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Get your lost data back after format or partition errors.



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Repair your Unplayable Videos (MOV & MP4) securely



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Duplicate Photos Remover

Advanced Duplicate Photos Finder and Cleaner Tool

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Photo & Multimedia

How to Sync Spotify Music to iPod Nano

So far the best music players to play songs offline are iPods, and these models have been used by more than 390 million people. However, many Spotify users have reported that synching their Spotify music tracks to iPod Nano is…

Why do Photos get Stored in DCIM Folder?

Every time you click a picture, all the images you have taken are stored in a DCIM folder. Whether it’s a digital camera or the camera app for Android or iPhone, the photos taken and stored on an SD card.…

Know the Difference Between JPG and JPEG Files

Know the Difference Between JPG and JPEG Files

Summary: While dealing with images online or editing them you might have come across both the JPG and JPEG file extensions. But the questions we get in mind are:  is JPG the same as JPEG? What is the difference between…

Steps to Fix Nikon Autofocus Issues

Camera’s Autofocus is the real engine behind adjusting the camera lens and achieving accurate focus on the subject. But, with any product or feature that is manufactured, there is always a chance that it may be faulty. As a result,…

Need for Graphics Card for Photoshop

Having a compatible graphics card or a graphics processor is important as it gives you a better performance when used with Photoshop. You even leverage the additional features it offers. In this article, we’ll discuss the graphics card requirements and…

How to Troubleshoot Adobe InDesign Crash issues

Adobe InDesign is the most popular and industry-standard publishing application. It allows you to design and get digital premium documents as well printable documents. You can even get a tablet compatible outcome using InDesign. Due to all these benefits most…

how to create animation with Adobe InDesign

How to Make Animations in Adobe InDesign?

The charm of animation has always attracted me, just like many others whom I know. No doubt, we all like watching a good animation every now and then. And the idea of a moving cartoon around the screen is still…

How to Convert Vinyl Record to WAV_

How to Convert Vinyl Record to WAV?

Vinyl records are a great source of attraction for all the music lovers. There is a huge crowd out there who is crazy for these classic vinyl records. Millions of such copies have been sold so far in the market.…

why to choose WAV over MP3 and WMA

5 Reasons To Choose WAV Over MP3 and WMA

Looking for reasons to choose WAV Over MP3 and WMA? Here the five reasons why you should choose WAV audio file format, also know about what are the benefits of using WAV, or what are the drawbacks of other audio formats compared to WAV. Read on to know more...
optimize photoshop cc

Optimize Photoshop CC for Better Performance

Did you know there are few tips and tricks that can optimize Photoshop CC performance? Everyone, in today’s time, has heard of ‘Photoshop’. Photoshop is used for various purposes and by different generations of people. Whether it is teenagers using photoshop…