Pros and Cons of a Memory Card

Memory Card! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words memory card? A storage device, data backup, photos, music, important documents etc. There are a lot of things that flashed through your brain the moment you heard the word memory card including the kind of memory card, whether a pen drive, an SD card, USB, flash drive etc. Most often or not the human brain works in such a way that we immediately think of the one we are currently using to store important documents or memories. And also the one we are planning to buy as there is enough material in today’s day and age that it seems everything is important and worth storing.

The majority of us feel the need to keep are personal documents and professional documents in different memory cards. Some of us have a fixed collection labeled – photos and videos Personal, photos and videos Official, important files personal and official data official. Well, that fine but how often it is that we run out of one memory card and are setting our eyes on a better memory card. And why shouldn’t we, after all, technology is only getting better and better by the day. We have evolved from having a cabinet full of video and audio cassettes to lesser occupying space as CD, DVD to now pen drives that are only getting sleeker as each day goes by.

We have said enough about the evolution but have not mentioned how the storage space in each of these memory cards has only increased. In fact, some of these would not be in the market if their USP (unique selling point) was not the increase in the storage ability.

Therefore, it is important to reflect on the pros and cons of these memory cards. Wondering if there can be any cons. Read on to find out.

Pros of memory cards:

1 The most common memory card is the 64 GB SD card while memory cards actually come in all sizes.

2 We are talking about memory cards therefore, it is mandatory to mention that they are compact with a lot of storage space while being smaller and lighter.

3 Having mentioned its light weight and size lets not forget it is easily portable.

4 Data backup is the most important thing in the world today. Having a backup of all your personal and official and sensitive data is of utmost priority for an individual or an organization.

5 As these memory cards take up the very little power it is a very easy and accessible choice for a device to have.

6 Memory cards are free of damages and mechanical problems thereby making them a solid state media support.

7 They can be used in mobile phones, cameras, computers etc.

Having refreshed our memory about the pros of a memory card. Let’s take a look at the cons that we might have ignored in all the positivity weigh in.

Cons of Memory Card:

1 Since their size is advantages but it can also turn into a disadvantage as it can easily get misplaced, lost, smashed or break easily.

2 With every new model, you feel the constant need to upgrade your memory card, this can become quite a compatibility hassle as some cards may have some problems with some phones.

3 It can fall prey to data corruption at any point of time like any other storage device.

With all these cons, if you have lost or deleted data on SDHC card then, follow this step by step procedure to restore SDHC data on Mac.

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