How to Fix AVI Video File Header?

The header of an AVI file contains the metadata of the video such as bit rate of AVI file, number of video frames, size of a frame in pixels. So, a media player takes a header into reference when you play an AVI video. Hence, when the header file is broken or damaged you will receive a notification from the media player saying “Windows media player encountered an error while playing this video”. This error can be easily fixed with the help of this article. Follow the article for quick and easy instructions on fix AVI header. How to Fix

End of file error on Photoshop [All You Need to Know]

You open one of your Photoshop documents and all of a sudden you see a popup error saying “could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered”. This is one of the most common errors frequently discussed in all the Photoshop users communities and forums. Additionally, there are various reasons why this error occurs. Tracking down the root cause of this error can be complicated. Fortunately, this article is compiled with all the information you require to fix the end of file error on your Photoshop. What is Unexpected End of File Error on Photoshop End of file

You Can Fix AVI Files Using VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the most popular media players available for users as it supports almost every video file format. It is also known to temporarily fix video files by itself using the inbuilt repair tool. AVI video file format is packed with audio and video data in a single file container that gives a synchronized playback. Generally, .avi format videos get inaccessible due to the damaged index present within the file and by using VLC, you can repair the AVI index. VLC can repair AVI files for free so let’s get to know how you can fix in VLC

How to Recover Lost Photos on Mac After Update? 3 Easy Ways

If you are looking for a solution to recover missing or lost photos on Mac after the update, then you have landed on the right page. Although upgrades better computer performance and is inevitable, data loss may be one of the downsides.  The latest macOS Catalina comes with superior features compared to the previous macOS like Mojave, High Sierra, etc. If you have lost photos after upgrading your macOS from Mojave or High Sierra to Catalina, scroll down to recover lost photos on Mac after update. Find 3 different successful methods to recover lost photos on Mac after updating to

Canon Photo Recovery: Recover Photos & Videos from Canon Camera

Have you accidentally deleted your valuable pictures from your Canon digital camera? Or you just formatted your Canon memory card and lost all your important memories? Is there any way to recover photos? Read along the following post to know the safe and secure method to perform canon photo recovery to recover images from any Canon digital camera. Among all the popular brands of camcorders, Canon stands first for its photos and best built-in features like large storage capacity, reliability, light in weight, high performance and many others. Despite being one of the best cameras, they do have data loss.

How To Recover Photos From Memory Card?

All your photos captured from digital cameras, camcorders or mobile phones are saved in the memory card. So, any kind of abnormality with the memory card might leave you in a state of photo loss or deletion. You are in a safe position if you have a backup of your important deleted photos to escape the photo loss situation. If not? Then you badly need a way to recover photos from memory card. No matter how you have lost photos on the memory card. Using Remo Photo Recovery Software you can recover them in simple steps. Scroll down to learn

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Mac or MacBook

how to recover deleted videos on mac or macbook

Many of the users interpret that once the videos are deleted from the MacBook they are gone for good. But, the good news is you can recover the videos undamaged if you have this article with you. There are actually two scenarios you might encounter while you recovering deleted videos from Mac or MacBook. One where you are trying to recover videos from Mac trash which is simple and straightforward and the other is where you deleted videos from Mac trash, which can be a little complicated. To know in detail please read the next section of the article for

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Computer

The photos on my computer were extremely disorganized. So, I decided to move them around a little bit to organize them. During the process, I have accidentally deleted an entire folder with photos worth 1GB. Are my photos still on the system? If so, how to recover deleted photos from computer? Please help!  Accidental deletion of photos is one of the most common problems many users struggle with on a regular basis. With the help of inbuilt tools and professional photo recovery software, one can recover deleted photos from a laptop or desktop easily. Through this blog post, you will gain

How to Recover Videos from Formatted SD card?

how to recover deleted lost formatted videos from camera SD card

Almost all the contemporary models of video cameras use SD card as a storage device. Due to various reasons, errors on SD cards are frequently encountered. Cameras by default can recognize these errors and ask you to format the SD card. As a human error, you might instinctively select ‘yes’ to the format SD card pop up on camera resulting in loss of videos and photos saved on SD card.  Fortunately, when you format your SD card on camera the videos or photos are not permanently erased. If you want to know what happens to your photos or videos and

Perform SD card recovery in 3 steps (with expert tips)

SD cards are the most favourable storage devices offering ample storage for a nominal cost. However, a major issue that bothers many SD card users is they experience data loss frequently on these devices & hence SD card recovery becomes very important. Accidentally deleting files, corruption and virus attacks are among the most common reasons for data loss on SD cards. Whether due to these reasons or any other, if you have lost data from SD cards, the solutions provided here will enable you to perform SD card recovery easily. Expert tip # 1: AVOID using the SD Card on which