Wake up Parents: Protect your Kids from Identity Theft

Here’s the truth: Identity Theft is real

As parents, of course, you don’t want to hear any unfortunate events occur to your kids. You want them to stay safe. When it comes to the things that make you worry about – Cyberbullying, social media addiction, etc. tops the chart but seldom do we talk about “Identity Theft”.

Identity Theft sometimes is far more dangerous than the ones which we often talk about. Let’s uncover this threat shell by shell, assess every ugly side of it and let’s protect our kids from being harmed.

Why is Identity Theft a serious Threat for Kids?

As time passes, cybercriminals are getting more insightful about the browsing habits of kids, addiction towards particular websites, and more importantly the information they share on social media. Most of the kids won’t think too much before sharing their personal information with online strangers. At first, so collected details would be of a low-risk type such as phone number, address. But a long term acquaintance can be forced to reveal more sensitive information from kids like social security number. This information may be exploited in numerous unacceptable ways in the future.

For example, a kid’s social security number once accessed by a crook can be misused for various benefits like credit card application, applying for a loan or renting out a home. If another person is using your kid’s social security number, your kid will not receive government benefits as it’s being paid to another account. And, you may receive warning notices from IRS indicating that the kid didn’t pay their taxes.

What to do if someone misuse your kid’s social security number?

If you notice such a breach, you should immediately contact credit reporting companies to remove accounts associated with your kid’s social security number. You have to ask a credit reporting company to place a fraud alert on your kid’s credit report, which in turn help to alert other companies. And, you may have to register an FTC complaint, and a police report too.

The right way to Prevent these kinds of breaches




Educating Them

The first and foremost method to safeguard against these attacks won't be any other than – educating your kids. Tell them, the need of a safe browsing experience. And, such an awareness should not be for making your kids anxious. But most of the time, it’d be the result even if you didn’t want, though.

So, what should be the right approach you’ve to use?

  • Wisely choose the words apt for the conversation
  • Quote past, real world incidents in-between your talk
  • Feel them comfortable to discuss anything about these attacks with you
  • Build their confidence by a positive approach throughout the talk
  • Make them feel perfectly equipped to identify and respond to theft attempts in future

Using the Right Tools

Some kids may behave like the way you want while some do not. It might happen even if your approach was positive. However, you can’t blindly blame them as well - understanding a kid’s psychology in the right way is the key. By using the right parental Control tools, you can overcome this limitation up to a certain extent. These tools will assist you in providing your kids a safer, fun and much protective internet experience.

Let me take you through a parental control tool - which helps to accomplish every parent's dream of safe and happy internet environment.

  • For Internet addict kids, it lets you limit their internet access by restricting them browsing the internet at a certain time. You can even block certain social media sites in their device where they’re more likely to meet a stranger and share their personal info.

However, make sure to make a positive agreement with your kids and educate them about these threats.  Protecting your child’s identity is extremely important for a responsible parent. If their identity is stolen, there is good chance that their credit will ruin.

Always follow these 5 practices to protect your child identity

  1. Protect your Kid’s Social Security number like you do for your child
  2. Educate your child on keeping the Social Security number secret and never to share their address or phone number on social networking sites
  3. Look for any suspicious warnings
  4. Do not advertise your child’s name

Hope this Information will help to protect your child from these nuisances and if you’ve any tips to share, please feel free to write it down in the comment section.

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