Reasons and Solutions for RAW Disk Partition

When a hard disk partition becomes RAW, users will not be able to access the disk and its data. A RAW disk partition shows several indications like file system of the drive/partition will appear as “RAW” instead of NTFS or FAT, Windows screens different error messages such as “you need to format the disk before you can use it”, “cannot access the disk the partition is RAW” etc.

In such situations, the user cannot access the drive/partition easily. So, here are the troubleshooting techniques to fix RAW disk partition. But, before getting started with fixation, let's know why a disk partition becomes RAW first.

  1. Causes for RAW Disk Partition:
  • Virus Intrusion

The most common reason for a disk partition to turn RAW is virus/malware attack. Harmful malware damages the partition table of the disk that has partition information. Hence the partition becomes RAW.

  • Corrupted Partition Table

Improper usage of the disk, failed disk conversion etc. leads to partition table corruption in hard drives. And, this corrupted partition table is very likely to make the drive RAW and inaccessible.

  • Damaged File System

While dividing the hard disk into partitions if any interruption like the power surge, system crash etc. occur in mid of the process then file system of the drive gets damaged. As we know, drive partition is completely dependent on its file system. Hence, if the file system’s internal structure gets damaged, partition becomes RAW.

  • Bad Blocks

Bad blocks/sectors are defective space on hard drive and they are usually created by software issues, frequent power surge, improper usage of drive etc. So, the presence of bad sectors in the key area of the hard drive makes the drive faulty and turns into RAW.

  • OS Reinstallation

While upgrading the old operating system to the new, file system of the partition may change from FAT to NTFS or vice versa. If so, there might be a chance that the new file system may fail to get identified by the operating system. And, it shows as RAW.

  • Improperly Configured Access Permission

If the access permission of the partition related to local security policies is not configured properly, then the disk partition will display as RAW to restrain the access.

So, these are the main reasons for a RAW disk partition. Now, let’s see how to repair the RAW partition.

  1. How to Fix RAW Disk Partition?
  • Scan the Drive:

Use an efficient antivirus tool and scan the drive completely to eliminate virus or malware.


  • Go to Start and type cmd
  • Choose Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Type chkdsk E: /r (E is drive letter of RAW hard disk)
  • Hit Enter key

Change Security Settings

  • Right-click on the RAW drive/partition
  • Choose Properties
  • Switch to Security tab
  • Delete unnecessary users
  • Add a local user

Use Management Tool

  • Open Control Panel, select System, and Security
  • Click on Administrative Tools
  • select Local Security Policy
  • Go to Local Policy, then Security Settings
  • Find sharing and security model for local accounts
  • Double click on it
  • Change permission to Classic from Guest only

Convert File System

Caution: Converting file system removes entire data from the RAW disk partition. So, make use of Remo Partition Recovery and recover files from RAW partition first. The tool even helps in recovering deleted partition data. So, if you have formatted the RAW disk without recovering its data then also don’t worry. Just use the tool and restore deleted files easily.

  • Open Command Prompt as administrator
  • Type convert E: /fs: NTFS (E is RAW disk drive letter)
  • Press Enter key
  • Next, type name of the RAW partition
  • Wait for the competition of process
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