Quickest Solution to Recover Photos from Formatted Hard Drive

Formatting hard drive is quite common among computer users. When you format hard drive without taking prior backup, you erase all the important data like pictures and videos. This article shows you to easily recover photos from formatted hard drive.With every single bit of priceless information being digitised, data storage on hard drive is no less than banking. Losing either of them is unimaginable. Formatting hard drive without having backup of photos is one scenario of photo loss. So here is the quickest solution to recover photos from formatted hard drive.

How do I recover photos from formatted hard drive?

As soon as you realise that you have lost your important photos after formatting hard drive, stop using the hard drive further. This will increase the chances of recovering photos from accidentally formatted hard drive.

(Format recovery is possible as long as the data has not been overwritten.)

Let us see the possible solutions to recover lost data: Find an experienced data recovery expert to get back photos from formatted hard drive. This might take several days and the process to retrieve pictures from formatted hard drive will be very expensive. This solution is not recommended as your precious time and money will go in vain.

On the contrary there is an efficient way to restore photos from formatted hard drive that not only saves your time but also is economical.  Download Remo Recover the most trusted and tried solution to retrieve pictures from formatted hard drive which is absolutely free to try.

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The advanced recovery program of Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software lets you preview the files available for recovery from formatted hard drive. This will give you a chance to recover photos/files that are of high importance and ignore the unwanted files available for recovery.

(Watch this video tutorial to see how to recover pictures from formatted hard drive using Remo Recover):

6 simple steps to Recover Photos from Formatted Hard Drive using Remo Recover:

  • Download and Install Remo Recover, launch the software and select Recover Drives
    recover drives home screen
  • In the next screen click on Formatted or Reformatted Drives
    Rceover photos from formatted hard drive
  • Select the formatted drive from the list of displayed drives and click on next to start scan
    Select drive to be scanned
  • After completion of scanning, recovered photos and files are displayed
    list of recovered files on formatted hard drive
  • Later, Preview the recovered photos from formatted hard drive by double clicking on the retrieved files
    preview of recover photos from formatted hard drive
  • Next click on Save the restored photos from the formatted hard drive.

Recover photos

Factors affecting Photo loss from formatted hard drive

  • Accidentally formatting hard drive: This is among one of the major reasons behind the photo loss that one will face after formatting hard drive. A user with an incomplete knowledge of Windows command prompt is more likely to lose pictures stored on hard drive after formatting.
  • OS Installation: It is important that you take back up of data before proceeding to install an operating system. When you install an operating system all data except the program files will be erased from hard drive. This is one way photos stored on hard drive are lost.
  • Virus Infection: When infected by virus, the chances of losing pictures from hard drive are very frequent. A virus infection will make your precious pictures inaccessible leaving you with formatting hard drive as the last resort.
  • Other reasons behind photo loss: Some of the other reasons responsible for photo loss from hard drive are scenarios like trying to creating multiple partitions on hard drive or a file system corruption and also unstable power supply.

Tips to avoid data loss when formatting Hard Drive

  • Take backup of photos before you start formatting hard drive
  • Make sure the computer is protected with a reliable antivirus software to avoid  losing pictures due to malware infection
  • Be it hard drive, pen drive or SD card make a habit of taking regular backup
  • Protect the computer you use against power surges, have a backup power supply to avoid the need to recover photos from computer

In case you accidentally formatted hard drive make sure that you stop using the hard drive and download Remo Recover to recover photos from formatted hard drive.This article gives you an idea on what formatting is and how to recover photos from formatted hard drive. As a user you should follow the above mentioned tips to avoid data loss. In case you fail to take a backup before formatting. You can make use of Remo Recover to recover data from formatted hard drive.

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