How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card? | SD Card Data Recovery For Windows, Mac, Android, Camera

Probably, SD cards are the most feasible flash storage drives. As they can be used on almost all the devices such as computers, cameras, phones, drones, and the list just goes on. Additionally, they are highly compact, which makes them almost a perfect storage device to save large quantities of data. However, on the other side, SD cards are highly sensitive and easily susceptible to data loss. So, in this write-up, we will discuss the best possible methods for SD card recovery. You will find an in-detail explanation of every single aspect of SD card data recovery on all the available platforms.



How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card?

Corrupted SD Card Recovery


How To Recover Deleted SD Card on Mac?

Digital Camera SD Card

Recover Deleted Files From Camera SD Card

SD Card Recovery Using SD Card Recovery Software

Whenever you are trying to recover deleted files from an SD card, the best possible method is using SD card recovery software. An SD card recovery software can access the individual storage sectors and recover the deleted files from the memory card.

Since it is impossible to manually access those storage sectors, using SD card recovery software is the only solution. However, using mediocre recovery software might not give you satisfactory results. This is why you must use a reliable recovery tool such as Remo SD card recovery software.

remo sd card recovery software review
Note: Stop using the SD card immediately after discovering that you have deleted some photos or other files from it. Even though you cannot access the files logically through your device or computer, the data is still present physically on the card. If you continue to use the SD card and do not perform a data recovery straight away, it will greatly reduce the chances of undeleting the missing files.

How Can I Recover Deleted Files From SD Card?

Integrated with cutting-edge recovery technology along with the easiest user interface, Remo clearly is the best SD card recovery software. It has a powerful scanning technology that can reconstruct and efficiently performs a formatted or deleted SD card recovery. So let’s cut to the chase and see how to recover data from the memory card using Remo data recovery software.

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Note: To recover data from an SD card, it is mandatory to directly connect the SD Card to a computer using a reliable card reader.

Steps to Deleted or Lost Files From SD Card:

  • Connect the SD card to your PC.
  • Click on the above download button to install the Remo Data Recovery Software and launch it.
  • To recover the deleted files from the SD card, select the Recover Partitions option.

sd card recovery


  • In the next window, you will see all the drives available on your computer. Select the SD card drive
  • After selecting the SD card, click on the scan option and wait for the scan process to complete.

recover files from sd card

  • Once the scan process completes Remo will restore all the deleted files from the SD card and will present them in the Recovery window. The recovered data will be listed in Data View and File type View.

SD card recovery

  • From the recovery window, you can verify the recovered data and save it in a safe location.

Note: Never save the recovered data on the same SD card from where you lost data and restoring now. Use a separate storage device to store recovered data.

The important aspect of using SD card recovery software is reliability, Remo ensures to recover data from almost all data recovery scenarios. That includes recovering data from damaged, corrupted, and even dead SD cards.

Corrupted or Damaged SD Card Recovery

When an SD card is damaged or corrupted, the data residing on the SD card will remain undamaged. But, the SD card’s file system will be damaged (The file system is like an interface between computer OS and SD card storage sectors). When a file system is damaged, computer OS can no longer access the SD card storage sectors.

In short, your data is safe and sound, but you have no access to the data. In such situations, many websites or discussion forums suggest users fix the SD card errors rather than recover data from them. This will put users in a dilemma whether to fix the damaged SD card or recover the data from the corrupted SD card first.

As a professional, primarily, it is always highly suggested to recover the data from the corrupted SD card instead of repairing it first. Because repairing the damaged SD card might format the SD card and probably permanently erasing the data on the SD card.

Hence, always recover the data before fixing a damaged SD card. To recover data from a dead or corrupted SD card all you have to do is to download and install the Remo SD card recovery software and follow the same steps as discussed in the previous segment.

Recover Deleted Files from SD Card on Mac

To recover data from the SD card on Mac, Remo is also available in the Mac version. All you have to do to recover the SD card is to download SD Card Recovery Mac and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Similar to windows edition, launch the Remo SD card recovery software for Mac and select the Recover Files option

recover deleted files from SD card

Note: If you are trying to recover a corrupted SD card on Mac, select the Recover Volumes Option instead of the Recover Files option.

  • Select the SD card and Scan it

Remo Recover Mac Save Recovery Session

  • Once the scan completes, select the recovered files and save them.

Additionally, Remo supports all the latest macOS versions that include Big Sur and Catalina. Probably, the best tool to recover data from SD cards.

Restore Camera SD Card Data

Comparatively, SD cards are widely used on Digital cameras than any other device. Moreover, the probability of data loss accidents is also high in digital cameras.  For example, accidentally deleting a good photo while deleting unwanted ones, accidentally formatting SD cards on cameras, removing the SD card while the camera is still on.

These are just a few but, in reality, there are numerous other factors that can cause data loss on camera SD cards. Unfortunately, none of the camera brands offer any kind of data recovery program. Consequently, there are no manual options to recover deleted photos from the digital camera memory card.

So, the only possible method to recover deleted photos from a digital camera is with the help of Remo. With the ability to detect almost all the raw image formats, Remo is the best possible option to recover deleted photos from any kind of digital camera.

Moreover, if you have accidentally lost data from your Android phone's microSD card then also you can choose Remo's SD Card Recovery tool to undelete the SD card. SD cards that are used on Android systems are highly resistant to data loss. Though using an added utility available in Android, you can restore the SD card data. Android has an internal feature known as Lost.dir. Lost.dir is a folder that temporarily saves currently open files. So, due to any mishap, if the device crashes, the Android OS will recover data on android SD using the Lost.dir folder.

Additionally, almost all the latest Android devices have a recycle bin that will assist you to restore and delete files. However, during any severe data loss scenarios, where Android internal features are not enough to recover the data from the SD card, you can rely on Remo SD card recovery.

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