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How to Recover Shift Deleted Files [Windows 11/10/8/7]

To quickly recover shift deleted files you can make use of a professional file recovery software like Remo Recover. This software has a built-in robust scan algorithm that can locate permanently deleted files easily. Moreover, it can recover more than 500 file formats like photos, videos, documents, and many more. Download the tool and start recovering shift deleted files.

Most of us tend to hold the shift key while deleting any file and end up permanently deleting the files on Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7. What if you realize later that the file you shift deleted was an important one? And now you want to recover that file as you might have accidentally shift-deleted them. Unfortunately, even Windows doesn’t provide any options to recover the shift deleted files. However, in this article, you will find out an effortless method that ensures the recovery of Shift Deleted files.

recover shift deleted filesSince many of the users are unaware of what shift delete does to the files, they tend to give up on recovering them. As manually recovering the permanently deleted files can be very cumbersome and might also not give you results. Fortunately, in this article, you can find a complete explanation of the technicality of shift deleting a file and an effortless method to recover shift deleted files.

What does Shift-Delete do?

Generally, when you delete a file either by pressing the Delete key or by right-clicking and selecting Delete, it will be moved to the Recycle Bin. By default, the file will be stored in the Recycle Bin for 30 days depending on the settings. Post the specified time, files will be removed automatically from the Recycle Bin. This gives you a chance to easily retrieve it if you realize that you need the file. 

On the other hand, when you hold down the Shift key along with the Delete button or “CTRL Shift-Delete”, instead of sending that file to the Recycle Bin, the file will be permanently deleted from the computer. Additionally, you will also see the below-displayed notification.

shift deleted items on widows

Thus, Shift-Delete is used to permanently delete the files from the computer. Whereas delete is going to send the files to Recycle Bin folder.

Can I Recover Files after Shift Delete?

Yes, you can recover files even after Shift Delete (Windows 11, 10, Windows 8, Windows 7). This is because whenever you use the shift+del keys to erase a file, only the information about the file gets removed from the storage drive’s index. This results in the inaccessibility of the data as Windows OS can no longer recognize or display the file. However, the data still exists in the storage sectors. If you can access those storage sectors you can easily recover files from the computer.

Caution: The files will only exist if the storage sectors(location of the deleted files) are not overwritten with any new data. So, you must stop using the drive and don’t make any changes to the drive. Otherwise, you will end up overwriting the recoverable files.

Since there is no way to perform a Recycle Bin recovery, the only possible way to access your Shift Deleted files is by using data recovery software.

How can I recover shift deleted files in Windows?

TIP 1: Recover file after Shift Delete Using a Data Recovery Software

When you are choosing a shift deleted files recovery software, make sure that the tool is developed and tested in real-time data loss scenarios. The best example of such a tool is Remo Recover. This tool is engineered by testing against real-time data loss instances for flawless performance even under critical data loss scenarios. Hence, it is highly suggested to choose this File Recovery Software. Additionally, this data recovery tool can detect over 300 file types and is compatible with all Windows versions.

Here is the most effortless method to recover shift deleted files for Windows 11, 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. The fact that you will need file recovery software is established; go ahead and click on the download button and install the software. Launch the software and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Caution: Don’t install the software on the same drive/ partition you are recovering from. Because there is a possibility that the software might overwrite the storage sectors and permanently erase the data.

  • Launch the software and select the drive from where you want to recover Shift Deleted files and click on the Scan.
    select the folder from where you want to recover shift delete files
  • The tool starts scanning the drive. Make use of Dynamic Recovery View to view the files as and when the scan progresses.
    click on the dynamic recovery view button
  • Once the scanning process is completed, a list of recovered files will be displayed. You can use the Filter option to sort the files based on your need.
    use filter option to sort the files
  • The tool allows you to preview the recovered files for free. This can help you evaluate the shift deleted file recovery before saving the files.
    double click on the files to preview them
  • Select the files that you want to recover, click on the Recover button and select the folder where you want to save the recovered files.
    select a folder where you want to save the recovered files
  • There you go. The data-saving process gets completed. You will find all of your shift-deleted files safely restored in the desired location of your choice.
    the saving process has been successfully completed

Why Use Remo to Restores Shift Deleted Files?

  • Remo Data Recovery software is engineered with precision scan engines that start working by scrutinizing individual storage sectors for data signatures.
  • The tool can recognize over 500 file types, no file can remain undetected. If you are working on any undefined or rare file type, you can define them using add file type option.
  • This software is integrated with a preview option. With the help of the preview option, users can judge the success rate of the software.

TIP 2: Recover File after Shift Delete Using File History

In Windows 10, you will find a utility called File History that might help you in recovering permanently deleted files using shift del. Though it is only possible if you had enabled it earlier. In case you have missed out on this feature, this is the right time to enable it for future use. 

  • Go to the Search space in Taskbar and write File History.
  • In search results, you will get  "Restore your files with File History". Click on it. 
  • If it is not enabled it will show you “No file history was found”. Enable it by clicking on Configure File History settings

  • Select the drive to which you want to save the copies of the files and click on Turn On
  • If you have enabled it earlier for the drive from where you have accidentally deleted the files, a file history will be visible to you. 
  • Right-click on the file that you want to retrieve and click on the Restore button > Restore To. Or simply select the file that needs to be restored and hit the green restore button. Then, select the new location where you want to save the file.

This feature backs up the files only in the user folder and files are backed up every hour. However, enabling the file history feature can kill your extra disk space, the reason why this feature is not enabled by default in Windows. Moreover, it is not guaranteed that this method will always help you in recovering deleted files after shift delete.

TIP 3: Recover Shift Deleted Files Via Windows Backup

You can recover the deleted files lost after shift del by using Windows Backup and Restore Utility. Follow the below-mentioned steps:
NOTE: Backup and Restore function can only help you in restoring the lost data after shift deleting if you’ve created a manual backup or previously configured it to update your files automatically.

  • Go to Search on Windows PC.
  • Type Control Panel
  • In the Control Panel window click on System Security > Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

Windows backup and restore

  • Hit the Restore my files option in the bottom right corner. You can also browse for more backups if they are available.
  • Select Browse for folders to see which files can be restored to their previous condition.
  • Click on the folder that you want to restore and select Add folder.
  • Click on Next and locate where you wish to recover your files.
  • Click on Restore to undo shift delete in Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Where do Shift deleted files go?

Shift deleted files are not permanently erased from the computer. Whenever you use Shift delete to remove files or delete a file from the Recycle Bin, the OS removes the file name entry from the folder. The storage space occupied by the Shift Deleted files becomes ready to be overwritten. But the part of the disk previously occupied by the file is not modified or overwritten yet. It still contains the file data, but that data is no longer linked to a file name. Thus, you will still have a chance to recover files that are deleted from the Recycle Bin or removed using shift-delete.

2. How to recover Shift deleted files on Windows 10?

To recover shift deleted files on Windows 10:
a) Download Remo Recover software on Windows 10
b) Launch the software and select the drive from which you want to recover Shift deleted files
c) Click on Scan. Once the scanning is completed all your deleted files will be listed under Deleted Folder. Also, you can find additional files in Lost and Found Files under Deep Scan
d) Now, select the files which you want to restore and click on the Recover button


Without a backup, recovering shift deleted files from the desktop might not be possible. Additionally, Windows is not equipped with any tools to undo shift deleted files. Hence the best possible solution for you to recover them is using Remo data recovery software. Furthermore, you can use the same tool to recover data even from other critical data loss scenarios such as formatted, corrupted, and unallocated storage drives.

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