How and Why Rebooting Your PC Solves Problem?

It’s no secret that every time your computer hangs or freezes, rebooting your PC solves the problem. We all have at some point or the other opted for this. Some of the software problems like Windows halts, showing a blue screen of death. What is the immediate solution, when something like this happens? Thus it's common that rebooting can fix so many problems.

Continue reading to know how and why rebooting your PC solves problem.

How Rebooting your PC Solves Problem

There are certain problems that require a complete restart because the operating system or hardware driver has stopped working.

  • Windows is Slow: If a program is using 99% CPU and draining the computer’s resources. Windows is running slow because of this. How do you fix it? The simple thing to do is reboot your computer rather than, dig through the running processes.
  • Internet or Wi-Fi Problems: If you have a problem with your internet or wi-fi, the software on your router or modem may have encountered a problem. Resetting the router – just by unplugging it from its power socket and then, plugging it back in. This is a common solution for connection problems.

A restart wipes away the current state of the software. Any code stuck in a misbehaving state will be swept away. When you restart it, the computer or device will bring the system up from scratch.

Why Rebooting your PC Solves Problem

Windows has gotten better at dealing with errors. For almost every error the quickest solution is to reboot.

Windows halts or showing the blue screen of death can be caused by low-level error, likely a problem with the hardware driver or a hardware malfunction. Windows reaches a state where it doesn’t know how to recover. So, it halts or shows the blue screen of death. It gathers information about the problem and automatically restarts the computer for you.

If your graphics driver crashes, Windows XP would have frozen – Windows has gotten better at dealing with errors. In Windows Vista and newer version of Windows, the Windows desktop will lose its fancy graphical effects for a few moments before regaining them. Behind the scenes, Windows is restarting the malfunctioning graphics driver.

Can the Windows fix the problem without restarting the driver or the computer itself? No, it simply cannot do that. This is because the code has encountered a problem and stopped working completely so, there is no way for it to continue. By restarting the code can start from the beginning and might not end up with the same problem again.

If you are rebooting your PC and you end up losing important files, that you were working on or files that were stored on your system, you can always click on, get back files after setting it to factory restore and get all the help needed.

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