Recover Deleted Files from Mac Guest Account - Expert’s Guide [Updated for 2020]

Guest accounts are a secure way of sharing a Mac computer with other users. Since the guest account will not be having the admin level access, all your personal information is protected. Unfortunately, on the negative side, the guest account saves the newly created files on a temporary basis. This means as soon as you log out from your Mac guest account, the files you have created will be auto-deleted and there is no other way to avoid it. Additionally, there is no other functionality on macOS to recover deleted files from Mac guest account.So, are you searching for a way to recover lost files from your Mac guest account? You can find the answer to that question in the following article, so scroll down without any further ado.

Is it Possible to Recover Mac Guest User Deleted Files?

Yes, there are two possible methods to recover Mac Guest user deleted files.

Recover Lost Files from Mac Guest User using Time machine Backup

Time machine backup is one of the best utilities provided by Apple against data loss. You can create backup files of your important files. Nevertheless, the major drawback of this tool in this specific scenario is that you need to enable backup of files created on the guest user. More importantly a Time Machine scheduled backup enabled on the admin account backs up only the admin files but it will not include the files from the guest account.

So, if you have not created a backup file before the data loss on a guest account, the only chances of recovering data from the Mac guest user account are almost none. If you have created a backup file you can go to restore files option and recover files from the Mac guest account. This remains the same even for recovering data from MacBook.

Whereas, using a data recovery software, accomplishing recovery of lost data from a Mac guest account is definitely possible. You can find the explanation in the following section.

Recover Deleted Files from Mac Guest Account using a Professional Data Recovery Software

On a technical note, it means the same, when a file is lost from Mac guest accounts. This means when a file is deleted from a Mac guest account, the files are not permanently deleted. They are just removed from the Mac index. So when any file is removed from the index, the file becomes inaccessible and invisible but the file will be existing on the storage sectors. Storage sectors are blocks of storage space on your Mac volumes that saves the files.

That means if you can access those storage sectors you can recover the data stored in those sectors. Mac Data Recovery tool can create an interface to access the storage sectors which will assist users to effortlessly recover deleted or lost files from Mac. Without an effective Mac data recovery software, it is highly impossible to access the storage sectors.

Remo Mac Data Recovery Software is one of the highest-reviewed software that can recover data from any severe data loss scenario. Download the software and follow the instructions mentioned in the next section.

Engineered by testing against real-time data loss scenarios, Remo Recovery for Mac can easily recover data from most complicated data loss scenarios. Remo’s simple and self-explanatory user interface will assist you to effortlessly recover data from Mac guest user accounts. So Download now and try Remo Mac Data Recovery Software for free.

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Instructions to Recover files from Mac Guest account

Click on the link above and install Remo software. Launch the Remo Mac Data Recovery software and from the home screen click on Recover Volumes or Drives option from next screen select “Volumes Recovery” option

From the displayed storage volumes select your Primary volumes and click Next

You have two methods to Scan a drive, you can either select the Standard Scan or Advanced scan based on your requirement. Since you are just recovering deleted files from a Mac Guest user account, the standard is sufficient.

Wait for the process to complete, since you are scanning the entire drive, it might take a while. After scanning the drive Remo Mac Data recovery software will list the recovered files in the recovery window.

You can segregate the recovered data according to file type or data type which will simplify the process of finding the files that are deleted from the Mac guest account. Select the files and click on the “Save” option and store the files at your required location. The tool also works seamlessly for recovering data from most complicated data loss scenarios such as corrupted Mac volumes.

Why Remo is Ideal for Recovering Lost Files from Mac Guest Account

Can Recover Data From Most critical Data Loss scenarios:

Unlike most data loss scenarios, recovering data from a Mac Guest account is complicated. Because you cannot install software on the guest account. So, you need to install the software on the admin account and recover data. Since the software installed in a different account, the data recovery software must be able to scan the Mac volumes with respect to data signatures. Just like Remo, which is designed to implement a sector level scan for data signatures and scavenge every existing bit of data from the sectors.

Can detect over 300 file formats from Mac Volumes.

Additionally, the software is developed to detect over 300 file formats. Hence, none of the files are left uncovered. If in any case if you are working on any undefined file types, you can add personalized file types. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to recover MacBook after factory reset. The tool can easily recover files from various file systems like APFS, HFS, HFS+, ExFAT, FAT32, FAT16, etc.

Most Efficient Tool to Recover data

Remo Data Recovery for Mac streamlines the entire data recovery process, all a user needs to do is to click on a few buttons and wait for the software to recover the data. No need to hire any professional or invest hundreds of dollars just for recovering a few files. The tool supports recovery from all versions of Mac OS including the latest Mac OS Catalina.

Considering all the discussed features makes Remo an ideal solution to recover data from Mac guest user accounts.

Tips to Avoid Loss of Files from Guest Account

Since guest accounts are created to work as a temporary account, the files are definitely deleted from the guest as soon as you log out. So it is suggested to,

  • Save on your files on external storage drive as soon as you completed working on them
  • Backup your data to your iCloud account or any cloud storage


In conclusion, an important thing you have to remember is, it is possible to recover lost files from a Mac guest account. However, you need professional data recovery software such as Remo Mac Data recovery software. Using Remo Mac Data recovery software will automate the entire recovery process. If you still have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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