Play AVI Files On Your Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is a gaming console created by Microsoft for home gaming. With its outstanding features for visuals and its gaming capability, the Xbox 360 is the first priority for many gamers. Microsoft gives regular updates for Xbox 360 users to cope up with the development of gaming. Along with a number of files and games, you can also play AVI files on Xbox 360 easily.

The Xbox 360 is a gaming console created for the next generation gaming experience. The first model of this series was the original Xbox one. After its huge gaming power, Xbox 360 was introduced with additional features. This is an amazing gaming console and most popular among a huge section of people. Gamers and non-gamers like it equally.

The AVI Files

Audio Video Interleave is one of the most popular video file formats among users. most of the video files come with AVI format. This is a multimedia container file format that contains audio and video information of the multimedia. Most of the times, AVI files are used to contain the MPEG-4 Video content and MP3 or AC3 for audio elements.

Most of the videos that you have contained specific video codecs. Two of the most common video codecs are XviD and Divx video codecs. These are two codecs provide DVD quality of videos in a quite small file.

When you play AVI files, you need a video player that splits the audio and video elements from the container file. it should contain codecs that can encode and decode the audio and video files from the container file.

Play AVI on Xbox 360

The codecs in a multimedia file with AVI file extension encode Audio and Video information. So in order to play them, they have to be decoded. This is possible with Xbox 360 only with a small update. Thus, we can say that Xbox 360 is capable of playing AVI files.

Check for updates and install the Fall 2007 Multimedia update for Xbox 360. Do it if you do not have any new updates, if you have newer updates then you can just play the files on Xbox 360. The fall multimedia update included the feature for playing multimedia files with different codecs. You can play the XviD and DivX codec files on Xbox 360 with this update.

Thus if you want to play AVI files, connect the device to USB, WIFI etc. to your Xbox 360 and start playing. There is a major chance that your Xbox will be able to play AVI multimedia files. This is possible because the majority of AVI files have video encoded with Xvid/DivX codec. So if you have a fall 2007 update, you can easily play your files.

If you do not have the multimedia update, you can do it easily

Go to the dashboard and sign in to Xbox Live and install dashboard

Finish install and play Divx file, it will prompt you with a free update for multimedia files.

Install the free multimedia update.

Audio Codecs

The Xbox plays some of the most popular codecs for video and audio files. And as mentioned earlier, most of the AVI files contain DivX video codecs and AC3 audio codecs. With the Xbox, you can play both the codecs. It supports most of the commonly used codecs.

However, if you want to check if your file has codecs of compatible nature or not. You can do it with AVIcodec tool. There are other tools that give a similar report about the codecs used in your file. If the file refuses to play and has the compatible codec, it suggests an error in AVI codecs. Such an error in AVI codec can be fixed easily. Once the codec is fixed, you can play it on your Xbox 360.

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