively use computing devices are not monitored. And if you listen to PCWorld- 4 out of 5 parents who use parental control software don’t turn it on despite being concerned.

Let’s look at some of the astonishing statistics on what parents do for protecting their kids:

Back in the days controlling kids was simple-  turn off the TV and you are good to go. But with the rise of computing and sophisticated technology, today parental controls have become complex and parents find themselves helpless in front of their tech savvy kids.

However, we have seen a change in the trend from last couple of years.

internet usage by kids4


According to a research it is found that 61% parents now see PC browsing history to know which site their kids are regularly visiting, while 60% regularly follow their kids’ social media profile to know about followers and what they post.

48% parents admitted to see kids phone call and messages while only 39% parents use parental control software to monitor and control kid’s online activity.

For some parents, internet was not around when they were growing up. Taking an inappropriate self- picture or others, may have ended up in a dustbin and not uploaded and shared with billion people within seconds.  A hacked account today with all private pictures, a sexting exchange who may be a sex trafficker, an undercover cop, or an underage child can have deep emotional and sometimes severe consequences.

Slut shamming, and cyberbullying is everyday occurrence in our school now.

A parent in 2016, should not ignore these two facts:

  1. Technology is here to stay
  2. And as a parent it is your job to protect your kids, even it takes to control their device access and knowing what they are doing online.

Comment below and let us know what you think about these findings.

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