Reasons for Not Using the Drive When You Have Deleted Something Important

If files are deleted from your hard drive, don’t come to the conclusion that they are gone forever. They exist on your hard drive even after you delete them from Recycle Bin. Hence, one can easily get them back. That’s why you have to avoid using the drive from which file has to be recovered after deletion.

Let’s see what happens when files are deleted from drive….

In Windows OS, pointers keep track of each and every file stored on your drive. These pointers inform the Windows, starting and ending point of the file. When file deletion takes place, Windows just delete this pointer and free up the space of deleted files for saving the new one. But, deleted file exist there but in a hidden state. Hence, you fail to locate your deleted files on the drive.

What happens when you write new files on empty space?

The file can be recovered only if space from which files are deleted is intact. If Windows adds new data to that space, then removed files are being overwritten by new data. Hence, it becomes impossible to get back files from overwritten space. So, if you want to get back what you have lost, then never add new files over the sectors containing the contents of the deleted file.

Why Aren’t Deleted Files Erased Immediately?

Windows won’t delete files completely when you remove them, only removes pointers because deleting them permanently takes a long time. But, removing its pointers and freeing up space for new files takes less time and also fast operation. That’s why when files are deleted, hard drive just removes its pointer not actual content and they are remains there until you overwrite empty space by new data.

Note: If you want to remove actual content when you delete a file then use “file-shredding” tool. They remove files and writes that empty space with 0’s and 1’s. So that no one can be able to recover deleted files.

How to Recover Files That Are Deleted from Your Drive?

In case, you are in need of recovering deleted files from your hard drive, then use data recovery software. There are many software’s available, but I will recommend Remo Hard Drive Recovery software. It easily restores deleted files from hard drive. Not just internal hard drive, one can make use of this tool for restoring deleted files from external hard drive, memory card, pen drives and other storage drives.

Helpful Tip-

Recover your deleted files as soon as possible because Windows continues to add files to your hard drive. Hence, there is a risk of overwriting deleted files. Overwriting deleted files reduces chances of data recovery.

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