How to Recover Deleted Videos from Mac | Even MacBook, MacBook Air

When it comes to video editing many users prefer to do it on Mac because of the excellent video editing applications available for them. However, most users who’ve been saving and editing the videos on Mac have accidentally deleted or lost the unsaved video footage. It happens because data loss is inevitable.

Many of the users interpret that once the videos are deleted from the MacBook they are gone for good. But, the good news is you can recover the deleted videos from Mac with the help of this article. There are actually two scenarios you might encounter while you are recovering deleted videos from Mac or MacBook.

One where you are trying to recover videos from Mac trash. Another is where you have even deleted videos from Mac trash i.e permanent deletion, which is complicated.

To know in detail please read the next segment of the article for an explanation on how to recover deleted videos from Mac or MacBook.

"Once you permanently delete a video the only way you can recover it is by using a reliable Video Recovery tool like Remo Video Recovery software. Designed with the most intuitive graphical UI, Remo will assist you to recover deleted videos on Mac with 6 effortless clicks. Click on the download button and reduce that 6 clicks to 5."

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Disclaimer: Before recovering deleted videos from MacBook, first you need to avoid the deleted videos getting overwritten with new data. Thus, once you accidentally deleted or lost video files from the Mac Volume, do not save any new data on it. So, stop using MacBook till you recover deleted videos from MacBook.

Where do deleted videos go on Mac?

The deleted videos on Mac usually end up in the Trash.

Typically, there are two scenarios of this, and according to it, you can take an attempt of recovering deleted videos from Mac or MacBook.

Recovering Deleted Videos From Trash

Just like any other files when your delete videos on MacBook they end up in the Trash folder. To recover deleted videos from the trash you simply need to open the trash folder, right-click on the videos you deleted from your MacBook and select the put-back option.

Or, you can drag them onto the desktop to restore deleted videos on your MacBook.

Emptied Trash

However, what are you going to do if you empty your Trash folder or permanently deleted the videos, the video files will not be saved on the Mac Trash folder.

Fortunately, there is a way you can recover deleted videos from MacBook using Remo Recover Mac. Refer to the next section of the article for the instructions on how to recover deleted videos from MacBook in the situation of emptied Mac trash.

When it comes to Remo, efficiency is the keyword. Engineered with the highest precision scan engines, Remo scans every individual sector for data signatures and effectively recovers every single byte in just within 5 simple clicks.

Caution: Avoid downloading or installing Mac video recovery software on the same volume from where you deleted the videos. Doing so will overwrite the videos and erase them permanently.

Instructions to Recover Deleted Videos From MacBook

Download and install Remo Photo Recover for Mac on your Mac or MacBook.

  • From the home screen select the Recover Photos In the next screen, you will find options
    • Recover Deleted Photos
    • Recover Lost Photos

  • Select the Recover Deleted Photos option to recover deleted videos from MacBook and click on Next Select the drive from where you want to recover.
  • The Remo Mac Video Recovery software will ask you to mention the file type. Mark Music and Videos option and click on Next to initiate the scan

  • After scanning the volume, you will be able to see the recovered videos on the preview window
  • Mark the videos you want to recover and click on save recovered deleted videos on your MacBook

Additional Information: In case you have deleted videos unknowingly, you can still recover the accidentally deleted videos from the SD card with the help of Remo Recover.

How can I Manually Recover Lost Videos on Mac?

Yes, there is another way using which you can recover the lost videos from Mac for free. Mac Video Recovery is possible using Time Machine Backup in the system utility. However, there is huge unpredictability due to the fact that Time Machine Backup should be turned on and you should set up a timely backup. If you didn't take a backup the chances of recovering videos are low.

To avoid such uncertain probabilities, it is always suggested to use Mac video recovery software. So that you avoid putting your precious videos in jeopardy. Remo is one such software that will help you recover videos on Mac or MacBook from any data loss scenarios.

If your lost video is of AVI format, you can also recover AVI videos with the help of this video recovery software.

Recover Deleted or Lost or Formatted Videos with Help of Remo Photo Recovery Software for Mac

  • Recover Lost Video

In some cases, even the file system of your computer might not be having a registry of deleted videos. In those scenarios, Remo Mac Photo Recovery software's Advance scanning feature and Recover Lost Photos option come in handy to recover lost photos and videos. The Scan algorithm will find those videos.

  • Advanced Scan Option

An advanced scan option is best if you are dealing with complex data loss scenarios such as corrupt volumes or inaccessible volumes on your Mac. It can perform a sector-level scan and ensures successful Mac video recovery.

  • Select Scan Area

Select Scan Area option Remo Mac video recovery software will come in handy if you are working on large drives. You can divide your scan session according to the percentage of hard drives you want to scan at a time.

  • 24/7 Customer Assistance

If you ever require assistance in recovering files from severe data loss and you are unable to figure out how to do. We have a highly trained technical team on standby to help you recover files from any situation on your MacBook.


You might have thought that recovering videos on Mac is a complex job but, you might have changed it after reading this article. There might be numerous reasons for loss videos on your MacBook or Mac but the solution is crystal clear which is nothing but Remo Photo Recovery software for Mac. However, if you ever encounter any kind of data loss scenarios that might not precisely be videos but, you can still recover any sort of data with the help of this article. If you feel this article is helpful please share it.

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