Photos New Features In iOS 10 And macOS Sierra

Searching for photos or videos in Photos app in iPhone or Mac seemed to be a non-existence thing as compared to Google Photos or Flickr which was much more easier. With the latest features of Photos app in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, clicking photos, shooting videos, editing and sharing them is more fun and exciting!

The new features in photos app makes it easier in finding photos, where they were shot, and even allows you to customize videos and photos with Memories feature.

Let’s look at some of the features and how to use them in both iOS 10 and macOS. The interface in the both the OSes is very similar making it simpler for the users.

Facial Recognition

This feature was added iPhotos long ago by Apple, and many Mac users were frustrated as the app failed to merge the recognized faces while converting iPhotos library to Photos. If and when you lose iPhoto library, either in the process of importing iPhotos library to Photos app or for any other reasons, know that with the help of a reliable software, recovering iPhoto library is easy and simple.

Going further, the Photos updated feature scans for scenery and objects, but since facial recognition need some extreme computation, both iPhone or Mac should be plugged in for the app to interpret the photos. The Photos do not name the faces automatically. And this can be quite a tedious job, as it does not use previous iPhoto info and doesn’t merge info from other devices either. Nevertheless, the Photos has improved significantly with regard to finding faces and grouping more photos containing the same face or person.

Adding People: When you open the ‘Albums’ in Photos app, you’ll notice the two new tiles – People and Places. Open the People album and you’ll see the faces which are frequently found in your photos. To name the person, you have select one or more photos of the same person.

In macOS use Command button to add/remove items and in iOS 10, you have to select the items by tapping them from the selection list.

Merging: Every time you add a name to the photo which you’ve already used, the app will prompt you to merge those photos. You can either agree or dismiss it. Agreeing will merge the sets.

In iOS 10, go to People Album, tap ‘Select’ in the upper right-hand corner, select more than 2 faces and hit on Merge at the bottom.

In macOS, go to People Album, select more than 2 faces and by right-clicking, Menu will pop-up. Look for Merge and click on it.

Favorites: In this, you can make the photos appear on top by marking them as favorites. In iOS 10, tap select and choose faces as many you want and then tap ‘Favorite’ at the bottom-middle. For macOS, select faces, right click and select ‘Favorite’ from the menu.

You can even hide faces. Follow the above process and select ‘Hide’.


This feature shows the geo-location of the photos or videos taken. You can zoom into the street or exact location where you clicked the picture or shot the video! You can re-set the place of the videos or the photos by clicking the ‘i’ icon on the top right corner, select the items and drag the pointer on the map to a new location. This is available only for macOS.


This is a brand new feature in the photos app. This has an automatic slideshow and time-travel kind of features.

When you open Memory tab, you’ll see several sets of Memories, built around a specific location or a time period. You might see memories of your last vacation and photos or videos showing you things happened On-This-Day a few years ago.

In Memories, you’ll see videos created automatically on your behalf with the option to play them. You can do a lot of stuff here like, changing the music, add/removes photos or videos, customizing the Title, choose the length of the videos, and so on. So go through the videos and photos and customize according to your liking.

After customizing your Memories, you can save them by making a ‘new album’ in The Albums and set it as Favorite for quick access.

In iOS 10, you can find Memories in Photos and in macOS Sierra, you have to click the Memories-link in the side-bar.


We save hundreds of photos each month. And searching for ‘that’ photo used to be quite a task. Previous, you would search for photos based on dates or places, with the new feature, you can search for a photo by the typing name of the person, an object or anything that you remember contains in the photo. You can even search a photo based on facial expression!

As stated by Apple, each and every photo go through eleven-billion computations so as to recognize what the photo has.


Photos app with its new features is a big improvement from Apple. It is really fun to create or customize your Memories and you’ll be amazed by the results of the search feature. Just update the latest Photos app and get the first-hand experience of what we are talking about.

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