How To Password Protect Data File And Turn Off Focused Inbox Feature

We get most of our work done and made easy because of emails. But every time we have to share our computers or laptops with a colleague, friend etc. We get worried and find excuses to turn them down. Well, what do you do when you do not get the option of turning them down. After all, the reason for such rudeness is because of all the important official emails that you have sent and received which were meant for your eyes only is at an obvious risk. This does not only confine to work data but also when you are sharing your system that has personal emails and information that you would like to protect from inquisitive eyes. At that point of time, what do you do?

When you know there is important and sensitive information on your system the best and easiest way to protect it is by setting a password on your data file. Curious to know how you can password protect your data file? Well, it’s quite simple after all you are aware that nobody can look into your email account unless they log in. So, how do you go about protecting your data file with a password?

Setting Password on Outlook Data File:

Before we begin you need to know that the password is not for selected portions of the account but instead, it is for the entire account or the entire data file in the account. The below-mentioned steps will guide you in how to set up a password on Outlook data file.

1. Open your Outlook and click on File and then click on Account Settings.

2. When you click on Account settings you get a drop down menu asking you to click on Account Settings again. Go ahead and click on it.

3. There comes a small window with small tabs on top like emails, Data files, RSS feeds, SharePoint lists etc. In that click on Data files,

4. After that click on the Settings option on top when you do that in the small window that opens you get the option to Change Password. Select change Password.

5. Immediately another small window opens asking you details like

a) Old Password………

b) New Password……

c) Verify Password…

Type in the New Password and the Verify Password and click OK.

7. Once, you click Ok you can go ahead and close all the small windows that were opened.

Thus, you have set up Password for your data files.

Outlook's New Feature: Focused Inbox

Apart from protecting our data files from privy eyes, the one other thing that is quite a task in itself is organizing your emails. Email sorting is and can be a very tedious task for some. That is exactly why Microsoft Outlook 2016 has come out with a new feature of Focused Inbox. In this feature, you will be able to sort out your emails – the important emails in Focused Inbox and the regular emails in Other. This feature is slowly getting launched according to the Office 365 policies. So, if you are unable to access this feature right away then, do not panic because it is not available everywhere yet. For those to whom this feature is available on their computers. Here, is how you turn Off/On Focused Inbox Feature.

Turn Off Focused Inbox Feature on Computer

  1. If you are using Outlook 2016 then click on the View tab on top.
  2. Then you can select Show Focused Inbox. In this feature, the Focused tab and the Other tab will show on top of your mailbox.

Thereby, you will be getting information about the emails going to the Other or to Focused. Also, you can switch between the tabs anytime you want to check on either. The same two steps can be repeated to Turn Off / On

Meanwhile, this feature is already present in Outlook apps in smartphones and tablets. So, why not get a head start on the new feature by getting the know- how on how to turn this feature off/on in your smartphones and tablets.

To know how to go about using this feature in your smartphones all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps.

Turn Off Focused Inbox Feature on Smartphone

1. Open your Outlook on your smartphone and click on the Gear icon on top.

2. When you do that there comes a long list of settings for you. In that one option is Focused Inbox.

3. To turn it off you need to move the toggle given next to it.

Now that you have a better knowledge of the new feature in Outlook. Just know that if while experimenting with your Outlook and making new changes in setting if you end up getting an error message like ‘Outlook error 0x800ccc0f while sending/receiving emails. Then you don’t have to fret just remember, there is an easy and simple solution to fix error 0x800ccc0f in Outlook.

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