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Are you one of those aspiring Photoshop users who wants to be pro at editing using Photoshop? Well, we can get that going for you. Learning the shortcut keys on Adobe Photoshop is the first step towards the journey of becoming a professional in PS. In this article you will learn all necessary Photoshop shortcuts keywords to use under various scenarios across all versions of Adobe Photoshop, including the latest Adobe Photoshop CC.
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July 7, 2022
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October 30, 2023

The usage of the mouse obviously feels easier when you try to learn the listed shortcut keys, but on the contrary, once you get used to the shortcut keys, you should effortlessly be able to edit your PSD file like a professional. 

Also, having the following shortcuts eases your editing workload as a professional or as a user. Let us talk about various scenarios and the following shortcuts which you can use effectively to edit your Photoshop document. The following guide - list is given sequentially considering the editing process. 

Note - The following shortcut keys are common for all versions of all Photoshop.

Photoshop Shortcut Keys

Following are some of the most common Photoshop shortcuts listed according to the scenarios they are used.

  1. Popular shortcuts
  2. Function Key Shortcuts
  3. Shortcuts layers and objects
  4. Shortcuts for Fill color
  5. Shortcut for Saving

Popular shortcuts used in Adobe Photoshop (Common Shortcut keys)

Short keys - FunctionWindows macOS
Change image sizeControl + Alt + iCommand + Option + i
Change canvas sizeControl + Alt + cCommand + Option + c
Zoom inControl + +Command + +
Zoom outControl + -Command + -
Scale ProportionatelyHold the shift key while selecting the objectHold the shift key while selecting the object
Scale in place (from the center of the object)Hold the shift + option while selecting the objectHold the shift + option while selecting the object
Show RulersControl + rCommand + r
Show or hide the grid (the automatically-generated horizontal and vertical lines that help align objects to the canvas.)Control + 'Command + '

Function Key Shortcuts in Photoshop

Short keys - FunctionWindows macOS
Start help F1Help Key
Undo/RedoControl + ZF1
Copy F3F3
Paste F4F4
Show/Hide Brush panelF5F5
Show/Hide Color panelF6F6
Show/Hide Layers panelF7F7
Show/Hide info panelF8F8
Show/Hide Actions panelF9F9
Show/Hide Actions panelF10F10
FillShift + F5Shift + F5
Feather SelectionShift + F6Shift + F6

Shortcuts with layer and Object

Short keys - FunctionWindows macOS
Select all objectsControl + aCommand + a
Deselect all objectsControl + dCommand + d
Select the inverse of the selected objectsShift + Control + iShift + Command + i
Select all layersControl + Alt + aCommand + Option + a
Merge all layersControl + Shift + ECommand + Shift + e
Select top layerAlt + .Option + .
Select bottom layerAlt + ,Option + ,
Select next layer down or upAlt + [ OR ]Option + [ OR ]
Move target layer down or upControl + [ OR ]Command + [ OR ]
Move layer to the bottom or topControl + Shift + [ OR ]Command + Shift + [ OR ]
Create a new layerShift + Control + nShift + Command + n
Group selected layersControl + gCommand + g
Ungroup selected layersControl + Shift + gCommand + Shift + g
Merge and flatten selected layersControl + eCommand + e
Combine all layers into a new layer on top of the other layersControl + Shift + Alt + eCommand + Shift + Option + e
Transform your object (includes resizing and rotating)Control + tCommand + t
Multiple UndosControl + Alt + zCommand + Option + z

Although working on Photoshop is fun and exciting, but the chances of photoshop documents file getting corrupted is high. Especially while working on the layer you must be very careful. A minor mistake while using these keys will corrupt the layer of images. Fortunately, there is a dedicated software that can come in handy when there is a corruption in Photoshop.  Remo Repair PSD is one such professional PSD repair tool that can be very useful when you have a damaged or corrupt PSD file with you.

Shortcuts for Fill color

  1. Alt + Backspace: To fill with the foreground color
  2. Ctrl + Backspace : To fill with background-color
  3. Shift + Backspace: To open the file dialog box

Shortcut for Saving after Editing your PSD file 

  1. For Save as - Control + Shift + s (Command + Shift + s)
  2. Save for web and devices - Control + Shift + Alt + s (Command + Shift + Option + s)


Hope this article helped you to learn some key Photoshop shortcuts. Do save this article it can accompany in your Photoshop learning journey and do share the word if this article helped you. Make use of comment section below to let us know if we missed out any important Photoshop shortcuts. 

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