How to Transfer Data to SD Card from Camera | Phone | Computer

With smartphones becoming self-sufficient with internal storage one might say that SD card is replaced by internal storage. However, the SD card still shares a strong relationship with cameras and smartphones. In this article, we are going to discuss efficient methods to transfer or move photos to SD card from camera, smartphone, and computer. Be it due to insufficient storage space on your phone or to have a backup of data on your SD card, you must be careful while transferring the data. Follow the below-mentioned methods  to transfer data/photos to an SD card How Do I transfer data to

5 Best SD card Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

In this piece of content, you are going to find 5 best SD card recovery tools for Mac and Windows. All these tools are shortlisted after intense testing scenarios. The best SD card recovery tool has been derived by comparing aspects such as price point, platforms available on, supported file formats, and finally real-time data loss scenarios. The test cases involved deleted file recovery on SD cards to recovering data from corrupted or damaged SD card.SD card might be the only storage drive that can be used on almost all the devices. Such as Mobile phones, cameras, computers, watches, and

5 Best Video Repair tools in 2020 | Experts Opinion

Videos are one of the most worthwhile ways of storing your success or special moments. Shooting videos is not just limited to your passion anymore but it is a serious profession during this pandemic to engage your users. Videos are prone to corruption irrespective of the devices used to capture them. Be it your digital camera, camcorder, iPhone, or smartphone you might have a video that is not playing due to some reasons. However, with the help of reliable video repair software, you can easily fix your video corruption with ease. Often, users end up permanently losing or damaging videos

Solved - Repair iPhoto Library Crashing

The iPhoto/ iPhoto library as we all know is re-known as an application to store all the photos developed by Apple Inc. However, the iPhoto library was replaced by Apple’s Photos application, with iPhoto’s last release in 2015. If you are using older versions of mac like El-captain or Yosemite and encounter a disastrous situation where your iPhoto crashes. In this article, you will find a hassle-free solution on how to repair an iPhoto which is crashing. Corruption is an unforeseen scenario, there are many reasons which commonly lead to the iPhoto library crashing. In the article below you will

DivX errors: Fix Unplayable DivX File with Audio and Video Issue

Digital video express or DivX is a well-known video file format. The file format is compatible with multiple media players like WMP, VLC, QuickTime, etc. DivX was the first video codec for the Windows AVI container format that provided strong compression along with high-resolution picture quality as it contains the h.264 which is used in MPEG-4 technology. DivX mostly used in streaming videos on the internet where the lossless compression technique comes in handy. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may encounter a few errors while playing your DivX files. A few of the DivX errors are listed below: Playback issue

The Best Possible Way to Recover Camera Roll Folder

Camera Roll might be the most undermined folder on any device. Be it your iPhone, Windows, Mac, or Android, users estimate Camera Roll as a space hogger and delete it. But, considering the fact that Camera Roll is the default location to save photos or videos that you capture from a device camera, Camera Roll is a prominent folder.Since many users tend to accidentally or unintentionally delete the Camera Roll folder, restoring Camera Roll has been a topic widely looked up across users from all platforms. So, here is a detailed page to guide you to recover Camera Roll from

How to Troubleshoot Your iPod | Freezing/Sync/Reset

iPods are your best pals when that keeps you accompanied in your boredom. You certainly wouldn’t be happy if your iPod is stuck while playing or if it’s not turning on. But here is a list of solutions that can help you troubleshoot iPod problems. Keep reading to learn more. What do you do if your iPod is stuck on the Apple logo? If your iPod is not turning on, it could also be because of no charge in the battery. Try charging the iPod for a minimum of 10 minutes to get your iPod going. While charging the iPod

How to Transfer Photos to Computer without Losing Them | Any Camera (2020)

The best way to experience the true beauty of the photos you clicked is by seeing them on your big screen. That might not be the only reason why you want to transfer your photo to a computer but,  anything to do with pictures after they are clicked you need to import them onto a computer.Generally, transferring photos to a computer seems to be an easy task but, there are various pitfalls that might result in corrupting or damaging the photos or straight out delete them. I think as a photographer you want to be on top of it. This

How to Recover Lost DIR files on SD card | Beginners guide 

lost DIR file Recovery

LOST.DIR is a folder created by Android Phone on the SD card to get back accidentally deleted files like photos, videos, etc. If you are a smartphone user, you would have already seen LOST.DIR folders located on your external SD card.  Lost.DIR folder basically helps you to recover files lost due to various reasons like application crash, improper ejection of the USB drive or SD card/ ejection of SD card during the reading/ writing process, Android abruptly frozen or shut down unexpectedly, interruptions while downloading files on SD card, etc.  Some users might delete Lost.DIR folder thinking that it is

Repair Video Header of MP4 and MOV file | Easily

fixing video header of MOV and MP4

Each video file, be it MP4, MOV or AVI contains a header that stores metadata of the video such as the name of the file, size of the file, date of creation, date of modification, video resolution, etc. In case, if the header of an MP4 or MOV video file gets corrupt or damaged then, the video will become inaccessible or unplayable on Windows Media Player, VLC media player, or any media application. And it can also start showing error messages like file cannot be loaded, file could not be played, etc. Before you start repairing corrupt MP4 or MOV