Recover Data after Windows Update | 4 Effective Methods

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Are you one of the users who has lost or deleted data due to multiple Windows updates? Either if you are updating Windows 10 versions or upgrading from Windows 10 to the latest Windows 11, you could encounter data loss. Windows update, this article is for you. Download Remo Recover and effective retrieve your data lost due to Windows Update

What is Windows Update?

Microsoft Windows has been a globally known firm for providing exceptional operating systems across the globe. By providing the latest updates they encourage their users to experience the finest additional features and functionalities of their Windows versions. 

Here, for example, Microsoft had numerous Windows 10 updates to provide a great user experience and security for their clients. Some examples of the latest Microsoft updates are as follows

  1. Update Windows 10 - version 21H2
  2. Windows 10 update -  KB4532695
  3. Windows 10 Anniversary Update 
  4. Update - Windows 1903

Microsoft also provides version upgrades from one Windows version to another to like Windows 10 - Windows 11. They provide upgrades to enhance the overall user experience, speed, and compatibility of the operating systems. 

Be it updating your Windows 10 or upgrading from one windows version to another, they come with pros and cons. If you have lost data during updating or upgrading Windows and wondering how to recover it, in this below read-up you will learn effective methods to recover them. Before moving ahead with solutions let us first understand why data loss happens

Causes for Data loss While Updating Windows

  1. Replacing/ interchanging of partition local storage drives during the update 
  2. Slow loading of user profile causing inaccessibility of data
  3. The Windows update automatically erasing all the data on the operating system
  4. Upgrading from one Windows version to another without backing the data

The above-listed the few common reasons reported by Windows users for data loss while updating the operating system. Nevertheless, with effective solutions provided in the section below

How to Recover Data after Windows Updates

  1. Restore Previous Windows version from Backup and Restore.
  2. Recover Windows data from “Recover Data after Windows Update” Folder.
  3. Allow access to Windows Administrator accounts. (If incurred data loss while upgrading Windows Version)
  4. Restore the files after Windows update with Remo Recover

Restore Previous Windows version from Backup and Restore.

Note - This method is only applicable if you have previously set an advance backup

  • Access to Start menu, go to Control Panel > Backup and Restore 
  • From there click on Restore My Files 
  • Recover the files you wish through the directory

Recover Windows data from “Windows.old” Folder.

Post update if you have encountered the data loss scenario on your Windows OS, follow the below step

  • Click on Windows + E to open File Explorer
  • Open C: drive and search for the old folder
  • Open the folder and click on Users
  • Select your user name and go to the desktop folder
  • Identify the files that were lost during the Windows update and copy it back to your desktop

Note: This method is only applicable if you have enabled backup on your Windows operating system

Permit access to Windows 10 Administrator accounts

If you are Upgrading from Windows 10 - 11 this method will help you backup your data. Follow the below-listed methods to provide access to the Administrator Account 

  • Go to Start > Click on the Search box > Type Computer Management and click on the Computer Management icon.
  • Go to  Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Users.
  • Right-click on the Administrator account and select Properties.
  • Uncheck the Account is Disabled checkbox and click on OK
  • Sign out of the current Microsoft account and sign in with the Administrator account.
  • Configure the files and recover them once you have upgraded using Windows settings

If all the above-listed methods have not worked well for you or if you failed to backup your files and are wondering how to recover them, you will need a reliable data recovery tool like Remo Recover to restore them. 

Recover Lost or Deleted Data after Windows Update in 6 steps

Remo Recover is programmed with two different scanning methods while performing hard drive data recovery– Normal Scan and Deep Scan options. Normal scan option helps to recover lost or deleted files from the hard drive in a quick way. Deep Scan lets you scan severely corrupt drives without any hindrance and restores the files.

For this, use Remo Partition Recovery Tool which enables you to recover hard drive partitions lost after a Windows update. Download the software by clicking the green Download Now button and start recovering the partition after installing the software. Steps for partition recovery are as follows:

Download and install Remo Recover 6.0

  • Once you launch the application, you can recover the lost or deleted files from the preferred location or partition. Click on the files lost due to Avast Antivirus and choose them
  • Once you have chosen the folder location you want to recover click on the Scan button.
  • The tool will automatically initiate Quick Scan. Once the Quick Scan is completed, the tool runs Deep Scan where it restores data sector by sector. Open the Dynamic Recovery View to easily recover the files simultaneously while the Deep Scan is running.
click on the dynamic recovery view button
  • You can also search for the specific file format in the search bar with the Advanced Filter option
    Now select the folder or file that you want to recover the drive from and click on the Recover option
  • After the partitions are scanned the recovered data will be presented to you which is to be Previewed
    Click on the lost or deleted PDF file you want to recover and click on Save a browse for a location to save the recovered data


Windows updates are meant to enhance the overall performance and security of the operating system. Always update your Windows to the latest version. However, there might be few glitches while the updating process. The article summarizes what is a Windows Update and how to recover Data after a Windows update. If you have any further queries regarding the article, please make use of the comment section below.  

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