Hard Drive Partition Turned RAW? Know How to Fix RAW Disk Partition Here

Summary- Hard drive partition turned RAW? Worry not, you can easily to fix a RAW partition with the help of CMD. If you have already tried CMD and failed to repair RAW partition, you can make use of Remo RAW partition recovery software to recover files from the drive and then format it to easily fix your RAW disk partition. To recover data from a RAW partition before formatting, download the tool now and recover now.
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RAW is a kind of file system error. Any storage device such as a hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive, etc can become RAW because of various reasons, discussed in the upcoming segments. 

When a hard disk partition becomes RAW, you will not be able to access the disk and its contents. This is because a RAW file system is not recognized by the OS as it is not a valid file system. Before you get introduced to the solution, it is important to know the symptoms so that you can protect your data. 

What are the Signs of a RAW disk Partition? 

A RAW disk partition shows several indications. For example; the file system of the complete hard drive or the hard drive partition will appear as “RAW” instead of NTFS or exFAT. Other symptoms can be Windows showing different error messages such as: 

  • “You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?”
  • “cannot access the disk the partition is RAW” 
  • “Location is not available. E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.”
  • “E:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.”

NOTE: E is the RAW partition drive here.

Is it possible to fix the RAW partition without formatting? 

Yes, you can fix the RAW disk partition without losing data i.e., no need to format as it will make you lose the data. Here are the troubleshooting techniques to fix the RAW disk partition. Fix RAW disk partition

How do I Fix a RAW Disk Partition?

Following are two ways of fixing a RAW disk partition:

Run CHKDSK to fix RAW Disk Partition without Formatting

If the partition that has become RAW is still showing a drive letter, you can try to fix the RAW disk partition using CMD. CHKDSK can help you in mending the RAW partition without formatting it. 

NOTE: If the disk partition is not showing any letter and just showing as RAW then go to the next step. As in this scenario, CHKDSK will not work and will show you an error message. 

  • Go to Start and type cmd
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.
  • Type chkdsk E: /r (E is drive letter of RAW hard disk). This command is for repairing errors and check for bad sectors. 
  • Hit Enter key

Once the repairing process is done go to the Disk Management and check if the RAW partition is fixed now. If not, then try out the next solution. 

Convert File System of the RAW Partition Drive to NTFS

The easiest way to fix the RAW disk partition is by formatting the RAW partition. But converting the file system will remove the entire data from the RAW disk partition. So, it is recommended to first recover the data from the RAW partition and then format it to NTFS or ExFAT. 

Thus to avoid data loss, make use of reliable software like Remo Partition Recovery and recover files from the RAW partition quickly. The tool even helps in recovering deleted partition. So, if you have formatted the RAW partition without taking a backup then you need not worry. Just use the tool and restore the deleted files easily.

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NOTE: It is recommended to use partition recovery software because you may not be able to access the contents of the RAW partition. A professional tool like Remo will be able to scan the RAW drive with the help of its Deep Scan feature and recover the data for you.

Steps by step guide to recover data from RAW disk partition: 

  • Download and Install Remo Hard Drive Data Recovery Software on your PC. 
  • On the home screen, click on Recover Partitions, then select the partition which has the closest size before it turned RAW.
    recover files from raw disk partition
  • Then click on Deep Scan. After completion of the scanning process, you will see the recovered data from the RAW partition in the File type view and Data type view.
  • You can preview the recovered data by clicking on the Preview button.
    Preview recovered files from RAW partition recovery software
  • If you are satisfied with the results, activate the tool and click on Save to save the recovered data to desired locations.

After the data is recovered from the RAW drive, you can go ahead and format your RAW partition to NTFS. 

  • Go to the Start button and type Disk Management and press ENTER
  • Right-click on the RAW disk drive and click on Format.
  • Select the file system as NTFS and assign a drive letter to the partition for example ‘E’.
  • Click on Start to format the partition.
  • Once the formatting process is completed, click on OK

What are the Causes for a Disk Partition turning RAW?

Following are some possible causes behind a Disk partition turning RAW: 

  •  Virus Intrusion

The most common reason for a disk partition to turn RAW is a virus/malware attack. Harmful malware damages the partition table of the disk that has partition information. Hence the partition becomes RAW.

  • Corrupted Partition Table

Improper usage of the disk, partition overlapping, or a failed disk conversion, etc. leads to partition table corruption in hard drives. And this corrupted partition table is very likely to make the drive RAW and inaccessible.

  • Damaged File System

While dividing the hard disk into partitions, any interruption in mid of the process like power surge, system crash, etc. can lead to a damaged file system of the drive. As we know, the drive partition is completely dependent on its file system. Hence, if the file system’s internal structure gets damaged, the partition becomes RAW.

  • Bad Blocks

Bad blocks/sectors are defective space on the hard drive and they are usually created by software issues, frequent power surges, improper usage of drive, etc. So, the presence of bad sectors in the key area of the hard drive makes the drive faulty and turns into RAW.

  • OS Reinstallation

While upgrading the old operating system to the new, the file system of the partition may change from FAT to NTFS or vice versa. If so, there might be a chance that the new file system may fail to get identified by the operating system. And, it shows as RAW. If you are looking forward to reinstalling OS without losing your data, check out this article. 

  • Improperly Configured Access Permission

If the access permission of the partition related to local security policies is not configured properly, then the disk partition will display as RAW to restrain the access.

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