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How to Make a Time – Lapse Video

Isn’t it amazing if you get to see an arena of sun rise to sun set in 30 seconds? Well, that’s a result of hyper-realistic compression of time, which will be termed as “Time-lapse”! So we can define “Time-lapse” photography as a great way to record scenes that have slow state of change and turning those scenes into a video that plays back in high speed.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to place a camera and focus on something that slowly changes like, growing of plants, clouds, etc. and start taking of series of pictures for

How to Fix Windows Movie Maker Black Screen?

Sometimes, Windows Movie Maker shows a black screen with only audio output during the playback. Incompatibility is the main reason for a black screen in Windows Movie Maker. And, this incompatibility issue might be the result of installed codecs or software that are not compatible with the Windows Movie Maker program. Even though Windows Movie Maker video black screen is a small problem, it affects the user experience if it is not sorted out in the right way. Note: When the audio is muted in Windows Movie Maker, it will lead to a black screen. If the user is facing no sound

Simple way to Recover Deleted Pictures after Disk Cleanup

File deletion can happen at any time anywhere and through any means. In fact, it comes unexpectedly sometimes! Here’s a scenario from one of the technical forum wherein the user is facing the photo deletion problem after running Disk Cleanup tool… “After running disk cleanup, that helped in improving my PC’s overall performance, I noticed that some of my favorite pictures also got deleted. I know that disk cleanup is pretty good in erasing data from hard drives and my purpose was to get rid of old files! Are my pictures gone forever? Is there any way I can recover

How Do You Recover Deleted MP4/MOV Files on Windows and Mac?

MOV and MP4 are the two well-known multimedia formats and they offer high-quality video playback to enrich your viewing experience. But, if you delete these video files unintentionally or accidentally, then it turns into a painful situation. There are several reasons that lead to deletion of MP4 and MOV files like virus intrusion, accidental formatting of drive that holds videos, transfer issues etc. Suppose, you lose or delete any of your important MP4/MOV videos out of the blue then, how do you recover those deleted MP4/MOV files? Well, here are the several ways to recover deleted MOV and MP4 videos

How to Make Use of Picasa to Store and Organize Your Photos?

Picasa, a well-known photo editing software provided by Google is generally used to create collages, video slideshows, etc. can also be used to store and organize your photos. Wondering how to use Picasa for picture organization and storage? Well, here is the guide to explain how to download, then setup and import your images into Picasa app and later you can organize them for Picasa Albums. At first launch Picasa After you downloaded Picasa application on your computer, you can go to Start menu and run Picasa from there. In case, you have installed Picasa for the first time, then

Steps to Fix Nikon Autofocus Issues

Camera’s Autofocus is the real engine behind adjusting the camera lens and achieving accurate focus on the subject. But, with any product or feature that is manufactured, there is always a chance that it may be faulty. As a result, we can see many Nikon DSLR’s with defective AFs. In fact, the question that keeps popping up and causing grief among Nikon users revolves around the autofocus problems. Are these Nikon’s AF problems tangible and should you be concerned? Yes, you should definitely be concerned if you are a professional photographer. Here are some quick troubleshooting methods to fix Nikon

How to Know the CODEC of Videos Clips

We receive several sorts of video files from various locations in different ways. For instance, we Download video files, which are available online. Get video clips that are recorded using our friend’s gadgets. Obtain video clips from distant locations via email. Transfer videos from other systems, devices to ours etc. But, typically when any user tries to play external (received) video clips on their computer, they may face one or the other playback issues. Sometimes, these video files fail to play properly, at other times they never play at all. And, at this minute definitely, you will try to get

Must Have Accessories for Photographers

If you are a beginner and just started your stint with the professional camera, welcome to the world of photography! A decent DSLR is good to begin with but only a camera is not good enough to click pictures. If you want your photos to look professional and protected, there are few basic yet must have accessories for photographers that you should invest in immediately. And what they are? Let’s have a look. 1 – Camera Bag This is one of the must-have accessories that you should invest in. A good camera bag helps you to protect and transport your

Need for Graphics Card for Photoshop

Having a compatible graphics card or a graphics processor is important as it gives you a better performance when used with Photoshop. You even leverage on the additional features it offers. In this article, we’ll discuss about the graphics card requirements and how to enhance the editing performance of Photoshop. When Do You Need a Graphics Card? Graphics card will surely enrich your editing experience. Graphics card or GPU is used to maintain image quality standards, to edit large RAW or TIFF formats using Photoshop. A camera RAW image could easily use quite a lot of MB in memory sometimes

How to Shoot DSLR Alike Images Using a Point-And-Shoot Camera

Generally, when you see an image captured by professional photographers for a moment you would think that they have used a high-quality DSLR camera. But, your guess might be wrong. It is true, DSLR cameras fitted with super-fast lenses are capable of capturing marvelous pictures. But, it doesn’t mean all great images must be of DSLR cameras. Even a simple Point-and-Shoot camera can produce truly stunning photographs. So, even if you wish to take awesome pictures without spending a lot for expensive photographic gear or without learning any photography schoolings then your Point-and-Shoot camera is enough ample. There are a lot