How to Recover Photos from Formatted Hard Drive?

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Have you lost or deleted data while formatting your hard drive?? You can easily recover deleted/missing photos or any other media files using a reliable tool!! Remo Recover restores pictures from the hard disk without any hassle. Download the tool and start recovering your images now.

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The easiest approach to instantly clean your hard drive and get it ready for fresh data to be written on it is to format it. However, even after formatting, you can still restore the files and photos that were on the hard drive. Here’s how:

When you format a hard drive, the Operating System loses access to the data on the drive since formatting recreates the file system completely. A formatted hard drive can still be recovered unless the hard drive is overwritten with new information. The old data and files remain, but your Operating System cannot access them. 

The only thing formatting does is remove the pointers that indicate your Operating System where the files are physically located. If you can retrieve those pointers, you will still be able to access your data yet again.

Note: stop using the hard drive as soon as you realize that you have lost your important photos after formatting the hard drive.. This will increase the chances of recovering photos from the accidentally formatted hard drive. (Recovery after the format is possible if the data has not been overwritten.)

This article will help you easily recover your photos from any formatted hard drive.

How To Recover Photos from a Formatted Hard Drive?

An advanced data recovery tool like Remo Recover is an efficient way to restore photos from a formatted hard drive. 

Recover Photos From a Formatted Hard Drive Using Remo Recover

Remo Recover comes with Automated Dual Scan technology that will scan your drive sector level to fetch lost photos from formatted hard drives. 

The tool’s iDS Technology(Instant Data Sorting) sorts and lists recovered photos in a Dynamic Recovery View so that you can easily locate the recovered photos and save them as quickly as possible. The Augmented Preview will come to your rescue in deciding the photos you need to save accordingly. You can also use the Remo Recover tool to recover the whole hard drive in just three clicks.

Download now and recover files from the formatted hard drive in no time. 

Steps To Recover Photos from a Formatted Hard Drive Using Remo

  • Download and Install Remo Recover to start the recovery process
  • Choose the formatted hard drive from which you want to recover your pictures from
  • Click the Can't Find the Drive option if you cannot find the drive.
Select the formatted drive from where you want to recover photos
  • Once you have selected the drive, click on the Scan button to initiate the scanning process
  • The tool will start Quick Scan, automatically followed by Deep Scan. Through the Dynamic Recovery View option, you will be able to see the files that are being recovered.
Wait for Quick Scan
  • The files which are recovered can be previewed by clicking on the Preview Option
Preview the photos that were recovered from the formatted hard drive
  • If satisfied with the result, you can save the recovery session by clicking the Save option.

Note: Remo Recover can also be used to recover videos from corrupted/formatted SD cards, USB drives, flash drives, etc..

Tips to Avoid Data Loss when Formatting Hard Drive

  • Take a backup of photos before you start formatting the hard drive
  • Make sure the computer is protected with reliable antivirus software to avoid  losing pictures due to malware infection
  • Be it a hard drive, pen drive, or SD card, make a habit of taking regular backup
  • Protect the computer you use against power surges, and have a backup power supply to avoid the need to recover photos from the computer


In case you accidentally formatted a hard drive, make sure that you stop using the hard drive and try to recover photos after formatting. This article gives you an idea of formatting and how to recover photos from a formatted hard drive. In case you fail to take a backup before formatting. You can use Remo Recover to recover data from a formatted hard drive.

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